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How to Make VEGAN Mickey Pancakes – EASY & Plant Based

Join Mermaid Nina as she shares how she makes her super easy, super quick VEGAN & Plant Based Mickey Pancakes for her family. Complete with Fresh Strawberries and Whipped Cream. Perfect for ANYTIME; Mornings, any Holiday or moments when you need a little Mickey Mouse in your life.
Learn how she uses a blender and swaps out Vegan ingredients for typical ingredients. Learn how to form the perfect Mickey shape. Perfect for people with Food Allergies too. Use your favorite Baking Mix!! Make sure to follow along as she plans on doing other “how-to” videos during this super exciting quarantine time.

Recipe – Same as back of Bisquick Box with some Modifications:
2 Cups of Baking Mix (Pancake Mix)
1 Cup of Milk (Non-Dairy)
1 Snack Size Cup of Apple Sauce
A Dash of: Sugar, Cinnamon, Pumpkin Pie
Splash of Vanilla Extract, about 1 tsp

MIX in a Blender and Pour from Blender to form Mickey Shapes in your Pan
Serve with Syrup, Fresh Strawberries and Whipped Cream

ENJOY!! Watch Video to see when Pancake Pan is ready to cook, when the Pancakes are ready to flip and how to easily prepare strawberries.

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Video Transcription

Aloha guys me men here welcome back tomy channel I hope you guys are sort ofenjoying this crazy quarantine I know weare about it over here but I wanted todo something that’s a little bitdifferent on my channel that I thoughtyou guys might enjoy how does Mickeypancake sound to you guys we absolutelylove Mickey pancakes around here so Ithought I would do a little how do youmake some Mickey pancakes and in caseyou guys didn’t know we are vegan sothese are 100% plant-based veganpancakes and the best part about them isthey are super easy to make I mean evenmy daughter can make them they are supereasy so why don’t you guys follow alongand I’m gonna teach you how to makethese very simple very delicious I’mactually gonna take a bite right nowtopped with fresh strawberries andwhipped cream hmm Mickey pancakes followalong alright for those of you who wantto make these pancakes an extra specialtreat this also works for anytime youwant to use strawberries I have ahandy-dandy little tool here that someof you might not know about so first ofcourse here are my strawberries nice andfresh I do prefer organic of course it’syour preference and I want to show youthis handy dandy tool right here it’s astrawberry hullerI might have I don’t know where I got itprobably like JC Penney’s I think youcan probably get this anywhere at thispoint but it actually holds the ends ofthe strawberries for you so you don’thave to cut or worry about you know anyof these green things it’s convenientvery very convenient so you just takethe hauler you stab it in the top andyou twistlook at that perfect strawberries andit’s so quick look at thatthen the strawberries are perfect forwashing and then slicing or eating themwhole put them in a salad whatever youwant but of course in this case they’regoing on Mickey pancakes so again youjust stab it at the top twist the hullpops out I think it’s called the haltthe little green part stab twist see itcomes out it’s like a clean cut look atthat and then amazing so I’m gonna keeptaking care of these strawberries sothese can go on my pancakes all rightbefore we get started let’s talk aboutingredients so of course these are veryvery simplepancakes these are not what I wouldconsider homemade because I am using apancake mix so to speak but these aregreatI make them on weekends birthdaysholidays celebration just for funsiesand due to the quarantine we are makingthese constantly anything I can do tokind of lift some spirits I’m makingMickey pancakes so to start let’s talkabout the pancake and baking mix so onhand I happen to have a knees so this isa good option if you have a gluten freesituation like I do this is a goodoption right now the stores are justrunning out of the specialty specialdiet type baking mixes so you just gotto grab what you can grab in thissituation we’re going to use Bisquick Ido prefer Bisquick I know it’s notprobably the healthiest of all choicesbut this version is plant-based it isconsidered a vegan ish I know somepeople will argue with me about the palmoil but it is it is good and it tasteslike you know pancakes you ate when yougrew up when you were a kid so this iswhat I will be using I will actually befollowing the recipe on the back butadjusting it so you will see that I alsouse milk and in this case this is aplant-basedvegan pancakes oh I only used I useunsweetened original almond milk you canuse whatever you have on hand andinstead of eggs I use applesauce that’sright I just grab a little container ofmots organic applesauce you will see itgoes right in there and then to flavorit up I add a little bit of sugar alittle bit of cinnamon a little bit ofpumpkin spice this is my secretingredient I add a little bit of vanillavanilla extract and to top it all off Imay just add some chocolate chips somefresh strawberries and whipped cream soshall we get started all right so herewe go so the first thing you mightnotice is I’m using a blender that isright because a blender just solves allmy issues I don’t have to constantly mixand stir helps me pour from the spout soif you have a really nice blender thisis a Blendtec I suggest trying to makeyour pancakes I make my waffles this wayand even my pumpkin pie this way in ablender so first thing I got in here ismy pancake mix I told you I wasfollowing the instructions I don’t knowif this is gonna come in reverse or notbut basically for a full set of pancakesyou want two cups which is what I put inthere you’re gonna want one cup of milkagain I use plant-based you need twoeggs well I’m not gonna use eggs becauseI’m vegan so that’s where the applesaucecomes in so let’s do that right now soinstead of two eggs I just take one ofthese cups of applesauce that we alwayshave on hand I just pour the whole thingin how easy is thatyou should get every last bite now I’mgoing to pour the milk in that last andthis is not part of the recipe on theback of the box this is what I like toadd to kind of spice it up a little bitgive it some flavor I add a little bitof sugar you don’t have to do this whenI make pancakes from scratch they askfor sugar so I think it’s just like ahabit of mine to add thesugar so this is vegan sugar in here Ijust corn some vegan sugar and then Iabsolutely love a little cinnamon alittle spice so I will put just a couplelittle squirts of cinnamon I do notmeasure anything so sorry about thathere’s my pumpkin pie spice I just go inhere and put in a few little shakessuper easy and then my vanilla if youhave all-natural real vanilla you dohave to shake it up because it leavessome sediment at the bottom againI don’t measure I just kind of pour inmaybe I don’t know maybe a teaspoonmaybe half a teaspoon nothing crazy sothat’s it for the flavoring as you cansee it’s all in theresuper easy the last thing we’re gonna dois the milk again I shake up my milkit’s 1 cup of milk I do it right overhere some Khazars in the overflow[Music]pour it right in again you want to getevery last drop make sure you keep ahandy little spatula around because youwill need that to kind of scrape thesides that’s it guys that was it totallyit you turn on the blender and you justmix it up this might be alright I mixedit a little bit and like I said you gotto go in here with your spatula and kindof get the size down a little bit youwant to get all that goodness nice andcreamy very much in there yes I use myfingers don’t worry I wash them givethem in a go with this[Music]let’s check it one more time looks goodnice and creamycannot tell you guys how easy these areand how yummy they are just me we’llhave these for dinner well we’ll just welove these things okay one quick littlepulse and that’s it let’s get cookingall right so I turned my pan on mediumheat ish medium medium-high it just kindof depends on your stove this is anancient beast that I hate throwing awaybecause it still works great so I haveit in between medium and medium-high youjust have to gauge it now a lot ofpeople love to talk about how the firstpancake is the throwaway pancake that isnot true for me whatsoever so who knowshow to test if this pan is hot enoughdo you guys know here’s your trick youtake some flecks of water and you flickit in your pan when you have theselittle bubbles that means you are goodto goI also notice that I’m using a nonstickskillet and I use zero oil we are an oilfree house we try to use as little oilas possible so I am not oiling this atall now if you’re using a gluten-freemix and it’s sticking it’s causing youissues and you want to try I’ll go rightahead otherwise we try to keep it as oilfree as we can so you ready this is alljust kind of in the wrists in the termsof pouring you just have to try to pourthree circles so here’s my mix it’sstill in the blender I just go in herelet’s do our head firstand you just do two little ears no if Igot a little big on that one sometimesyou can tilt your pan you want you canpop in a few chocolate chipsI’m telling you whether they look justlike Mickey Mouse or not your kids aregonna go bonkers for these so who knowswhen your pancake is ready to flip yourpancake will actually make littlebubbles it’s the chemical reactionthat’s happening in here so once youhave kind of like a raised surface andit looks sort of cooked on the edge andyou’ve got these little bubbles poppingup that’s when you’re ready to flip soI’m not quite there yet I know it’s kindof fun just watching it kind of happenover here I’m definitely getting closerthe edges of the pancake look more drythey look less wet and they start topuff up and you’re getting these littlebubbles down in here I’m getting superclose super super close I don’t know howmuch this one looks like Mickey we’regonna have to make a few more but here’smy spatula I’m really weird about myspatulas this is like a super cheapspatula I’ve gotten nice ones and it’sit’s all about this edge right here ifyou have a spatula you love it’s greatfor this so anyway the pancakes shouldlift super easily and then you flip youjust let it keep on cooking we’re gonnasee if we can get the camera angle alittle closer for the next one so as youcan see the pancake is slowly rising itis cooking on the other side but as youcan see my top color here is perfectthis is not a throwaway pancake this isa perfect first-time pancake right heresometimes I will smash the pancake alittle bit you just don’t want to gettoo crazy with that but these are prettypretty darn fluffy these are pretty darnthick and they are so delicious put somesyrup on here some strawberries somewhipped cream and you got yourselfbirthday treat Christmas morning any oldboring day happy Sunday whatever youwant so I’m gonna give it a little smashI do that to release any of the liquidthat’s still left over in the batter incase there’s anything that still needsto be cooked I will smash it a littlebit but this beauty is looking good wegrab our plate voila like I said not theperfect Mickey pancake but we are gonnaperfect this all right let’s go again Imove the camera a little closer soyou’re going to go with that main circlethis one’s better this one’s betterafter the first pancake you’ll noticethat the second and the third and thefourth they all just cook a little bitfaster you also can do this you if youreally really want like the perfectMickey waffle you can take the batterand put them in these old fashioned youknow like ketchup bottles and then youjust squirt your three little shapesthat works out perfectly too but I’mtrying to keep this simple guys I’mtrying to have use less stuff and justget down to the pancake of it all so tospeak but I don’t know if you guys cansee this but the it’s rising up andthese little bubbles are starting toform on the pancake and the edge isgetting a little bit dry you’re get I’mgetting real close to flipping this ittook me a really really long time toperfect a vegan or a plant-based pancakebecause I’m so used to using oil and Ireally really stopped eating oil a fewyears back and it was really really hardfor me to figure out how to do thisuntil I got the Bisquick mix which Iknow has a little bit of oil in it butit’s better than adding more butter andoil woah look at that babythat is a Mickey Mouse pancake so thisis a little darker than it was last timeso I’m just gonna slowly turn down mystove just a little bit you can keepkind of changing that de greenness basedon what your pancake looks like but thisis pretty sweet now tell me your youknow five year old 10 year old 30 yearold whoever you are isn’t going to wantto eat that pancake tell me they’re notgoing to want to wake up on a specialmorning and have Mickey pancakes I wouldlove for you guys to keep followingalong please like this video andsubscribe I’m hoping to make more ofthese if you like them we’re gonna tryout another pancake see if we can get iteven better and then we’re gonna topthis sucker off with strawberries andwhipped cream so again I’m gonna go inlightly tap on it nothing is squirtingout so I’m thinking you can get down andclose if you want I’m thinking this is agood to go look at that comes right offthe plate mickey waffle no it’s not awaffle it’s a pancakeMickey pancake let’s try it one moregood got my batter you do the head firstlarger circlethat’s another good one again you candrop in your chocolate chips I mean youcan do this with blueberries and otherthings that you if you want to but Ifind that it kind of changes the shape alittle bit and also because I don’t useoil things like blueberries and andother types of things that you can putin here will kind of I don’t know causeit to kind of burn and miss shape so Ikind of just stick to chocolate chipsand then put the fruit on top and againyou can make any shape you could justmake plain old pancakes if if that’swhat you want serve them on a Mickeyplate kids will love them just the sameso again you know I’m raising up alittle bit the bubbling is happening Iturned it down a little bit before so itcould be not going as fastpretty cool you gonna see that Mickeyloved it all right I can definitely tellit’s ready but see how I’m not gettingum like nothing’s on my spatula myspatula is coming out clear if you waitfor the right time for the flip yourspatula doesn’t get dirty whoathere’s the Mickey all right I’m gonnakeep working on this I’m gonna make afew more and then we’re gonna pop overto the other side and we’re going todecorate these babies see you soon allright guys now for the fun part so I’mdone with my Mickey pancakes as you cansee how cute are those so let’s countthem and see one two three four five sixseven eight nine I made nine Mickeypancakes out of the two cups of Bisquickso when you’re cooking for your familyjust note that and some do you have achocolate chip so you know however youwant to roll but here you go I’m gonnaplate these up for my kids so we lovemaple syrup so what I do is is I kind ofput some on the bottom some on the topyou can decorate them and make funnylittle faces but what we love most arestrawberries andwhip cream you cannot tell me that noone’s gonna want to start their day justlike this again thank you guys forfollowing and hopefully you make theseand let me know what you think againthese are 100% plant-based I am actuallygonna call them vegan and yeah this ishow my family rolls on a specialoccasion and I hope you guys try toenjoy this quarantine and I hope you canfind these ingredients so that you canmake your kids your family some veryvery special Mickey pancakes Mahalo forwatching guys nina out[Music][Applause][Music]

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