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LET’S GET WEIRD & BAKE: Salted Caramel Apple Pie Bars

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Here’s the recipe! https://sallysbakingaddiction.com/salted-caramel-apple-pie-bars/

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Video Transcription

okay hello my friends we are currentlyin what is this week to quarantine andyou know what I decided that I don’tfeel like putting I don’t feel likeputting makeup on all the time and youknow I’m kind of tired of it so we’regonna be doing just stuff on thischannel at this point and I want to showyou a recipe that I’ve been making for awhile I love baking so you know and thisis a recipe called caramel apple piebars it’s made by Sally’s bakingaddiction which that websites amazingand this is pretty much my go-to recipeany time I’m going somewhere right nowso make it for your family make it foryourself hoard it it’s freakingdelicious and take this time to learnhow to bake know that no times awaylet’s get started on our bars the firstthing you need is melted butter this isa stick of melted butter half a cupgoing into my bowl and don’t be like thetasty videos I don’t like you guys I’veever seen the tasty videos where it’slike half there’s like so much left andthey don’t scrape the bowl I can’t tellyou that driving okay so I got reallyfancy with this just for you guys and Ihave everything in like their own littleprep Bowl so this is a quarter cup ofgranulated sugar we got 1 cup ofall-purpose flour and then you addvanilla I have this right here this islike my pride and joy okay it’s Oh storytime well my favorite things in theworld is vanilla bean paste it’s amazingit’s like way thicker than normal justvanilla extract and it has sugar and itjust tastes so so so so good Sarah whatthere was a hurricane a couple years agoin that it hit Madagascar where thesecome from and the price of the like 32ounces of vanilla bean paste went fromlike $32 to like 150 somethingridiculous I make my own now stillexpensivebut you can buy vanilla beans on Amazonor like a lot of places for way cheaperthan they have them at the store so thisis add a teaspoon of pure vanillaextract that’s way more than I but youknow what carrots now mix this scrapethe sides in a bowlget all that good stuff in there youwant us to kind of be like that wordsbreaking apart when you touch it so youcan heart when it hits the spatulathat’s when you know it’s good this isthe one day this gonna be too big Idon’t want a smaller pan I have this panwhich I think for this recipe maybe toobig it looks really thin and then I’llsay this out the one that would lookcute if I didn’t use tin foil so we comeinto the dilemma of cute versusfunctional cute is it functionalgive me your nod I’ll cook you we’regoing cuteokay well kiss functional and you’regonna pull it out it’s so much easieroh that’s true that’s what I mean withthe tin foil it is cute is it being inthis container right functional of beingable to pull it out so you can cut it upso being an apple bar expert which onewould you preferwell I feel like all we have right noware spaced oh okay we’re gonna do a cuteall rightno tip well okay see Almighty right soI’m going to put this in and oppressthis in make sure that it’s in all ofthe the entire thing and being prettyeven and my oven is preheated to 300degrees Fahrenheit as you guys know Idid that before I’m new to talking aboutbaking so I don’t think about describingeverything I’m doing kind of so herecool that looks great I’m gonna put thisin the ovenand if you have a pan in there that youcompletely forgot about pretend itdoesn’t exist because it’s ugly in thiskitchen that’s going in for probably Idon’t know this recipe says 15 minutes Ithink it’s gonna be in for a little bitlonger because that is not the recipesays to use an 8-inch square baking panI’m gonna check on it and a little bitbasically what you’re looking for is forit not to be he like brownedyou want it to be pale still so youdon’t fully Brown because it’s gonnacook again like you also don’t want itto look like oily and wet like thebutter isn’t set dr. Seuss over hereokay so we’re going in the next partright now I probably you know I’m justgonna use this angle so what I’m gonnado now is the Apple part and I grab amemory that I have this really stupidgadget thing that should actually peelokay so this recipe says that it usestwo applesthese are not large so I’m going to usemore than two as it says two largeapples see how well this works though[Applause]start from the bottom to maybe how I doit around oh maybe I do start aroundyeah oh my god perfect yesyes all right it’s not perfect but it’sway quicker to knit yourself ah okay yesthat’s actually safer yes yes okay thatwas coollet me throw away my giant peel noodlesso now cut that basically you just wantto cut off so that’s just the corethere’s any edge pieces I would justtake them off cuz the peels not gonna bethe business with this you definitelydon’t want it what we’re gonna do hereonce we’ve chopped and peeled all ofthese applesyou’re gonna thinly slice them I wouldsay like this is a good thickness whatis that like a quarter of an inchprobably they don’t have to be like allsuper even but I would try and get themto be you know close to the same widthotherwise you’re gonna have some thatturn into like applesauce and you’regonna have some that are super supercrunchy also I’m using Granny Smith forthis because I like the kind of sweetand sour aspect of it but you can useany apples that are good for baking ormix them up we’ve done it with HoneyCrisp apples we’ve done it with I don’tknow we use Granny Smith I feel likemost of my favorite and I have a childwho loves our stuff so he’s end uptasting a lot like those caramel applebars in the sense of having that likereally sweet caramel and then alsohaving the really kind of sour apple Iwish it was good at cutting like chefslike doing it this waymuch more efficient way but it’s like mywrist doesn’t want me to go up thatthat’s way more efficient actually youreally need to make myself hi hi nunaonce we have the apples I’ll put them ina bowl the next thing we’re gonna do isto coat them with a little sugar flourmixture this is two tablespoons of flourtwo tablespoons of sugar and 1tablespoon I think of cinnamon and 1/8of a teaspoon of nutmeg that was theother thing it gives them a little bitof thickness when they start to breakdown in the oven it makes it so theyhave like a Serie oh waitstarchy yeah a little bit because youknow the apples the juice will kind ofcome out when they get baked and sohaving the flour and the sugar and thenutmeg and stuff gives them like almostit’s like really juicy gooey coatingthat is super super delicious okay andthe last thing that we need to do is tomake the strudel topping okay superduper easy already measured it all outbut I don’t remember it like themeasurements right okay so we got half acup of a third of a cup of brown sugarquarter cup of flour how to use theitty-bitty baby one this is a quartercup of quarter cup what did you put incinnamon sugar and I have half a stickof butter 1/4 cup of butter right herethat I dyed fish but it was very soft soit kind of didn’t dice but just dejecteder I mean it kind of did but you wantedto be cold and you wanted to be in likecut into smaller pieces and basicallyyou just are going to use your hands tosquish the butter into everything elsekind of grab them in just likeand then eventually what’s gonna happenis you’re gonna get these like littlepea-sized crumbles I even like kind oflike mash it in like this you could usea pastry cutter if you want but like Idon’t you just basically the main thingis you want to make sure that you justdon’t have big chunks like this becausethat’s nothing about butter so it’s justbreaking those up with all of the flourand everything that’s on the bottom youwant it to look super pale but itdoesn’t look completely raw does thatmake sense it looks like it’s likeforming a crust so now while it is stilllike right out of the oven just put theoven to 350 I’m going to lay my applesthe way that I do this is I’ll overlap alittle bit but the goal here is not justto dump them in because you want to makesure that every single piece is going tohave Apple so you kind of gotta becareful with it I guess is the rightterm basically I’m just not throwingthem on top of here I don’t want thatcrust to deflate and get gross and likebumpy but I want to make sure that everypiece is covered with apples because ofthat you kind of kind of slowly add theapples once you get that first layer youcan be a little bit less particularbasically what I’m just doing here isI’m just trying to not see any of thepressed that’s really the goal okaysimply do that and take the fool and putit oh well make a mess put it all overthe top I didn’t want to make sureeverywhere it’s covered if there’s anylike holes between the apples I’ll sortof see if I can get some of that inthere I’m not like shoving it in therebut just so that everything again is youthink even this is what the main goalhere is see look how cute that looks I’mglad we chose cute over function okay sothen this is going to go back into theoven for any time that Ito section 32 35 minutes until streuselis golden brown I’m gonna put it in theoven and it’s hot and I forgot okay it’dhave been like 30 inch I’m gonna say I’malso making my caramel right now thiscaramel is super weird because it’s notweird like you just put sugar in thereyou like just wait for it to melt lookat thatbeautiful we could hear yeah that’s yeahit’s picking it up what you’re gonnawant to do is leave this out for like 20minutes to cool a little bit and thenyou chill it for two hours or up toovernight you really can’t eat this hoteat it right now or if you don’t let itcool all the way and trust me I’m theworst at waiting for these things thethings that what I found with this is Ineed that time to like I hate this wordbut kind of congeal together you needthat rest time right now it would be thetime where you would want to put yourcaramel on top if you’re usingstore-bought or if you’re not I clearlybehind the time schedule right now cuzwe’re taking us right now but once it’sdone I will insert right here putting abeautiful glorious coating of caramelsalted caramel on top of them but rightnow I’m gonna leave this right here andthen wait a couple of hours and then wewill taste testthe best part make it cutecaramel yes doesn’t look cute to you howis it good if I wasn’t filming whatwould you think of it oh so good it’sgood Apple the crust ratio superdelicious super easy the other goodthing is that it freezes really well soyou can let it cool off in therefrigerator cut it up and then you canstore it in your freezer for up to threemonths so really cool wait I just alwayshave something handy anyways thank youguys so much for watching let me knowhow you liked this video if you want todo more baking stuff cuz I have fun withit talk to you laternice

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