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Bake Cookies and Bread (from scratch) With Me :)

Sorry this video is a day late, but I hope you enjoyed it anyways!

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Video Transcription

hey you guys okay I don’t know what I’msorry I have so much energy[Applause][Music]so you may notice that I look rough butthat’s irrelevant to what I was aboutstates like I get that of the way youknow kind of establish what I knowyou’re thinking um but I am in LubbockTexas and as you know from if you’vebeen keeping up with my videos or ifyou’re subscribed which if you’re notsubscribed you should be be a part ofour little tiny community we have ahundred and sixty eight of us right nowand I’m trying to grow this channel soyeah just be a part of this littlecommunity we have I promise I mean I wasgonna say I promise I don’t always lookthis bad but that would be alive butlet’s just hop into this video um soyeah like I said I’m in Lubbock Texas itis where I go to college and I knowTexas Tech in case you don’t know thatbut I’m graduating so I’m here packingeverything up so I can move to Austinand July ok that’s a huge explanation Iknow and ask for ok actually before Istart with this video I’m gonna bemaking bread and cookies from scratchbecause I have a kitchen that no one’susing and I can’t really do this at homebecause of certain reasons so I’mexcited to bake because I love bakingbut let me give you a quick story reallyquick as I I’m gonna clean the countersfor cleanliness reasons and then I’mgonna tell you the story so let me get Iwas here I can’t I got here um yesterdayyeah I got here yesterday and I wasplanning on maybe tomorrow because Ihave everything packed I film some ofthat because I’m gonna be making a wholemoving video but I’ll insert somefootage here just to prove to you that Ipacked up everything and so I yeah likeI said I packed up everything and I wasgoing to be leaving tomorrow also isthis ASMR anyways um and so I suppose tobe leaving tomorrow morningso I could come back home a lot of myfriends are things are starting to openback up at home so I was gonna go outwith my friends maybe get a margarita orsomething it was gonna be a grand oldtime well I mean it still is going tobecause I’m now leaving on Wednesday sonot today I mean that’stomorrow but the next day this is justkind of irrelevant to you but I’m justgonna tell you anyways yeah so myfreaking car is broken so it’s currentlyat the Volkswagen shop my roommate wasnice enough to go pick me up I don’tknow what’s wrong I think like the hesaid the AC rotator thing is broken butevery single time I Drive my partanywhere like something happens there’sfootage of this and I’ll insert it hereyou’ll believe me see Lincoln beingdramatic but it was to Spring Break Co Ithink not last Spring Break for theSpring Break before that I went toFlorida as per usual I drove my carnothing happened I didn’t hit anythingdidn’t hit a speed bump like I didn’thit anything okay I was just going onthe highway my freaking front headlightflies out of my car there’s no reasonwhy it should happen like the car guysaid that that’s never happened beforeand then I’m working like I don’t knowI’m never buying a Volkswagen like thenext car I get I’m gonna just get like aTesla okay because it seems like theydon’t have many problems and I’m justreally sick of having to get gas and oilchanges and I’m just really sick of mycar breaking down or doing some shady also you can’t see me but this islike a podcast now but yeah I’m sick ofmy freakin car just ruining my plans ofmy life and it’s annoying so I’m gonnasee I don’t order groceries because Ihave leftover things from making cookiesfor every mates last I made them but Idon’t have eggs or butter because Ihaven’t been here in like two months soI had it and I don’t have a carbut I knew I needed to make cookies andbread because this is like the onlyopportunity I can until I move into myapartment it’s because my stepmom isextremely particular and like OCD abouther kitchen so I’m not really likeallowed to use the kitchen andyeah yeah she’s gonna be dropping offthe yeast for the bread cuz I have flourI don’t know if I’m gonna have enough tomake like a big batch I mean Emily I’mhere for two days so I honestly want totry it because I’ve never made breadbefore from scratch and I think it’d bereally fun I’ve seen a lot of peopledoing it I’ve made cookies from scratchall the time I’ve made cookies fromscratch I’ve made icing from scratchyeah I love it it’s a great way to passthe time so I figured I’d make a quickvideo of this while we’re waiting let’schat um yeah so I didn’t post yesterdayI don’t I think probably none of y’allnotice usually my posting schedule isSundays and Thursdays today’s Monday soI didn’t post yesterday because I wasdriving up here and I was exhausted andhonestly I didn’t think anyone wouldnotice or care as depressing as it is soI just didn’t it was the first line thatposted when I was supposed to in likeprobably six months so I did for alittle bit bad about it but also Ireally don’t think anyone’s gonna noticeor care like I’ve said so today’s my dayand I’m planning on it’s there 527 soI’m planning on probably uploading thisvideo just tonight but we’ll see so it’slike an explanation I promise if yousubscribe that it’s not gonna happenagainit’s just cuz I drove by the way thedrive is eight hours and I left at 5a.m. so I was really tired pre-heat youroven to 375 and I’m gonna go get thegroceries for this is clutch I havenever never have I ever you need to behigher I think well never have I everbought an groceries online or like hadthem delivered to me because I thoughtthat was like so ridiculous and it isEleva I’m doing it I don’t have a car sodoing a 2 and 3/4 cups of flourI’m definitely kind of person to eyeballthings I never do things the way they’resupposed to which probably is acharacter flaw but what you gonna doabout it you know so I’m probably 2 and3/4 cups I’m just gonna do 1 and 1/2cupsokay like I’m sorry I just I don’tactually I’m not sorry sorry not sorryokay waitoh by the way if you don’t like if youput your flour in and you’re holding itthat’s whack I learned in science classI’m like seventh grade you’re supposedto put it on the table so you can seespecifically how much you have so okayanyway also I’m gonna mix my dry areasfirst and then do my wet ingredientsalso I’m so excited for my new apartmentthat’s all I talk about my videos nowand you’re not gonna hear me stoptalking about it until I move in but I’mso excited because I’m going to get aKitchenAid I know that they’re bougieand expensive but that’s the only thingI care about getting in my new apartmentbecause I love baking and cooking and soI’m just like so excited to be able touse a stand mixer because right now Ionly have a whisk so it sucks okay onespoon of baking sodaI’ll have baking powders so that’s gonnahave to do don’t know the difference Idon’t think anyone knows the differenceand I’m also not gonna measure it I’m sogood guys so I’m sorry that was probablytoo much okay then one cup of buttersoftened i will soften it i will listento the instructions so I have my dryingredients are over herewe’re also gonna need sugar in a secondI don’t know why they didn’t put it inlike water yeah that looks about rightokay okay so then after I justcompletely poured sugar all over thecounter I’m gonna wipe it on the floorcuz it’s not my problem just fittingjust because you’re moving on does notmean you should be a messy person Ireally I forgot what the before that’sannoyingokay basically it’s melted but so I’mnot gonna use the full stick because Idon’t like want to it up you knowneeds some of the poor hack that out andI probablyit I’m just not gonna do that I don’tfeel like it um then we’re gonna takehalf of an egg kind of weird butwhatever I really don’t want this to eatlike messed up so I’m gonna give it theyolk actually I’m just gonna do eggwhite well no comin needs do comewhatever I’m doing the leg it so Ihave oh and then I need a teaspoon ofvanilla extractall-purpose flour baking powder boomokay so then all you just need is thisand then you’re gonna mix it alltogether and that’s it guys it’s been 15minutes since I started filming and likefive of those we’re the cooking part umso yeah my car is broken I don’t knowI’m basically gonna not be able to leavetil Wednesday though also I’m bakingcookies and bread from scratch so wifeythat was the snapchat I sent to myfriend see this is the problem when yougo home a stand mixer or like an anymixer at all it’s like it becomes thisand it’s annoying but you know what I’mgonna count my blessings at least I’mable to make some cookies from scratchbecause now this is my passion in lifejust kidding I have a lot of passionsand I don’t know if that’s like likedoes that make me like like does thatmean have problems but I can never picksomething like I feel like there’ssomething more deep behind that as thefact is most people they enjoy like oneof few things in life and I’m like okayI like to paint I like to draw I like toplay piano I like to sew I like to makevideos I liked it like it’s from my lifeis literally just like Chloe’s down kindof think like that it’s not like a sideeffect from being psycho or okay so thismade three six nine twelve exactly adozen so if you just cut the recipe inhalf you’ll get a dozen in and I justmade them into little balls and now I’mgonna put them in375 for probably 15 minutes close itwith your foot that is a requirement tomaking cookies you have to do that step3 step 375 now let’s hop into the breadalso this is a mess I’m going to cleanthis up firstokay now I’ll top into the bread I’llhave both of these recipes linked downbelow if you would like to know what Idid but this one is called the easyperfect yeast bread so it takes 40minutes for everything to be done whichisn’t long for making bread but it’ssuddenly something that like takes timeso okay so this one you have to beprecise you can’t just wing it it’s notlike cookies it’s making bread is likean art form okay so we got to treat itas such so the ingredients you’re gonnaneed is a tablespoon of active dry yeastI’m guessing that’s what this is atablespoon of sugar we have thattablespoon of salt two cups of warmwater not over 110 degrees can’t beboiling because I think that’s it likekills the yeast or something like thatyou need five and a half cups ofall-purpose flour to don’t have thatmuch so I’m gonna have to like cut thatfor sure and then that’s itit’s pretty simple on the ingredientswise so let’s see how many cups of flourwe have first so we can know how much tocut the yeast in half and stuff it mightbe where I just need like a tablespoonno matter what oh that’s sugarI just realized like how weird thismixture is like making cookies and breadis so random like they don’t really gotogether but there’s just two things Ireally wanted to make recently so we’regonna go ahead and do four I’m gonnakeep the rest for just like extra so wehave four cups of flourokay so what I’m gonna do is let thisrest here because it I think it made anice little ball and you’re going toclean this out and then spray it withsome oil beautiful she looks right it’sjust so prettyam I looking fast you we did with breadwe’re going to just put all the oliveoil mix it up in there and it’s okay ifit looks like there’s more than maybethere should be because that’s what theinstructions say that you want a littlebit of olive oil at the bottom so thenonce you do thatmy hands are greased so it’s actuallykind of nice because it’s not going tostick to my hands you’re going to pickit up and put it inside of its nicelittle bowl and then you’re going totake something and just cover it up andmove it look at that yeah actually lokeem Mike ready so this is a trick I’msure you all know but if you take a forkand stick it the one in the middle seehow it’s like kind of crumbling I meanactually nothing came out say the bottomlooks like they’re like really soft Ithink they’re too soft right now I mightlet them go in there for a few moreminutes and then I’ll take them out sowhile they’re finishing up I’m going toclean up so now we’re gonna make theicing for the cookies and for this allyou’re gonna need is some powdered sugarsome vanilla extract and preferably milkwhich I don’t have so I’m just gonna usebutter I don’t know it’s a dairy like Idon’t know if like that’s the same thingso I have some pretty melted butter andhere’sroughly 1 cup of powdered sugar makingicing is extremely easy in this recipeis really good but it’s something thatyou can kind of eyeball and if you needmore if you think you need more milkthen you put more milk if you think youneed more powdered sugar you put onepowder shop you know the vanilla is justfor taste so if you would like adifferent sort of taste you can go aheadand do that I’m just gonna fill the cupthe little lid and put it in there cuz Idon’t want to be too vanilla put somebutter in therelike I said we don’t have milk I usethis TSP thing because I pretty dirtiedit and I hate dirtying dishes somethingthat is like really something thatbothers me and I don’t know why I’m so Ican’t handle it alright we wait for thebread to rise let’s just jam out I willbe putting copyrighted musicI mean uncopyrighted music on thisbecause I don’t like being copyrightedbut this is a great song I’ll put thesongs that are playing in the bottomcorneryouso this is what it looks like it’sdoubled in size like me freshman year ofcollege so we’re gonna put her into hereit’s kind of warm weird chemistry Iguess so I’m gonna try to fit in here Idon’t know if this gonna be big enoughbut let’s try so first you’re gonna pullit out something your dad failed to doand then you’re gonna oh it is smallenough okay so it’s just in the pan nowI greased up the pan pan with Pam that’sa tongue twister I think I might let itrise for like a few more minutes just togive it its best shot coming out well Ipreheated the oven again to 400 and thenit’s gonna be in there for thirty tofive minutes okay so next I’m going tojust pop this in to look it’s literallyalready rise so much if you just coverit up it rises fast um I’m gonna pop inthe oven and then it’ll be in there for35 minutes and then I will come outy’all this is the first moment on thisso I’m gonna have a very honest reactionbecause I’ve never cooked bread neverknown what it looks like we got the ovenand I’m so excitedso yeah let’s take talk transition intothe bread being made are you ready okayso it’s kind of doughy down here shouldhave let it cook a little bit longer buthonestly it’s not a big dealI just tried bite and it’s good it’s alittle bit yeasty and I think that’sbecause I didn’t let the yeast likeactivate like I can have tastedo you see this to it but this is myfavorite part look how pretty oh she’sbeautiful in that yes yeah so I mean asI was expecting the cookies are notbetter just because I’ve made it beforeand it’s a lot easier but the bread isso good I’m gonna put some olive oil ona plate and just dunk it in olive oilbecause I love bright and olive oiltogether like one of my favorite snacksum but yeah thanks for watching thisguys I can comment and effli will makesure that I’m still gonna be posting onSundays and Thursdays and I’m apologizefor missing a day but hey I’m sublettingjust daily so don’t be too upset I knowthat everyone really cares um but yeah Imade bread guys be proud of me I’m proudof me doctor next one byeyou itch me hey me see what she pullingabout okay sorryI’m done with you talk references

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