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banana bread recipe how to bake at home 2020

Hi, guys it Brenda with my first video on Youtube I have a cool banana bread recipe for you guys. Please subscribe to this channel for more videos to come

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Video Transcription

five years this is the first time I amtrying to put my recipe which I’mstarting I should go through bananabread so okay the red ingredient I wouldneed three bananas right would be thebestadding different butter which is theflavored butter I already know to thisbut this is what I would take which isactually salted butter so I don’t needto put an extra pinch of saltpure vanilla extract which Ifor the persontwinswater which I would be added into themixture so this would be the part it istwo cups of organic wheat flour this isfor this is cashews it’s a little bitthis is for garnishing[Applause][Music]two teaspoons of sugar which I amactuallyso let’s start so first[Music]the butter it’s this this butter alreadyhas today[Music][Music]and they just put a cap full of it Ijust take this cap it’s going to be halfI prefer the staff not the full cupso this doesn’t have to make reallyreally well picked up you don’t have tomix it that much in baking I’m gonna putthis aside and I’m going to start with Ijust wanna do1/4 spoon[Music][Music]so I’m going to put a little bit of theflowerinto the mixture and I’m going to stop[Music][Music][Music]not mixed well and doing a quickmeasurements that is for garnishing sothis has to be baked for 60 minutes withone hour[Music]it’s very simple[Music][Music]now we’re gonna put in the oven and letit sit for an hour and then you’ll getback and see how it came out[Music][Music][Music]we’re gonna cut into

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  1. Here before 20 Subscribers. This reminds me of a few Years back. let’s be friends :d

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