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How To Make No Bake Apple Pie: Food Time

In this recipe , Rory makes a simple no bake apple pie. It has leftover m&m cookies for crust, and whip cream and cinnamon apple filling! Anna and Elsa are her helpers and the tree of them make an awesome kids cooking team!

About Fun With Rory:
On this channel Rory shares her fun activities with all of you! She likes all kinds of fun, from science projects, dolls and slime to crafts, fishing and toys. We hope everyone has Fun With Rory !

Connect With Rory on:
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/funwithrory/ar and baking soda!

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

I am going to be making a pie with someleftover ingredients it’s going to be atiny little chi like might be like thatcall and it’s going to be made with likesome sanding sugar cinnamon sugar applesthat I’ve made and um with cream on topand some cookie crust for the pie butfirst we’re going to help its are hereoh all right they’re all so excited tocook yep alright so you wanna help mecut those ingredients[Music][Music][Music][Music]all right so now that you’ve got the panthe apples ever what tighten we justneed one more opinion the crust allright so wait we’ve got my cross sticksout of the cookie crust all right nowthat I’ve got all of themthe first step of what we’re gonna bedoing is crumbling up the crust let meget one piece I’m not gonna eat it justoh the dress now that they’re gonnacrochet okay now look they’re gonna tryto crush the crust I’m going to try tocrush it with my four six hours lateDale so I think we got delicious alrightso there is also no ovens involved inthis recipe now that we’ve got the crustwe’re going to put it in our pie panalright I’m going to put this just offto the side just a little bit and thenI’m gonna pack it down a little bit onceyou’ve got it on you’re covering thebottom so that it’s just not justcrumbles I love there are more moistalright now that it’s covering thebottom this is gonna kind of be like acheesecake and also it’s okay that I’mlicking my fingers because I’m making itfor awesome this is my own you know ifyou’re making any further other peopleplease believe me feel like B so I’mgonna use this cup to kind of mash thecrumbs down a little bit just to kind ofmake itbut crust make it fun boys I think I’mgonna use like she kind of mix it I’mtoo it just over it up a little bit it’sokay if it’s kind of thick if you don’twant to kind of stick just peel up thecrust so it’s okay if it’s thick I’mgonna kind of cover it a little bit andyou got an adult and also because thisis somehow a lot of sweet kid let’s justkind of push this down around the bottomof the crust or the top of the ice thebottom of the hot cheesecake all rightthis is how it should look yummyall right so we’re going to take theapples right here and we’re going tojust kind of dump some in we’re notgonna need mash up girls but I are youask this personsorry I got a little bit exciteda lot of sadness okay you want to helpme dump these out do meof course we do yeah these are heavywhoopee this city you wanna feel rightto eat a little bit because all rightI’ll help you push them there may besome gaps oh that’s perfect now thatit’s all filledyou should have what’s looking like thisand right thereokay I’m gonna do a little bit you canwe don’t know interface yeah the we gotit like this here I’m going to UMcrumble some like I’m gonna take somewhip cream we’re gonna put it on the topyou know that job called taste testersgirls yeah well I think we should justtry some without me okay because I don’tthink that being very nice I didn’t I’mI’m very hungry for dessert so let meget my for I’m gonna try it okaymmmwell you thinkagain tacos your mouth full I’ll try abite mmm that is good it looks likeexactly like a little slice taken nicebill I don’t think you got much of thepie part I think you just wanted thewhip cream I got that was the pie okaythanks for watching guys and stay havingfun it’s Rorybye hi it’s Ryan from Simon Rory don’tforget to Like and subscribe and bringthe pants

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