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Cooking With Liberty – No Bake Oreo Pie

I made a thing. Gabe, my lil bro, is awesome and filmed, edited, and made the music. We were bored. Sorry for the cringe.

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

welcome back to accept this is the firstepisode all right so I’m gonna beat thisno-bake Oreo desserts so it’s just likea square but I’m going to be making apie all right so the first part iscombined crust mix and butter so I’mgonna do that alright next I got a tomake the crust that’s gonna be fun Ifinished that so next step is to beat sowe have to mix this with milk but Icouldn’t find it so I thought this wouldbe a good substitute just kidding I’mgonna get milkso I poured the the filling mix in thebowl and now it smells like a cappuccinonow I’m gonna pour the milk in the bowlso uh next I got a stir on a low speedfor 30 seconds all right no next I takethis I take out half a cup and then Iput the rest in this bowl that’s bonusinto this first thing here’s thefinished project product so next I puton these leftover Oreos and then I putit in the fridge for an hour so be backthenall right so this is fresh out of therefrigerator doing this so we’ve got onthe tinfoil this is a success story it’syeah hundred percent I’m a greatwatching subscribe you have five secondsto do the like to try challenge fivefour three two[Music]

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