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Video Transcription

they’re gonna pass through the cabin tocollect NATO items you’d like todescribe[Music]so everyday I make waffles for breakfastthat’s something that everybody eats allthe time this video was gonna be my theelectric diet base of how food eitherbecomes acid in your body or alkaline inyour body acid food in your body cancause a lot of problems likeinflammation and it can also call itmucus Oh mucus is something that’s verydetrimental to your body your mucousmembrane the mucous membranes cancontain or secrete mucus a thick fluidthat protects the inside of your bodyfrom viruses and bacteria too much mucuscan be a result of food-relatedinflammation it gets compromised throughthe food that you eat now I keep seeinga lot of people who say things like ohit’s about a chain here blood pH balanceand that’s not what electrolyte is for Idon’t know where that came from I thinkI seen the guy I said that he does itthat’s personally not why I startedfollow this dietoh the other thing is that the diet isalso based food that’s not hybrid anyfood that has been made in a lab or iscrossbred between two other foods it’ssomething you don’t want to eat becauseyour body has a hard time processing itand when it has that hard timeprocessing it it causes a lot ofdifferent problems in your body so thisthat we go by this part was electric andwhat is it Bellflower is approved onthat list it’s supposed to be a nonhybrid food or not hybrids Bellflowernow I bought this flower a while agoit’s called jovial the brand and it’sfine cornflower now it is supposed to bethe oldest flower right now that youknow you can buy supposed to be evenolder this Bellflower any reason shewould want it to be older and becauseit’s less likely to have been crossbredwith something else however whenever Ieat that it tastes really good as youmight see my Thanksgiving vlog but I getmucus in my throat and that’s usually myrule of thumb is if I eat something Iget mucus from itI either shouldn’t be eating or I shouldsee what about it’s causing your mucusand try and take that thing out so rightnow I’m in this Bellflower I don’t havethe same problem with Bellflower as faras new dis in my throat or in my nose Idon’t sniff although after you lookafter I eat so now I’ve been going withBellflower so spell flower so I get 2cups flour I used to add date sugar tothe recipe stop at any sugar to the wokwe have dates like whole dates in thehouse is the one we have in the houseand as a snack I will just eat themsometimes but I know I noticed it mostrecently after watching video aboutlectins and certain foods have lectinsin them and lectins are supposed to bethe defense system for certain plantsand it’s supposed to affect younegatively by eating it becauseobviously the plant doesn’t want to geteaten does it have teeth doesn’t haveclaws anything like that so it’s likehey you know don’t eat me right now whenI first started making this I used toadd agave to it as a sweetener I feltlike it was 200 Goffe I would add agaveto it and then after add agave uh I feellike I was kind of sleepy afterwards howfilling it was agave in it and then Iwould add agave as a syrup on outside soI just like you know what maybe it’s toomuch agave it’s the agave that we buy ablue green organics they have a lightone I don’t personally like for thisprefer the dark one I think it’s moreequivalent to syrup the next ingredientis going to be Cecil your coarse seasalt right this one I don’t need as muchand if I put too much in it I willnotice a difference and my wife will besalty this it’s really serious so Idon’t have to look measurement for thisI just like I said I just sprinkle itbecause I just grab a little bit myfingertips and then just do a low also Inoticed that if I make the waffles rightwithout the salt there’s more mucussomehow the salt definitely adds flavoryou didn’t taste a waffle more not a lotof salt you can taste more of the waffleI don’t know what the salt does I don’tknow how you know culinary arts worstnext I’m going to add the oilthis is greasy oil we might use oil youdon’t want to cook coconut oil becauseonce it hits a certain temperature itbecomes acidicso that’s why we don’t use coconut oilto cook with but we use grapeseed oiland avocado and get three tablespoons soI must say that this inside here it’sprobably like one tablespoon and thenthis is two tablespoons all rightso now just one more tablespoontablespoonthree all right yeah I feel likewhatever ice built is probably more thantablespoon after I just saw what I putin there but you know this is right thisone’s a little wateryit’s usually thicker than I usually puta tablespoon of this in there also thevideo but to make this I’m gonna put itright here right here or right here Idon’t know how this works but anyway Ishould put a video on here so it can beon this side or this side yeah so yeahtablespoon of this now the next thing Iwant to add it’s also something thatyou’re gonna need to have preparedbefore you make the waffle this iscalled hemp milk so what if we do avideo up he’ll be right here Oh add 2cups of fat milknow one thing I’ve learned about makingwaffles which I think this is veryimportant so make sure you get this thisis very important once you stir thewaffle batter but you listen you don’tadd any water to it right now ready juststirred it it’ll be very thick it’ll bevery very thick also to see what it hashealth benefits and it also is athickener the waffle right now besidesthat if you just pour this in it’s gonnabe super thick so the next ingredienttrying to be what we are electric on abudgetso this is our alkaline filter hopefullywe get some more money I can actuallyget the one that goes on the counterfeit$5,000 right now you just have a metricalkaline filter it’s important the waterturns this on very thick too watery veryfast depending on how much water you addin here so fast that mean you can put alittle bit of water and it can becomewatery another benefit that you know youknow what should dieis you lose fat very so anybody tryingto lose fat pretty much Bowl now youwant to add to the food in there thenobviously it’s up to you but I’d like tosay I’m trans positioning into this dietso I’m right now I’m like 99 1 or 98 -that’s a pretty much it I really onlydrink electric water and other thingabout water is some water not naturallyelectric it’s it’s electrocuted electricwater is water that contains theminerals in it that make it electric ifyou just electrocute the water it’llhave a higher pH value for you I don’tgive essentia what I only drink eternalwater and Fiji water but I’m gonna addsome water to this you see how thickthis is you can’t really tell I’ll putthe video in slow motion so you can seehow thick it is all this if I do this isvery thick all right so I’m gonna add alittle bit of water ok still a lot ofwater left in here okay starting to geta little bit more walk with battery allright so a little bit more waterso right now I’m probably about abouthalf a cup and I might add it too muchthey’re like me personally I like mywaffle batter to be a little bit it’snot bad it’s not that bad to be a littlethick Melissa likes her took me almostwater every say that I used I’m gonnaput in the description boxso yesterday I definitely said Iprobably can eat dates because they havelectins in as many ways now my firm wasalready sore last nightit’s not that sort definitely had aheadacheWow this morning and also he’s happen tobe able to research I know this butLincoln’s also of course headaches oneof the defense mechanisms of windshoping not eat them when I first startedmaking proper lips to put all types offruits and stuff in therevery easy blueberries I don’t do thismuch now though but I was trying to getsleepy with death also but you knowpeople were transitioning into a newdiet if you want to add some sweets toindefinitely different fruits andwhatnot yeah sound crazy I went to bednormal oak up I was attacked by alltypes of diseases so this is a cuisineart awful maker for the purpose ofefficiency it has the ability to maketwo waffles cuz I used to make onewaffle and that would take forever tomake one waffle I’ll put that down inthe description if you want to buy thewaffle maker what I normally like to dois I put it on for a little before 4:00and put a lot better in both sides putit in and flip it and when it beepsthree times ladle is done I’ll flip itback over and turn it down so that thewaffle kind of cooks evenlyso I’ll probably you would in there forlike another two to four minutes after Iturned it downthe way you cook your food or do weprepare your food it is one of the waysto decrease the lectins I like if yousoak it tomatoes take off the skin andtake out the seeds so depending on whatfoodjust probably has different ways toprepare it to make it healthier like Isaid if you want to add different thingsyou have to you know sometimes of

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