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Making pancakes | NEW INTRO | BURNED MYSELF


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Video Transcription

[Music]I’m worn out so I had a few 12-hoursleeps and I think now I’m okaydid you like the intro like I’m crying[Music][Music]but today we’ve got nowhere KITT we’vegot no weird reset no today I thoughtwell since it’s dead early in themorning and I have heard a little bitlet’s make some pancakesshall we so so let’s make pancakes solet’s get to ityo so you’d be thinking where’s restlessgo on I’m here I’m still here but I’vegot a joke do that I’ve got a jokeprobably get things out beforehand youknow eggs eggs the style of pancake isgonna be the American so let me get youinto position so you can see this allright so you’ll notice you down here nowhello and I’ll make sure it says Lilycould nobody knows my name so I just putit on a t-shirtthere we goyes yesyes I did deal with it all right[Music]because with the rice and pancakes youput a make sure they’re really slipperyokay so then with my gas oven then Ihaven’t used cooking mailokay so I’ll get Rebecca go yo so ittook me a while to get this angle soyou’re welcome you grip force warningssee what I’m kind of a low heat to startoff with I’m pour a little bit in rightjust about that much just do it by eyejust so with American star pancakes whatyou’ve got to do is you’ve got to waittill it’s perfect on the bottom and theway you can tell that it’s perfect onthe bottom is when you can just easilyslide it around on the plate so to letit cook a bit quicker you see now it’skind of sliding aroundbut these edges are still not cooked yetso you’ve got to wait till they’recooked so you can lift it up without itslopping all over the place so yeah sothat is basically[Music]no actually do I know give me thinkingwhy she got spatula aren’t you supposedto flip pancakesyeah Jana Jana Jana pointless criticismdisliked but people dislike this videothat will go towards my ropesso it’s anyway you’ve got to flip it nowand see how it’s just golden in thecenter that’s what you wantwell you got here hopefully you can’thear that but then when it’s like thisyou can flip itif you feel good[Music]there we go we’ve got double flippingthis oh my gosh that was close that wastoo close for comforteveryone okay okay and did you buy thatand it’s 20 more seconds into the huband everyone finished[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Applause][Music][Music][Applause][Music][Music][Applause][Music][Music]now showing me up like a little horrorthat it is so give a big thumbs up ifyou did by just video can we break can’twe break the next video and can we reach50 subscribers so thank you so much forwatching this video and I will see youany time because I haven’t uploadschedule yet I’ll record videos when Ican and[Music]you

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