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Easy and Simple Pie Crust

This is a simple and easy pie crust recipe. 

Learn how to cook from a real expert. This is a real kid asking real questions that you need to know.

This is a great show for kids; it’s real. This is not CG, not video games, and not “reality tv” which is not reality.  This is reality with a live expert. 

Parents get off the hook with teaching your kids how to cook. 
Kids can get credit (from parents) from watching this show. 

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Video Transcription

hi Ella your number dadand today we’re gonna teach you how tomake pie crust so let’s get startedalright their hairs back your hands arewashed pie crust is really simple it’sonly four ingredients but this issomething that everyone should learneven though it’s so your ingredients andtools are because you will love to startwith putting one and a quarter cup offlour into our food processorthe flour 1 teaspoon of salt if youdon’t have a food processor you can usea bowl and a pastry cutter to do this ortwo knives not a blender now we have onestick of butter let’s unwrap it and diceit up small and you want cold butterwhat butter as cold as you can get it sosave this step leave the butter in thefridge until you come to this stepthat’ll work but true we need smallchunks well you want to be small chunksif you’re gonna use the pastry cutterbecause it’s easier but since we’reusing the food processor it also helpsto blend it more completelycan you enjoy this is getting really dofor use I’m sure but since you want thisto stay cold you kind of want to do thisas quickly as possible with this we getall of our butter into here using smallpulses just right crumbly I’m notletting it run for a long time you youkeep it from heating up and melting thebutter what do you look like a nightlet’s take a look squish it together ifyou pinch it together does it stay inshape alright let’s use this well andone of these not the ice just the waterat a time and try and form a doughjust a small amount at a time you can doa thinning drizzleokay the thing about the pie crust isyou want to work it as little aspossible because the longer you work itthe tougher it gets here we have onethat is a dough that’s formed and that’sexactly what we want at this point we’redone this is enough for one pie crustokay we have a piece of plastic film orplastic wrap we’re going to take ourdough out of the food processor and putit in our plastic wrapform it into a bowl and put it in hereyeahwe’ll hear some more no throw it inthere yeah just throw it in therewrap it upand we need to refrigerate this for atleast two hours but it can be overnighteven longer okay it’s been – gonna havethree hours so we take our dough out offridge try and make11 inch 12 inch diameter rainhow’s it goingyou just have to do this enough time toget used to it[Music]let’s see them again potentials okay soyou drop it in like that okay let’s graba knife very nice and we’re gonna goaround and just cut all the romaine orofflet me see if I can remember how to dothis this is what my grandmother used todo would be to pinch like that no why doyou have to crimp it it’s decorative andit also helps it stick to the whip waitso punching use both hands you want thecrimps to be close together so basicallywhere one leaves off you bring the nextone in well you just pinching it butjust make it very close it’s cramping abig dealit makes the pie edge prettier for onebut it also helps it hold on to the liphere the edge so it doesn’t fall in youfinish upyou shouldn’t need any sort of pan sprayor Pam or anything like that for thesebecause there’s so much butter in itjust kind of butter itself yeah itshould not stick very nicestay there I’m gonna put this in thefridge for 20 to 30 minutes to reform upyou

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