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So today we thought we would try to make pancakes in a Sumo suit, watch to find out how we did.

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Video Transcription

[Music]like I walked about I know I’m back I’mEmily and today we’re going to be makingpancakes in sumo twos if you liked thisvideo give it a thumbs up comment downbelow and make sure sureso we have got two receipts here theyare and so they put a bookmark and thenwith our we’re going to try and dobusiness okay – please make some tricksyeah well they switch i won we’re justgonna be okay honey shut the dooryes to meet youcrack the eggs into the bowlbut we do you think he called theirmotherokay boys happen book just I’m goingabout this I thought the end what theflowers very hard with the symptom andI’m sure looks like try to reachwelcometore them back here recycleOh pops don’t do that homehold on okay other how do I eat mypocket if I’m a regional currency firstlook I thought okay I thought you guysenjoyed the video and obviously it wasjust a little bit of fun one it is inserious so if you’ve got any othercomments of what activities you want isto do in sumo shoes and can you commentdown below because videos other thanthat make sure you like share andsubscribe see you next time bye

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