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Cooking Red Beans Rice and Sausage Bake Chicken Cornbread And Apple pie Part 1 of 3

Cooking with April today video is a three part upload. We will be cooking Red Beans Rice with sausage and bake chicken, corn bread and a Apple pie. I really enjoyed doing this video today. Hope you guys enjoy it. Guys I will also be getting some shirts done by @Cyntprints_ also head over and get you some. Thanks for watching Please Like, Comment and Subscribe. Love each and everyone. Have a Bless Day!!

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Video Transcription

hey guys welcome back to my channel thisis April it’s April w idea and for whatyou’re doing today ask I would becooking some red beans and rice withsausage some baked chicken corn breadand a half of pot so I’m gonna takey’all on the journey with me today I’mgonna start off by washing my hands andwatch how much chicken cut so that wecan go ahead and get that pressed andready I’m gonna also go ahead and washmy neck bone smoked neck huh so that Iput this in the crock-pot today’s becooking sucks with my beans on like Isaid guys we’re from this hour saytherefore we like our Kuzonwho seasoned really really good so Idon’t know measurements of theseasonings that I use I just look atthem in a highball okay I have you guysbeen it is still beautiful here and willyou and the weather is just so humsthat’s why I’m so late cooking becausewe’ve been out driving around to enjoythe sceneryhowever once have an over wonderful daytoday was great because me the honeyindicates were all home usually myhusband and daughter are always workingso this is my daughter this is Millieshe’ll be on the channel every nightagain with me she say she can’t cooktoday guys she got too much hair soshe’s going to just sit back and watchtoday but guys I just use Tony Cyprusseasoning not between use some garlicpowder that Tony’s kitchen every time[Applause]with the Tonys cut you guys do not haveto really add a lot of salt because it’soff the athletes but you know whatyou’re cooking being flip stuff you gotseason you’re being so my beansI’m gonna add a little salt in mypressure cooker and then we’re gonna getthat goingthey’re not as s : money at the scene sowe’re not cross contaminating me andI’ll say so hearing watch this cheatseason it’s real good guys remember Italked to our watching hands for the22nd and as hot as water as you possiblycan that water what’s a good too hot butthat’s okay we’re in the programI hope everybody’s into one great had agreat weekend with 600 going to this viaTV but it is still be a great week thatwe’re gonna we’re just gonna say it’sgonna be a great piece tomorrow oh yeahlet me tell y’all what happened to meyesterday so here I am thinking I’ll saythe dirt go to the mall go to a hop filmever block a little bit higher it’s allfreethose are lovely with this I mean Idrink it allalright you ready everything the mallfootage the uh it should just beeverything tears hey babe did you onwhere’s your where’s your video I said Iwas on there in something he said I’llsee itI guess what guys let’s go my son saidnot on mommy you you he breaks that songabout what I didonce again Gotham using tone et ceterato season my chicken garlic powerlike I said I do not miss her I’ll putit on there tooI feel like it’s in thoseand then I got my butter in the oven formy baked chicken also for my cornbreadbecause I know everybody’s busy anddon’t want to sit up here watching meall day so I’m gonna make it quick fastI’m going to give you just the basics ofhow I make my southern rapings and ricewith sausageso therefore everybody knows how toclick shooting in it those are my putthe chicken in the oven but I am goingto go ahead and do this sausage she’s inthe sauce – Chuck or cuttlebug so I canput them on there I’m going to showy’all when we make corn berry down herein the south and then imma let you guysgo for those of you who’s looking islike goodness gracious she’s using a lotof season actually is not you reallyit’s it’s not that much season I promiseguys[Applause]a sausageI’m gonna go back guys I’ll sell it cutthem again so they’re kind of likesmaller cuz my little great nephews arecoming over in when he see big meathe’ll sit there and eat all the meat outof the beans before he eat the beansthey tell you that you want more sockswhich you guys might see them with metomorrow because like the total in thelast videos pulls out here so you guysprobably see nobody tomorrowmom’s gotta get ready to go to work Ohguys I think you guys for all of thesupport that you guys have been givingme I know I probably forgot to say it inthe very beginning of the video butplease alight chimed in and subscribe ifyou haven’t already back to the onesthat have thank you so much for all thesupport also guys I would like to tellyou guys please hit over on Instagram tocent print she does own shirts I’mactually fixing her in to order myshirts and you got to be able to see himI’ve seen them on our YouTube channeland she does some awesome work so youguys hit her up on Instagram so that youguys can get you some custom shirts madeit doesn’t have to beshe do all kind of services also senemothank you so much for the great time inand advice that you gave me get the datefor you yesterdayno not yesterday day before yesterday Ithink you got so muchthey are very humble people right thereanswer your questions right on I meansoon as you send it to all but they gotit if they’re on it there’ll be some Pready to answer you so they are verynice peopleyou guys I don’t know if I told y’allbut this is going to be a two-part videobut that’s on my food they’re cookingtoday and I’m also film further meeating the food so I don’t want tooverwhelm you guys with a whole bunch ofvideos today so it gonna be today andtomorrow so guys I don’t know when thecameras gonna shut off or not it’s likeI said nobody’s back there I’m doing iton my own so I’m gonna go ahead and tellyou guys thank you so much for watchingI love you guys thank you for all thesupport please like comment andsubscribe watch the my next videoprobably tomorrow watch my next video sothen for the overcome of all of it arethe outcome of all of the guys thank youguys so much and all of you guys

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