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If I can make buttermilk pancakes so can you!

in this video I show how even the worst cook can find their way to making pancakes or something that closely resembles a pancake. I talk about my journey from having no cooking experience to making food that is not always spit out worthy!

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Video Transcription

[Music]hey guys welcome to my maternity heyguys welcome to t monetarily so todayI’m going to talk about how I’ve beenthe youngest of six kidsI really didn’t cook much I was notreally great at baking and cooking but Imean I don’t know better now so we’regonna talk about to all those people whoare like me who thought they would neverbe able to cook anything there was nohope it would never be good at it ittook me a long time to finally get alittle better but don’t get me wrong Istill like to use a good freezer mealhere and there and something from thefrozen section now my go-to tonight weare gonna make pancakes and normally wejust do these pancakes like for schoolin the morning stuff but now I meanwe’re home all the time and I do have afavorite pancake recipe and I actuallyhave baked and cooked more than I madeit sound like I have as you can tellthis book has been through a lot it’sthe all-new Good Housekeeping cookbook Igot it when my husband I got married Igot it from my sister joy her in-lawsthey came to our wedding and I still useit and my favorite recipe is thebuttermilk pancakes except for I justdecided randomly last minute I’m likeyou know what I missed those pancakesthey’re so good I want to have them butI don’t have buttermilk and I don’t wantto go to the store and we’re supposed totry to go to store less and less sincethis is the time of kovat good time ofco food and prayers and blessings and toall the people who have it and have lostloved ones from it I’m so sorry nowwe’re going to eat our motions and we’regonna make pancakes but it does say herethat you can use 1 cup of plain yogurtplus 1/4 cup of milkwell I did not have one cup of plainyogurt I had I have these little cups ofGreek yogurt that are strawberry withbut they’re like pretty natural withhoney so I’m gonna try that I’m gonnatry to use that today anyways so andthen we’ll see how it goesall right let’s see wish me good luckbacon oh yeah see really good chef okayall right I do have the oven alreadyready for the bacon I like to express myham eggs sorry I’ll be over here washingmy hands I promise I’m watching them I’mwashing my hands first experience ofreally trying to cook something I try tomake sugar okay I mean they’re flour andbutter really not that part there’s alot of different ways you can become butI made the mistake of not checking thewhite substance I was putting in assugar it was saltso my first cookies were basicallyplay-doh and they were disgusting we alltook a big bite and almost died it wasand after that for a long time I’m likeall this time to make a meal I cooksomething and you’re excited on thesecooking shows they make it looksromantic and awesome and it’s so cooland you’re just your fuck’s gonnaturn out just like theirs and somehowunique salt cookies all right you’relike a piece of crap so this is reallyjust for most people that’s what wewould never cook and do something thatis easy and simple and delicious it isnot perfect okay so it’s definitely notfor vegans vegans people out there whodo that good job good for you um mylittle girl my little girls like mom doyou want to talk about that so she’salready recommended I feel like I have afuture vegan and I’m accepting of all ofthose people so if she one day saysshe’s a vegan because she is eliminateanimals okay that’s the least of myworriesso anyways bacon is like a staple in ourhouse I love to get bacon and I usuallyyou find close the perfect price thatsometimes I can get it pretty cheap outof my favorite store of all time whichis not in all placesand most people think it’s ghetto but Ilove it Grocery Outlet and there was atimer it was like a buck ninety-nine apackage and so I did buy like a tongue abit of good and I put it in the freezerand save it small I say we save it butwe that’s our bacon pretty quick myhusband said this is how I’m going todie I don’t think he’s concerned ondying from COBIT I think he’s concernedI’m gonna die from a heart attackbecause I love bacon so much so here’sour bacon I need to get it in firstbecause it really does take more timething I mean obviously I’m going to takea lot more time getting the pancakesready because I am doing them fromscratch tonight and we’re praying andhoping that trying to use Greekstrawberry yogurt is actually fullyto work we will see how that goes thisbacon much it already smells good andit’s not even cooking I remember youguys were like oh that’s a kid this iswhy I wanted to get hurt if you like Ilove the smell of food I do I love Ilove food I love the smell of bacon somepeople hate that their house after theycook like bacon smells like baconi I prefer I always tell my husband thatif they made a Colognethat was a big in Cologne he would notbe able to talk to them but to be honesthe doesn’t have that problem Iabsolutely adore him he probably wisheshe would wear something to get me off hedoesn’t want something else for me tosmother him and hug him and kiss himevery second because I’m well when I’mnot like super javi PMSing I’m prettysnuggly I don’t know how much she lovesit this is all he hears they cook I liketo clean up as I go I really thinkthat’s why it takes me forever and Itold everyone I was gonna make thisvideo shorter I’m such a liar I think Ihave like a six minute video coming so Idon’t know my first two really 18minutes guys I am new to this but putmyself out there and I’m having fun andI’m not gonna have any regrets becausethe regret I would have is if I neverI always wanted to make a channel ofjust sharing I’m feeling like there’spersonally especially right now wherewe’re stuck in our homes and there’speople sometimes I watch on YouTubewhere I watch my shows and I feel likewe’re friends they’re just talking to meand like if I met them in person wecould just hang out and let me kind ofhope that’s how you guys feel whileyou’re watching this show and that’s howI wanted to be and please comment andplease tell me your stories of cookingand if it just came naturally or if yousucked at it like me and if you’re alittle better or you’re awesome now arewho knows maybe like now I’m a baker andI might have a bake shop I would love tohear those things and it just makes mefeel good to know that I’m not the onlyone out there that has struggled okaythis is new I am not super great with itone so if I do okaylike I said this is not me being like bythe way I’m a professional vinegar Iwill show you all the tricks I don’tknow I’m still learningyeah that’s kind of how I am does aperson this is probably why I’m not beengreat at baking and cooking but here wego we’re gonna finagle and see how manythis is two cups this is two cups coolmy pioneer lady stuff from Walmartlisten I hear lady stuff it’s reallycute and like super affordable atWalmart it’s pretty awesomeI found it with my friend Julie when wewere looking for stuff for ChristmasI actually don’t find nearly the recipebook that my sister got me you sit alittle bit but this recipe book I justhad forever and I has my favorite crepesin it mostly I realize we do a lot ofbreakfast food oh my favorite friedchicken I’m not French chickenwell also health we’re all about humppamyself Greek yogurt protein this this isgoing to be a healthy meal tonightoh yeah especially with all the syrup ontop of it mm-hmm so we need 3 cups surewe’re gonna have timely more like toobut I feel like with using the milk ohmy goodness this takes a long time Ithink I’m gonna go back I can see why Ido love my box pancakes I mean we hardlybe like making pancakes I’d be done withme wheat waiting for the bacon this islike gonna be 50,000 hours we’re gonnahave to cut something welland it better my goodness what I meanI’ve tried to in like where they areteaching you in this afternoon program Ihave how to do it they step you throughthis simple and I might almost see itsimple and then when I trick doing itand I want to make cut things in alittle different or I wanna like do avoiceover that’s the part hey I suck atit more than I do cooking and bakinglunch let’s be honest I’m not amazing atthis well I have made some deliciousmeals they’re not all spit out worthyokaythese will go in our recycling um Iusually have my kids I’m like hey youtake this rinse this out take it torecycling alright so we need to put thisin it’s gonna be two cups instead ofthree cups that sound how I wonder Ithink these are going to actually bereally flavorful to taste deliciouswe’re making strawberry now we need somemilkboom yes why not completely ghetto everysecond now we need woman who wears that1/4 a cup of milk but we got to do thatthree times fourth the cup and do itthree timesthat’s how I’m gonna dowell I definitely should just like havesome club music and three cups oh myfriend Alicia which photos she lives inGermany and she is amazing and this isalso what made me want to start cookingin baekje Mar she makes she just triesnew things and she makes such good stuffand we go to over to her house and welived in Wichita Kansas and my husbandwould be like goon Alicia’s house againlike yeah well she could such good foodI’m thinking oh my goshI have got to cook better because myhusband is having like a food affairwith lesha’s food like he loves her foodso I’ve got to get better at it so didall beat move this oh I forgot about ourbutter we need three tablespoons ofbutter or margarine melted so in I’m notgonna do that much see I just like Ijust changed things up all the time I amgoing to use and all you vegan peopleclose your nose I’m so sorrydon’t smell it don’t smell it orvegetarian but all of you meet leaders[Music]so when I was located we grew up on afarm when I was really young and we ateme a lot and I would say that’s like oneof my favorite thing I have on me so Idon’t know and we did we slaughteredanimals I don’t not good at it please donever ask me to help you slaughter and Ijust remember seeing it happen I mean wekill chickens and stuff but I’m notmy parents were butchers they helpedthrow my grandparents butcher shopbefore I was blood no so I’m pretty sureall right but yeah we’re definitely meateaters so that’s how that worksokay so we’ve got that going I say wework on our dry ingredients so we’rejust going to use a separate hole to getthat ready the butter is meltingI’ve learned that you cannot do it atleast on my microwave or in 30 secondsthen they get crazy and you’re likeyou’re gonna pop everywhere and I’m surewe’ll walk through good cooks up on mylike oh no I wouldn’t do that way whatare you doing but this is not for thegood cooks these are for all my crappycooks or people who thought they wouldnever do it to feeling like you canstill make something oh man I hear Ihear it guys about to have to clean allthat butter up all right so you actuallyput it in this I know it’s super healthyso definitely not begin at all because Ihave eggs and yogurt[Music]Heyokay now we are going to go ahead andget I’m going to get a bowl we need adecent size because I’m gonna do threecups firs of our flour all right let’ssee eight or bacon half so I’ve milk inthe fridge let’s seeWow and then we need sugar okay messarea damn alright so guys we’re gettingthere like three hours later we’ll makepancakes next time like two minutes twominutes alrightI don’t know why I decided to do a stirin the apocalypse maybe because it’sstuff inside I’m like I need somethingto do I did homeschool my kids this weekpretty well we’re actually doing atleast in my mind I feel like we’re doinga good jobokay now I need two tablespoons of sugargosh I do remember why I love these somuch it’s like all my favoriteingredients but first let’s do thiscuz I already have it 2 teaspoons ofbaking powder or it’s right here there’sone teaspoon I’m going to go talk to mea lot this over here ready to go backhome and then let’s just do baking sodalike I said I’m not sure if we’re gonnahave enough baking soda maybe so have ateaspoon I’ve definitely made thatmistake a lot when I first started Istruggle till kissing sometimes and sonow when I’m baking I try to get alittle better talking and gosh it’s notworking great with us so I need one morehalf because we’re doubling or no we’reTripoli okay now I need to go back tothe tablespoons to tip teaspoons I meantwo teaspoons so I actually need twofour six actually need six of these guysit was way worse when I first startedbaking way worse so that’s for now let’swork all together sixhuh whoa Hoss getting a little bit highit’s breaking out back there that Itotally screwed that up but I don’tthink I did half a teaspoon of salt andI don’t forget we will not forget thesugar that’s all that well to yourselfoh no I love salt over here I’ve got alittle bit left in this one ha ha ha ateaspoon but we’re doing we need one anda half that we’re doing ittres times or twatlet’s French and I could French andfinish what one and a half one and ahalf one seems like more salt but we’regonna put a lot more sugar I think inthere so and I thought all that othersince I am doing strawberry orderinstead of like plain yogurt they saidand it’s Greek yogurt so you really hearthat you notice that I put a timer Ioften put a finger that sometimes it Iam showing all of you not so great ohlook at that see you’re just gonnalisten for the sizzle I mean who needs atimer my family likes it pretty crispyso we’re gonna let it cook a little morebut I probably put timer so I don’tforget I want to just say two minutesstarted okay so now you know I can’tremember sugar sureokay sure two tablespoons of sugar – soactually we need how many tablespoons weand I only have a half here my wholetablespoon so we need two four six sothis is actually only one tablespoonbecause I’m using a half tablespoon oneand a halfI am definitely getting better countingand Matt is this so sad I’m helping mythird grader do math – three or seemslike a lot of sugar okay but ah it’sbeen good for me go over mymultiplications I actually believe it ornot when I got a little older like highschool I actually ate some math and howI can remember my multiplications byheart like I used to know them somebodysounds like listen this size this andI’m like well sometimes I get it rightsometimes I like oh my gosh and he knowsthat Muslim way better than I doone was really good at math Ashlyn iswhat struggling woman but she is she’s atrooper she’s really doing good with itour reading we deal it all out videowe’re gonna be posting for you guys atgirls oh we did it girls afternoon onethat said it girls night um gosh we donot read out loud well all right I meanone that’s only diagnosed that I’mDyslexic and I was the best reader outof all on the song I don’t know thisbecause kids just don’t read out loudthe same or theydon’t teach them to read the same I’msure it’s probably all my faultmost likely everything will be okay thatI’ve accepted itokay so we’re gonna be set uptoo fastthere except I’m so new to this I’m sonervous this is not going to work outlike I’m really not looking good[Music]see if they actually taste good okaylet’s try one um a price trying to firstone let’s try to go swing oh my goshthey’re like sweet I’m like soft insideand absolutely good and you can kind ofkiss your strawberry but it’s not likeoh my gosh for you strawberry yogurt wekind of taste that it’s really good okayguys I will let you know how my kidsreact to them I’m sorry I keep sittingdown mm-hmm and hopefully it’s abusiness how I reacted time consuming toget this to work again oh they work theywork now now now

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