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Pie Crust – Pre/Full Bake

Mysterious is a pre/full baked pie crust. Shall I say, I that doesn’t fall, fold, fail, or lose its shape.

For you, a video on how to tame unruly pre/full baked pie crusts.

I hope you find useful and enjoy!

For the Butterscotch Pie, please see:

or vist Avi Pie at:

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hi so tonight we are making a I’vealways want to make a butterscotch pieand I never have but I’ve had it markedforever and so we’re making a pie doughthat is pre baked or par-bakedor blind baking there’s so manydifferent names for it and so the doughis I’m starting to roll it because we’regoing to rule this dough out and this isa spelt by um crust and it’s hearty itshurry and earthy and but earthy and notlike OB in a look kind of way it’searthy and a really yummy tenderdelicate but yeah hearty way and itsreally good and so I didn’t preheat theoven for one because I want everythingto be cold and everything to be good andwe have another video of us making thisparticular dough which is one of ourfavorite dough’s but right now if youcan see these hunks of butter in herewhich make the crust really good and sowe just kind of roll it and keep alittle bit of flour under here spin itaround and we work fast to get thisthing out and in the pan so rolling itwe made this dough last night and keptit overnight and then we left it out forabout like ten minutes and then we justroll it we’re gonna put it in the panand well as banne are you using this isa 9-inch pan but it is it’s nice whenthey have the measurements in there thisone is 9 by 1 and 1/4 and so I like whenthey have the meshso I don’t have to get the ruler out butum this is gonna be like a standard likenine inch not like a nine inch deep justa standard nine inch pie you want toroll this out to about hot babes yeah Imean you’re gonna need room to flute itand all that yeah but this one’s gonnabe really I’m gonna do this one like umkind of basic flirting and um this iskind of sticking so I’m gonna flip thisover free flour flip it over it’sgetting a little bit soft and if yourdough gets like too soft you can alwayspop it back into the refrigerator andget it going again like get it cooledand get it going again like coldokay now the flour are you using is alsothe tour to put on the rolling pin inthe and the pad is also part of thatspell rye flour mixture mm-hmm got aleft over yeahand this is like we good enough so we’regonna pop this in and people like putthis over the rolling pin and stuff I’venever done thatI gotta grease the pan or anything nothere’s enough butter in there too toyou know grease it so I’ll put this inhere and then we can trim any excessand trim around and it depends like whatkind of flirting you want to do you cantrim it really really short I’m going totrim it just a pretty short but I amgonna fold it under sometimes you don’teven need to like fold it under and youcan do some fluting but I am gonna foldit under so it’s pretty warm in here wehave the fireplace on earlier which Idon’t usually like to do and I’m gonnado by Dupuy so I’m gonna roll this upunder it just kind of make like aoverhang here just kind of roll itaroundalong here and Davisand we have my brother here and I’m surethat he’s going out so this past yearand we’re making butterscotch with thisand we’re gonna put like a the whippedcream is gonna be any rum we’re debatingon spice trim and we say salt maybe sourcream oh talking about that’s all aboutright and I think that was somethingelse I don’t know children oh yeah yeahyeah brown sugar you were listening whenI was talking about the with craniumwe’re gonna get this all up you get thisall appended and then we’re just gonnago around do a knuckle flirting aknuckle we’re gonna knuckle it and seeit’s a little bit softand so I like when it’s a little bitmore it doesn’t stick to any hands butin the name of like getting this niceand done can you add some flour hereyeah fingers – thanks babythanks harder I’m gonna get this just toon this side mmm my finger on this sideand just kind of go around and you wantlike this to hang on the edge becausewe’re gonna pre-baked this thing so wereally want to get this like hanging onthe edge because when you pre baked apie which means we’re gonna cook thisonce this showwith nothing in it yes except for beansyes that’s that’s the key – uh -pre-baking does it have free bakingsupply of beans there we’re gonna fillthe pie with to prevent it from puffingup right and we’ll see that in the videoyeah um you really want these edges tocatch on to this or you really wantthese flutes to catch on to this edge soyou’re saying like actually having themover hang on – yeah I panned edge yesand this last one is always Rinconinteresting and I don’t know tonight’syet my nails get in the way but I alwayslike when it looks like turned outperfect coming around at the end ThanksI kinda want I know that last one islike it’s always I want you turns outright I don’t know do we want like thesetwo points I kind of want them to bepointy so that they hang on you don’twant to work it too much true and westill got to put the beans in yeahthat’s it that’s a point good point goodpoint no point to not point but I justreally want to go around really fasthere and get these points and just pushthese like almost into the into the panlike with your finger so that they latchon there okay okay okay so now I’m gonnatake the foil I’m gonna take the boiland then we’re going to take itlike easy you can buy that because in itlike better and put it in and you kindof just be careful with your crust holdthese over I always pick them up and putthem over like the crust yeah and thenthese beans that would even have to liketiny hairs or something we originallybought these these are like these likeporcelain yeah porcelain ballsspecifically for blind baking and theywere incredibly expensive for a smallamount and finally just found out youjust get beans and for a fraction of theprice so that’s why you see a few ofthose white balls mixed in with themyeah and then we wedge them all the wayup into the corners and I used to putthe pie in the freezer for 15 minutesthe crust to get it all hard that was mymethod before um but now I don’twell actually I like to keep the kitchencold now so for the time that it takesto preheat the oven which you don’t haveto do this you can preheat while you’redoing this but I don’t like to because Ilike to keep the kitchen uh totally coldand so while this you can either preheatthe oven and then put the beans in oryou can put the beans in after justabout when the preheating is done butfor this video sake I’m just gonna showyou how to do this or refresh yourmemory on how to do this if you alreadylike make pie so then I’m is obviouslyto keep it the crust from puffing upwith nothing in it so what we’re gonnado is we’re gonna preheat the oven to350 and then we’re gonna put this in for25 to 30 minutes and then we’re gonnatake these out and then like when the ifthe crust like starts to puff upthen we’ll prick the puffs down or youcan prick it a little bit before you putit in and keep the puffing down andwe’ll bake it for another like 10-15minutes and just make sure your edgesdon’t burn and or you know they shouldbe toasty Brown but not burnt and thenlet it cool completely and then fill itwith butterscotch or whatever you wantand that’s about it thank you okay so wejust bake this for 25 minutes and werotated it halfway through and then I’mgoing to take these beans and the foilout very carefully and put this into abowl and then I’m gonna put it back inand I’m just gonna watch it as I put itback in just to see if it puffs oranything and bake it for another 10-15minutes and it should be done and wewere speaking about par bakingpre-baking blind baking but this isactually a full bank and so we’reactually baking this one and we’re notgonna bake it again this is gonna be thefull bank so a parva core pre baked iswhen you actually need to bake the crustagain with with stuff in it so we’regonna put this backand cleaning crew so alright thank youyou

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