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Video Transcription

hello again and here we are in mykitchen this is the recipe we’re gonnause for the pancake I’m gonna put itcloser so if you want to do it at homeyou have all the ingredients and all theinstructions so I first of all when youstart cooking you should gather all youringredients and this is what I did onthe side so what we’re gonna do first isgonna meet the dry ingredients in OneBowl and I’m gonna swap them so therecipe asks for two cups of whole wheatflour I have my flour over here so weneed two cups one and two and then weneed a quarter cup of sugar that’s mysugar and then we need two teaspoon ofbaking soda I have my baking sodateaspoon 1/2 teaspoon and then we needthree teaspoon of baking powderI’m gonna mix them all together oh godthere’s also little pinch of saltthe Oh pinch of salt now there are allmixed together we’re gonna put themaside and get a clean Bowl what we’regonna put all our wet ingredients andthis is what we need to do is like threeeggsand now we’re gonna whisk them away itwould we are the other ingredients thenwe need two cups of buttermilkI’m just gonna also warm up our candy Imean so it’s gonna be ready when thepancakes are ready I’ll mix themtogether and then we need reallytablespoon of melted butter there theyarescooping them insidegive it a nice whisk and then when thewet ingredients are all mixed togetherwe’re gonna put everything inside thedry ingredients and then mix some moreyou can use a spatula or you can useyour whisk I think I’m going to switchand if you have fresh blueberries like Ido you can dump them in your butterblueberries and mix some more gentle sothey don’t breakpancakes batter is ready and all we needto do is we’re gonna move to the stoveand make our pancakes put a little scoopof the butter sorry I have to do theseokay here we are the scoop of the butterin the panand then you wait until there are somebubbles on top of your pancakes and letme see if I can get closer so you guyscan see what the pancake looks like it’scooking away and then you can use aspatula and flip itand I didn’t forget I got my maple syrupso when the pancake is ready you canevery with maple syrup but you can alsoput some Jam or you can put some butteror you can put any other kind of serumand enjoy your pancakes don’t forget toshare cause sharing is caringokay now the pancake I still eat it it’sgonna be cooking on the other sideI’m sure you can also use any differentkind of fruit if you have strawberryleaf your grass green edge the pancakeand there’s your maple syrup enjoy staywell stay safe love you guys see yousoon bye

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