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Orgasmic Conscious Cooking – Organic Waffles w/ Hazl

Making Orgasmic Organic Waffles with special guest Tiffany B also known as Hazl

2 Organic Eggs, large-separated
3/4 cup water
1 1/2 cups Pamela’s Baking & Pancake Mix (or any organic mix)
1 TBSP oil

Blend egg whites until bubbly. In a separate bowl, combine baking mix, egg yolks, water and oil. Add egg whites and mix lightly. Bake in preheated, greased waffle iron.

HAZL: http://hazlmusic.com

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Video Transcription

part of the magical things that I’vebeen creating I feel like my hands arein multiple pots right now no punintended I liked it yeahgood morning this is John Ashfordwelcome to my kitchen this is thesegment of orgasmic conscious cooking Ihave a special guest today but firstbefore I deduce my guest today we’regonna cook organic gluten-free wafflesone of the reasons that I wanted to dothis show so I love cooking and onesmall my channel you’ll see me prepare alot of different dishes but also I’meating a little bit healthy I’m not anutritionist haven’t studied anythingabout other than doing my own research Ilike shopping organic storesI like local ingredients and I’ve beentrying to have more what’s it calledcommunion with my body so I’m being alittle bit more conscious about what Iput in my body and what I found outabout gluten even though I love it I’mhaving my own experience of gettingthrough gluten is that gluten has thischemical called leptin that actuallycreates our itis it also spark for thebelly the gut in the digestive systemespecially ours because of otherchemicals that have been placed on ourweek so today we’re gonna havegluten-free waffles and with that you’regonna watch me cook but I’m gonna bringmy guests on my dear sister TiffanyTiffany be I call it this is mygirlfriend another different world thankyou thank you thank you thank you thankyou thank you special guest so let metell you about why I asked Tiffany soI’ve been know Tiffany or like two yearsnow yepyeah and her energy is always so bubblyand I’m always excited and I watched youthrough this transition because when Ifirst met her she came up and we weredoing bar something everybody yeah beatyour mom and dad first year and I waslike okay they kind of grew be people Ireally enjoyed them and so when I mether I was really really really reallyimpressed by her energy and in the lastyear she’s been making accomplishmentsthat’s been crazy and she’s beenreceiving more of herself and so alsothis is the other dope-ass thing thisgirl can sing I was in a class and youknow I’m at the class and Torinos hostshis class in Portland and she got it thesame and I look I was like oh my god shecould really really really Clinton shecan blow I was like Microsoft’s likeBillie Holiday I hear what’s called thegirl from what the beehive hairdo and uhfrom with England uh I think your brainright now it’s really more than anyoneyeah Thank You Tommy anyone elseand I was I was really impressed withthat so I was like oh my god this girlhas so many many many many many manytalents and then in a class the lastclass she went so deep and I want tomake so many changes so dramaticallyquick I was impressed by we both part ofaccess consciousness too and I was justlike so impressive what you do so tellme about your math that’s something thatI think the last classroom oh what’s upbuddy you and your magic yeah what isyour magic my magic tends to be a lot ofthings all rolled into this cute littleelf I would say trying to find sothere’s a lot that I do obviously Johnyou mentioned the music that isliterally my world that I like just inconstantly I I started to create kind oflike this this character and thatcharacter’s name is hazel a cheesy L noII but basically for the moment so hazelmusic calm is where you can go to findeverything and you can find everythingI’m on every major streaming platformI’m actually also have a patreon that Ijust launched that’s part of the magicalthings that I’ve been creating I feellike my hands are in multiple pops rightnow no pun intended I liked it yeah withthat being said it even the music I feellike my hands are an awful bunch ofdifferent places all at once so I guessyou could say I’m a mover on theconnectorI move quickly and very quickly it turnsout which is something I kind ofnew but in the most recent class that wetook with Cassio summers I definitelygot more of a taste of what it was liketo move at the speed and the space ofspace yes yeah that makes any sense notspeed of sound was too slowbut yeah so when did my music legs andI’m in a lot of different pots I justlaunched my patreon which is a wholedifferent if you want to know about whatpatreon is I didn’t just go to mywebsite it’s one of the main tiers sodon’t ever can’t wear it very juicyCameron’s like gummy words but Ilaunched my website I just watched a bigsocial media campaign but then on top ofall that I’m also on the road tobecoming a certified facilitator likeyourselfyes which has been the newest additionto the many train tracks that I’ve beengoing down and then when you reached outto do this I was like this is literallymy favorite man I think what I cook whatTroy tells me not to do thisdon’t put by the profession so so tellme just one more thing I’ll get to willget to the waffle zone so tell me whyconsciousness why consciousness can I bedead okay no that’s very dramaticwhy consciousness consciousness for meit’s kind of like there’s no other wayto do it I actually did try and ghost innot choosing consciousness it didn’twork it turns out I think a betterquestion for me to answer is why did Ichoose it again Wowyeah it’s the first time I was just Iwas kid going to these access classes asa kid you don’t want choice in thematter I mean you do but not in a reallyway your parents fly somewhere you fightwith them and I was definitely a shittyteenager like mostand so go into these classes my parentsI think we’re just like this is okaywe’re gonna figure out how to create aspace for you to feel like you know wehave an allowance for you and you havean allowance Freedman so they starttaking me just access consciousnessclasses and then and then I stopped Istopped going when I was like 18 I’m 18I’m gonna make a choice yeah that’s whyI chose it again because well hopefullywe get to do the same sometime but I’mgonna jump in here so I can start anyquestions so what I do like whathappened for me for cooking is that andI’m telling the story real quick when Iwas younger I told my mom that cookingwas for women and I was about to run outthe door and my mom gently went out cameoutside and said that’s not happening inmy world come back into the house and Iwas forced at that time just our payingattention to Pamela Murray Astrid andher cooking talent which what I didn’trealize it’s gotten me to this pointwhere we’re here and hopefully beyondthat with cooking for me then I gotlucky and I went to school in France andI lived with the men yawns and I wasable to hang out with the mom mrs.mignon and she actually taught me a lotof tricks French the thing when I wasliving eggs off my boss I come back Ihad to cook was in a seminary we hadcooked meals so I was always cookingthen I went to club it into my roommatewhen I first got club man and it stoppedof Mexico he was the head chef and sowhen I would get finished with being theDJ not in the nightclub he would be upat 3 o clock for breakfast and creatingcroissants and alsosee that in person so that’s how I gothere and so this is my love and my momstarted to buy it for me to do withsomething that turn into somethingthere’s a passion it’s for gassing Ilike that when people eat my thattheir body from the mouth to themidsection go oh my god oh my god like Icame to my office office somethingoffice where they guy was like oh my godoh my god oh my god oh my god oh man ohmy god that’s what happens because I canwatch people’s place and what really Ilike is making non-believers when theysay I don’t like experience well I don’tlike this I’m like okay yes now what Ihad what I didn’t realize until recentlyfrom some of the things I learned accessI have that ability to engage and I canI’ve been painting banks for a long timeso when you tell me you don’t likesomething I’m like I will praise youfrom next time keep that in mind and I’mgonna make you believe in it so we goahead and get started real quick here soI can get you guys fit okay so what I’vedone is said I’ve separate the eggs is40 eggs in here it’s vanilla bean pastewhich has a richer flavor of vanillathere’s two tablespoons of oil of yourchoice I use and don’t use canola Iusually even use olive oil or sunfloweroil yes and Trader Joe’s you better showme some love because I’ve been showingyou stuff all the time when I’m doingthis show so when I get things hey showme some love I’ll do a commercial forTrader Joe’s anyway she’s taken withtablespoons of oil 4 eggs they’reseparated with 3/4 cups of water but Idealt with everything so it’s a littlebit more than this pop today there’specans that I’ve put on top because whatI’m going for is that when when I waseating waffles before I was havingissues with blood sugar and what happensis that this has a lot of almond flourin it which is a protein and my body istotally different from proteins in a carso I have more pecans to it and questbutter unfortunately butter cold isbetter than a melted butter but my wifewife says you do not want to put coldbutter on a waffle because it’s adisaster and also I use organic wellit’s not I don’t think it’s working itit’s real Mentos oh yeah organic realmaple syrupI uh I wouldn’t worry man my god noteven myself credit so yeah everything wecan organic butter organic eggs even myorganic waterI was Berkey we’re using murky water noweven with the water and I really believethat the better product that you use thebetter food your body will say thank youfor the elements so let me get busy sothe first thing I’m doing is I’m goingto beat the white that’s not right thatsounds wrong I’m gonna whip the eggwhites because what happens is that itallows your watch would be more fluffythis takes about two minutesand what’s happening I know what to puthere is the it makes a light with aMarshall effectoh you’re welcomewith the egg whiteit would turn into sunshine you unlessyou turn this off so if you pull thisout like this and go everywhere thenthat’s necessarily didn’t fail so thisis where I’m mixing the egg white andthe yolk vanilla and the water and itwas you’ll find it also there’s some toget white still in there now what youdon’t want to do is over your waffle soI’m not going to use this mixer or thatwhat I’m going to do is that the secretis like certain Ritz types of foods youdon’t want to mix thoroughly because itwill actually make the waffle tough sowhat I do is I you know I used to takebath wake up I shower once a while toobut my love is actually bathing becauseit just that’s something and I do mymonitor cause my when I travel I lookfor Airbnb s that have a big bathtubyeah that’s my jam Lydia this is thewaffle and what happened so actually Iadd my extras like they’re my wife oncein a while has cinnamon sitting aroundand she makes cinnamon toast so I took acinnamon mixture I put it in the waffleso I can give it a look a lot moreyumminess and so what I’m rocking my hatis that I toasted this earlier I want touse this we toast nuts it actually givesyou more flavor my best coconut so I puta little coconut to that chips of cakeI’ve been in a kitchen with me is if Iactually put a lot of work in poppingthings so that when Iyou can always have things sittingaroundokay so now we’re gonna add the eggwhites what you do you don’t whip youdon’t so what you do is you pour thebatter on top what you going to put thebatter on top of this what you want todo you don’t want to break down thewhites completely what you want you tojust want to incorporate it so that it’svery you see how actually changingwhat’s becoming more debt but thelightness of the waffle occurs so onceyou actually finish doing that thank youI need your answer in the oven on so youcan keep them warm yes then you have oneI’m going to put my next waffle iron Ilike this a new gadget they have youcooked two at one time you pour some ontop and turn it open and pour it on theother side because catch me too withwaffles is that you can only cook usingone or two at the same time if you havea party of three or more yeah keep themyeah and thanks for do you need to turnthe sausage on – so this wok is a littlebit a little bit older okay and as theyget out of me first by this your wok -sometimes they say don’t spray oil in itbut what I’ve notice is that they startto stick so what I’m going to do in acouple seconds is I am actually gonnaspray this waffle iron with coconut oilthat’s not preferred where did I use italso gives a little flavor but the otherimportant piece I forgot to mention youneed to let this rest for about three tofive minutes okay because once you letthis rest it will actually more just butall of the ingredients actually taketime and create a communioncommunity yes this number and whathappens is that if you don’t the flavorsnot as intense the beginning the firstfew waffles because gluten works a lotdifferent than nine wooden products ifsomething you have to let it sit andwhen you let it sit it creates more bodyin the flavor is more intense so in thepast I used to do it real quick and thenI realized I was watching I think makingFood Network and I found out thatcertain items especially move free andbatter types of ingredients more dishesrequire some to rest in time so but thenyou do they thing before you just jumpinto it that’s the difference betweenbuying something frozen and doors havebeen at home scratch which you alsohere’s the conscious aspect of cookingyou can actually control youringredients one of the things in therestaurant you won’t find them coffeeusing sunflower oil because some thoughtwas expensive and it doesn’t allowrestore us to make em look great unlessyou go to upper in restaurant olive oilsall those are different oils they’regood for the brain avocado oil corn oilI used to use a long time ago there’snothing greatest product for your body Pnotably oh it’s delicious reallydelicious really expensive sometimes italso hacking it people have peanutallergies yes and actually what is thatsunflower is a team that’s where theteeny is actually some really a game andwhen cuz will you use that when you makeBonzo beings which that dish you madenice hummusThank You Tory the other size man youguys much love her another side of him[Music]because she’s watched me over on theother side doing this a lot okay so wehave to stop just a sausage cooking sowe don’t know what the first waffle somespray thisthis is Yugi it likes to stick in themiddle and close a little bit let it getwarmnow the cool thing about and once youget started you shouldn’t have to usethat spray again because it sets up likea a lining inside of your waffle ironwhich allows you to connect the lobstersthinking because what’s a pain in theass when the what will actually stickyeah oh my god that’s so sometimes theydo that in the beginning because there’sa coating this on the waffle iron so theother thing you can do is like you havea dog I guess you could cook it becauseI don’t think it’s a first time make acouple waffles in donated I love it someAdam outside is hungry so we’re going tostart off with the first water so whatwe don’t do is you just pulling it uplike this and when the light goes greenwe like for any light comes it rely tocome on it’ll go off and sometimes itmakes a beat but this is the norm let’smake a beat andi roughly figure is anywhere from threeto five minutes what the hell yeah thatdoesn’t surprise me much honestly I havethat effect on things usually I’m gonnaget around people start doing weirdweird I’m gonna think the waffle isin the same boat um I come around andget excited I have an effectorgasmic conscious cooking young eventhe waffle ironwe’re gonna come back to that off camerathat’s cool this is what happens whenyou put too much mix or batter into thewaffle iron it runs over the side realquick clean up I’ll do that laterit won’t hurt you it just runs out soyou want to try to measure like I thinkyou wouldn’t use two of these one and ahalf which will creat will create agreat waffle something that’s just whatit looks like reallythat’s the waffle and you try to getthis out without burning your handsevery time that I see you in my dreams Ican feel your skin again so this is thepiece that I like the most because oneof the things I love eating my owncooking organic waffles toasted pecansorganic honey organic butter we havesome tea and I have for me when I talkabout protein like I’m really trying tostay away from carbs you know there’ssub Carson this walk this of course inanswer I get it but I’m really heavy onprotein because I’ve just learned withmy body my body loves protein and itallows me not to get jittery when I usedto eat waffles in the past I get allJerry because there’s too many carbs onthe protein now I switched it around areyou readyI’m so excited really yummy my mouth anddry take the first one yes feel reallylike this is a buddy yes please I’m abig fan of butter what kind of peoplekind of butter to you I just use organiccocoa butter they don’t I saw used touse I think I know what butter turnaround but then they don’t carry Istarted using carry gold and I carryboth has changed my lifeokay oh yeah they do that carry gold dothey just yeah that’s the Irish butteryeah yeah they have that rightyou must be new because I remember Istopped going Costco for bud becausethat was he doesn’t like butter it’slike taking a nap channel because I’llbet that when you talk about it’s kindof interesting a lot of things that theEuropeans have we don’t have and it’sunfortunate because it really yummy yeahso the wheat is different mmm-hmmthe butter is different of coursebecause the cattles are different andthey don’t sense they don’t they don’tkeep up their animals much about howthings taste different in differentcountries but yeah they raise theircattle differently which ones whichwhich one is the same the same what youthink okay[Music]that’s an organic orgasmic John wafflewhat yeah we’re whole body’s like wowyeah and especially know one of thethings that I realized what I decided Iwanted to start doing this show I saidwhen I went to my first body classsomething happenedI remember it was Andrew and Gardel yeahhow much the best price for someone to abody place and it was Sarah me too hewas my first body thoughts yeah look atthatyeah wait it wasn’t in Florida but youhad no k-12 in class but he was my firsteverybody and at first I was like I likeyou a lot how say the dudesquirky and his jokes how they do yourjokesnot-ready-for-prime-time players whoathat’s costo salsa Jess uh Asiago garlicsausage hey don’t you touch hey you guysthe combination is what I’m looking forfamous for you the body class we startedtalking about what turns you on and Ialways felt that my cooking turns me onI mean there’s anything like cookingmasturbation for masturbation me beingcooking does that for me like a lot oftimes Tori on the other side of thecamera she would tell you I don’t need acigarette afterwards but it doessomething for me and when I’m cookingfor people I know they don’t eat it I’mreally miss wanna talk about energymm-hmmI don’t think we have enough fun ohplanet Earth yeah I would agree withthat and one of my goals you already gofor consciousness is to actually startto awkward fun and eating yes I’m yeahI’m havingmore fun every other they maybe whenyour came you know the waffle bar yeahreally that’s that’s the type of flavoryou’re after at that point that’s justdoesn’t the experience be the most likeflavorful I like the way this are openyou can get in I really serve oftentimesit’s just like on that top layer of thewaffle I’m stealing that I’m stealingthat whipping your eggsso what’s go pan cakes it works for abomb oh you ever made my son that I madea homemade eggnog on the holidays howbad where he’s like oh I don’t drinkeggnog and I said we don’t him I didn’tknow once again she tasted she was likeoh my god it’s not bad it wasn’t like itwas really like with this I would butit’s a lot of oh my god oh my godnext time I got bananas yeah so when youwere a young kid what was one of thefavorite things you’d like to eat themwhat’s her what’s her deal about eatit’s funny I think back to like mom’srecipes which I feel like that’s whatcooking is so usually surrounded by Ifeel like right guard up in your houseown thought your recipes I mean that’swho I think back to like my mom’srecipes and I don’t even know where shegot her please I got a news Jenna or mymom learned it and then I and then it’sfunny cuz I feel like I had two parentsthat were really good for very differentthings like my dad was famous for takinganything in the fridge we didn’t grow upwith like a lot of money and just beingable to make something like really goodout of it like he and I came from hiscollege days and being kind of like thedad of the house all that returnedcollege kids come back to the dorms andhe’d whip something up out of nothingthere was this what he called it Iwasn’t it’s called like a breakfast pieor something but it was like layered andhe would do it in a cast iron then wewould go campingI remember Wow so it was a layered thingof like so he’d laid down like some kindof something for the big almost tatertops you bleed out like tears tops ofthe base he didn’t like the whole deckJavon when we can’tand then he would like he would crackeggs no he did the feeling the feelingwas like a meat of some kind of veggieof some kind of cheese of some kind andhe always it was whatever we had in thekitchen it was never the same recipe butit was always the same layering systemsI think oh I don’t know this but then onthe very end he he would layer it againwith like usually a hash brown orsomething he’d do all these layers andthen he crack eggs on the top and thenhe literally you had like 15 eggscracked on top he wouldn’t like make itlike a quiche cream on top and then yousprinkle and I sprinkle I mean you wouldbring in a truckload of whatever cheesewas available let it bake yeah and thenyou’d literally be able to cut theseslices out of it I remember as a kidkind of being like this is the greatestinvention of dad has ever come up withand little did I know this was my dadcoming up with us in his 20s when you’dbe really stonedamazing how in the world today and thenyou grow up you’re like that’s howthat’s how that was invented but thenit’s funny he’s gonna play that in yourchild in your kids childhood memoriesright but that’s the first thing thatcomes to mind usually what I think it’sfood other than that my mom does likedid a killer like stuffed pasta that wasalways really fun and then there’salways a Christmas card stuff right itcuz like around the holidays everyone’sgot that dish like my aunt Joan has thislike whipped jello with cottage cheeseit’s like a thing in the US which Ididn’t realize it’s not a jello yeah noJoel no no it’s like a whipped it’s gota whipped cream in it it’s called ajello I think technically is a jello butit’s usually got like tangerines yeah mymom is sometimes believed that you canuse cream cheese she uses cottage cheesebut it’s funny because likemy friends who have for the holidays andthroughout my years like it they’ll comeover and that I’ll be like you try thisit’s like if I grew up with it andthey’re like this is weird this tasteslike paste in my orange it’ll explodeand then they like no no no I knowthat’s just the dish I grew up withwhich is why I like itbut yeah those are kind of my youngmemories at least and then as I gotolder I started making just a little bitdifferent decisions like because onceyou move out we buy your groceries likeI’m only two years moved out of myparents know three years two and a halfyears moved out of my parents house sowhen I served my mom grocery is like myfood habits changed drastically it waslike like my main food groups are baconeggs avocado and hot sauce like I groupthose however right now that’s kind ofwhat my diet looks like with hummusoccasionally in bell peppers but do youmake your own office mm-hmm harvestharvest hummus if you can get sponsoredby anyone well if I could get sponsoredby Harvey this is my jam there balsamichummus is there just the first time iscompany that I’ve ever felt like you cantaste the beans right oh well anythingelse one shape mmmthank you thank you thank you so so muchfor inviting me – I’m gonna heart forthis so much harder exactly lady I’mgonna eat this daintily both relationalstuff my face this is literally soincredible and if anyone gets theopportunity to experience your cookingwhether it be because you’re the cookfor a class or whatever like it shouldhappen budget or I think you’reliterally incredible thank you sister weappreciate that yeah thank you forhaving memy sister Tiffany check her music outhazel music oh you won here I was blownaway once again I thank you for sharingthis time with meGover hit the button rightyou know decide right there subscribelove meshow some love and I’ll be back and ifyou’re interested coming on the show andyou’re in Portland or canvas area hollerat me if you want me to come to you Imight commute but that might cost youlove and peace every time that I see youin my dreams I can feel your skin Ican’t contain my saree or play throughthe carnage[Music]

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