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How to Make SOURDOUGH PANCAKES I Tastes of Lizzy T
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Sourdough gives these Sourdough pancakes a delicious flavor and fluffy texture that you’ll fall in love with! These will quickly become your family’s favorite breakfast.

I tend to be a pancake snob. If I’m going to start the day with a stack of calories, which let’s be real, is not the lowest in calorie breakfast around, I want them to be good. Soft…fluffy…lightly browned…the perfect texture to soak up butter and syrup. And flavor? I want them just barely sweet, because when you’re dousing them in pure maple syrup, there’s no reason to use too much sugar in the pancake batter itself.

And these sourdough pancakes are all of those things above. I knew I liked sourdough bread, but I think so far, sourdough pancakes take the blue ribbon as far as all of the sourdough recipes we’ve tried so far.

Sourdough pancakes have a delicious flavor & fluffy texture that you’ll fall in love with! These will become your family’s favorite breakfast.
And really, what’s not to love? One bowl…no more than 5-10 minutes of prep work (assuming you have that sourdough starter ready) and quick cook time.

These quick sourdough pancakes get eaten faster than we can get them off the griddle.

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Video Transcription

if you have all of the sourdough breadyou need and are wondering what exactlyto do with that extra sourdough or thesourdough discard I have the recipe foryou todayit’s sourdough pancakes these pancakesare so easy to make they cook up niceand fluffy they have that sourdoughflavor that you love let me show you howto make them first we’ll add the dryingredients to the bowl take 2 cups ofall-purpose flour 2 teaspoons of bakingpowder 1 teaspoon of baking soda 2tablespoons of sugar in 1 teaspoon ofsalt and then use a whisk and whisk thattogether then we’ll add in the wetingredients so take 1 and 1/2 cups ofmilk this is 2% milk 1 cup of sourdoughstarter now this does not have to bebubbly and active it can be alreadyspent starter that does not have thosebubbles needed to bake bread it’s stillgonna give that delicious flavor thenadd in 2 tablespoons of vegetable oiland then 1 large egg but before you justadd the egg into the batter go ahead andwhisk it just to break up that yolk soit mixes in more easily use a whisk andwhisk together the ingredients it’s okif there’s a few little lumps of flourstill that will all bake out when youput them on the skillet it’s importantwith pancakes not to over mix thembecause then the pancakes won’t be assoft as they can be so just whisk justuntil they’re combined then I like totake a spatula and just make sure I gotall of that flour added in then it’stime to get your skillet heat it up youcan use a skillet on the stove if youlike but we have a large pancake griddlethat we just love to use it makes themperfect every time you can use butter ifyou’d like to grease the pan but we justusually use a cooking spray make thepancakes as big as you’d likescoop that batter on the hot skillet Ihave the temperature set to about 350degreesyou know the pancakes are ready to turnwhen you start seeing bubbles pop on thetop of the pancake batter flip thepancakesI’m a little messy with my pancakessometimes it’s easier to get themperfect if they’re smaller you can takea peek at the other side and when it’sgolden-brown you know it’s ready to takeoff plain pancakes are always good butwe love to make them with blueberriesalso these are wild blueberries sothey’re little they’re great forpancakesjust add a few on the top right afteryou put the batter onto the griddleanother hint is to add in cinnamon chipswe have a recipe for homemade cinnamonchips on our site they are so good andyou can easily add them to this pancakebatter just for an extra burst ofcinnamon these pancakes are deliciouswith classic butter 100% maple syrup soso good one of my favorite ways to havepancakes is to sprinkle brown sugar ontop a lot of you also love honey on topof your pancakes thanks for watchingtoday be sure to use up your sourdoughdisc our next time in these deliciouspancakes your family will love you havea great day[Music]

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