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Video Transcription

hi guys and welcome back to my channelso today I made pancakes for my mom andI listen all things are used for themaking of this pancake so I used myflour here’s my milk I used eggI used baking powder so it has my milk ishooter egg and baking powder here asbasically yeah that my milk and my onionmilkonion okay so yeah that’s basically allI used my salt they can see right thereyeah that really only useful to seat you[Music]also going to use vegetable oil whereshould we put them in the floor can cityquantity on receive and after days justcancer we put them in the South you cansee how tiny that sees and now bakingpowdernotice that baking powder is optionalyou don’t have to use this if you havebaking powder that’s perfectly fine andafter this is going to just mix themtogether so she’s going so you can seeshe’s giving it in yeah guys[Music][Music]so like now you can’t see what it lookslike and we puts in one tablespoon ofsugaryes sir should I consider pants on yousociety depends on you but looking atthis soon tbsp I’m sorry guysso after disks pockets mixes on it andthen will be for me at homelovely a hole but it hold on and thenwe’ll be putting our egg in itmeanwhile any time you’re using your eggmake sure you break it in the differentboom in case the egg is Watson orthere’s something wrong somewhere so asyou can see we put the egg any differentbut we mix that you can see we didn’tput salt or anything in the egg justwith the dowry and gain report it into amixture so all we did is we kept onmixing these bricks on it and at thepoint we kept in people’s not our milkyeah their water do it so that it wouldbe in form of the piece[Music][Music]so now guess what don’t mix needs andyou can’t see how it looksmean why we ended up adding an extra eggI wanted you to look this way so yeahyou can see how wonderful it looks yeahthey’re all against we put something onnow guys just just get it variousconstants if you use all of that so somepeople just say to slice on paper andthen you put are used to constitute yourpaintings but I’m not putting in pepperso now it’s time to fry yeah so I guesswe put something very very to conserveoil very very slow and this oil is justgoing to be on to body you can see howsmall it is and game we’re taking ourmixture and putting it in one after theother[Music][Music]also taking notes that why I doing thisit should be the fire should be as avery very low heat if you know secondsend up boning your pancake does you canend up in bonds offering so you makesure it at a fair very low heat andyou’re just going to keep on doing thisover and over to your mixture is ready[Music]yeah we are the pancake is ready we havefive PA see not heavy so yes guys doesmy moves fries I thanks for watchingthis video don’t forget give me thumbsup / subscribe button and share I loveyou bye

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