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Yummy- yummy eggless waffles recipe

Learn how to make yummiest eggless waffles with Little chef Miss Samriddhi

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Video Transcription

everyone today we’re going to be makingeggless waffles and it’s my first timeso let’s just hope for the besthere are my ingredients here’s 1 cup ofall-purpose flour or maida and half acup of whole wheat flour 2 tablespoonsof rice flour and 1 spoon one spoon of[Music]baking powder and 1 spoon of sugar andthose remind our ingredients but wecan’t forget the wet ingredients so Ihave 2 cups of milkumm why not stick of melted butter andvanilla extract about like one and ahalf spoons and some oil to grease mywaffle maker which is actually alreadygreased so first we’re going to mix allof the dry ingredients in this giantbowl and by the way it’s kind of brokenthe stick fell off don’t pay attentionto that partoh all of the baking powder and sugarand now stir it upand then we put the melted butter insidethe milk we put new extract we mix thisfirst and then we add all of this egg -now we have to mix it all up becauseit’s wet and dry all together oh goshit’s getting stuck onI wasn’t very comfortable with that sonow I’m just makes me with the largespoon so I have mixed it and there areno lumps and you can add the wetingredients slowly so that it’s easierto mix and clear away the lumps but I doknow that because it’s my first time sowe are just going to let it leave forwe’re just going to let it rest for twominutes and then we’ll come back to itand I’m not gonna tell you what I’mgoing to do next it’s just surprise sotwo minutes have passed and thethickness is good but if yours is verythick then you can add a little moremilkso now plug it in and it’s red right nowbut we have to wait till it’s greenbecause when it’s green and that meansthat it is hot oh it has turned greenand I’ve already greased it so gonnaopen it and defend oh yeah it is hotstop dripping okay Wow so bootiful youhmmoh I have filled it and I’m going to yesyeah we have to wait till the ready signturns night so now it’s trip to Queenswe gotta flip it let’s see Oh completelyit’s completely stuck to the topsafety first it would be a battery fieldon the bottom oh and now I can pick itup easy so nice now they got a prepareor do you top things we’re not ready youcan do it more for your brother oh mygod it’s already green yeahyes okayso while this one is getting ready weare going to put toppings on and mine sosince this is an eggless so I you canapply any fruits that you like but Idon’t really like food so I’m justputting some maple syrup and whippedcream maple syrup in everything I’mgonna put the whipped cream oh I lovedwhipped cream so I’m gonna put Lots soit’s very beautiful as you can see it’slike an angel flying on earth and youcan put fruits on top like you can putsome strawberries or you can putraspberries and you can even put like araspberry here a raspberry here and abunch of raspberries here to make like asmiley face on it but I didn’t do thatbecause I don’t want to what my secondone is readyOhyeah and this time it landed on thebottom instead of the top two for yourbrother yeswell so and these are both of thewaffles and I put a little less limp infor my brother because I’m not sure howmuch would like but I like a lot ofwhipped cream now it’s time to tastewhat with itOh miss me this recipe is awesomebecause you don’t have to like go tothis store every time you make a wafflesand get the ready-made a waffle mixtureyou can just make it at home and I hopeyou like this video if you did smashthat like button and subscribe to mychannel and don’t forget to turn onnotifications about if you so you nevermiss a post by got to tell you rememberplease please please remember to shareit with your friends once again bye

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