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Making pancakes for shrove Tuesday

My friends and I made pancakes in the park to celebrate pancake day, my friend took over the vlog as we performed in the Botanical Gardens and I went to the Fringe with my dad and my sister.

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

[Music]welcome bachelor hey guys we’re makingpigs at the beach and we went to learnto buy some butter some butter and theyactually gave me sirthis coolyeahhi there welcome back to my channel I’mtaking over loosing some vlog this wayhi there welcome to the Internet andwe’re probably gonna become famous sowhat time watch this space we’re goingon The Ellen Show soon Ashley we loveyou[Laughter]okay so officially survived my first dayof uni it’s actually really funny in oneof my own[Music]laughs ah they made it look like waterwhen it’s really empty timid all thesefriends we’re gonna play a prank on itI was just hanging in the tree wespotted at the same time and I decidedto prank you[Laughter][Music][Music]

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