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Pancake Recipe:

1 cup oats
1 cup plant milk (I used oat)
1 large or 2 mini bananas
1 tsp baking soda
ghee for pan

In a high powered blender, blend oats into a flour consistency. Add plant milk and banana and blend. Once all ingredients are blended well, add a tsp of baking soda and any or all of the following health boosters: flax meal, chia, hemp hearts or ceylon cinnamon. Blend in blender until batter is smooth.

Heat frying pan with ghee and cook your pancakes to your liking. Serve simply with maple syrup or add your favorite toppings such as pecans, walnuts, shredded coconut, warm fruit compote, yogurt or whip cream. It’s sooo delicious. Enjoy🥞

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Video Transcription

Hey welcome back to my channel I did awholefoods video it was a ha didhopefuls ha a couple days ago and Imentioned these pancakes that I madethat’s like four ingredients basically Ido add some extra ingredients but that’soptional you don’t have to add thoseI’ll show youand anyway I did get some requests butI’m here and I’m gonna show you how Imake these so these are the ingredientsI got some sprouted oats I’m gonna haveone cup of those and a cup of milk thesystem milk I’m using today the oldbarista blend milk and I am using twobananas I normally use two large or onelarge banana but these are kind of likemini sized you may not be able to tellon the camera but these are mini so I’musing two and um for frying I you wouldnormally use I think this is like themagic to getting them tasting doing theedges to get crispy but I’m using gheevanilla bean ghee I think this is a veryimportant ingredient I’ve learnedbecause I use regular oil like avocadooil when making these but I switch tothis like just by accident and I love itit’s the best you should get some ofthis in your lifeghee fourth and heart is the brand rightthere fourth and heart I’m using thisfor the cooking oil so I’m gonna getstarted and okay so I have the oats hereand you can put all the ingredients inbut I like to start off with the oatsand I’d like to blend it in a blender sothis is a blender recipe it makes itsuper easy and you not have to store getyour wire whisk out okayyou can mix everything all at once but Idon’t I’d rather turn the oats enoughlike a flower fine and then now add therest ingredient so here we gookay so there we go just blend it forabout a minute so I got the rest of myingredients here I got the two banana soI’m just gonna put those in here andthen I have my cup of that milk I’m justgonna put that here now blend that upokay it’s blended well we’re gonna blendit up a little bit more so the sides youcan see you can see there we have ablender we still got like a littleexcess on the side so I’m just gonnabrush that down with your spatula butwe’re gonna add some baking soda this isyou know um this is pretty much thefourth ingredient but at this time Ialso like to add some other ingredientsas well you got a half teaspoon ofbaking soda add that in there addflaxseed meal the hip products like toadd these as well you can get these atTrader Joe’salright so now so we are all blended uphere there we go so I start to eat mypain yeah I’m just gonna scrape theedges so I got my pan heated up I gotthe ghee here or just like tookay so here’s our first pancakeall right we’re gonna turn these overokay these are about dyingokay pancakes are me I’m going to dishup and show you how I taught them thisrecipe yields about 10 pancakes about 10you meant mini pancakeswe are all set here I just played themup I got my walnuts pecans shreddedcoconut and I sauteed some fruit cuz Ilove fruit on my pancakes I got themaple syrup here I just had to say thatfor the camera and I am about to showyou what it looks like inside doesn’tthat look so good so here we go that’show they look and they are so deliciousyou have to let me know when you makethem this will conclude my video I wantto thank you so much for watching pleasecomment like let me know if you againhave any questions or making this I’mgoing to leave the recipe in thedescription and I will see you in thenext video don’t forget to subscribe formore videos like these bye

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