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How to Make Grain Free Pancake Mix | Mix & Go Pantry Mix Collab

This is a collaboration with several other wonderful ladies, in which we share our own homemade pantry mixes. Today I shared a homemade pancake mix that is grain-free (gluten free) and can also be used to make waffles or muffins!

Get a printable of this mix’s recipe, as well as all of the instructions for how you can use it here:

How to Make Homemade Grain Free Pancake Mix

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Video Transcription

[Music]hey guys Constance here fromcosmopolitan cornbread calm so today I’mdoing a little bit of a collaborationthis is actually the second in theseries this is a collaboration that wasorganized by Katie of heritage ways andmyself along with Laurie fromwhippoorwill holler Vicki from Vicki’scountry home and then also Tammy fromlittle Jordan farm now Tammy was notmentioned in the original video thatposted last week simply becauseoriginally it was going to be four of usand we had already filmed our videos butshe also has a video for last week andall of the videos in this series are ina playlist that you can find on myyoutube channel page as well as I thinkall of the ladies are going to do aplaylist as well and share everybody’svideos so the collaboration that we aredoing is called the pantry mixes mix andgo collaboration now last week we alldid introductions a couple of us postedrecipes I shared a walkthrough of how Iorganized my pantry and how I storeeverything how I save money and all ofthat and I will link that video in acard up in the corner or down below ifyou are interested now for those of youwho are new to my channel I have been afood blogger lifestyle and food bloggerfor many many years and I have hundredsof recipes on my blog cosmopolitancornbread calm the vast majority ofthose recipes are just family friendlyhome cooking kinds of recipes about twoyears ago however I changed the way Iate and I went paleo or primal I dograin free sugar free and a few monthsago I decided to launch a second foodblog that is geared specifically forthat now I’m still posting recipes oncosmopolitan cornbread calm for instancetomorrow I have a recipe going upor a very delicious jalapeno popperchicken casserole and so you’ll be ableto see that there but all of the recipesthat I am doing that are specificallygrain free which is also gluten free andall of that are on my new blog wholesomeskillet calm now the recipe that I’msharing with you all of you today is fora grain free slash gluten free mix nowit’s primarily a pancake mix and wafflemix but you can also use this to makesome very delicious muffin now today I’mgonna share with you how to make thismix but I will have printable versionsof all of the recipes that you can makewith this those will all be on my blogcosmopolitan cornbread calm and I willlink that down below that you will beable to find those[Music]now the first ingredient that I’m goingto need for this is coconut flour I’malso going to need some almond floursome baking soda some cream of tartarand some fine sea salt now as I gothrough here and I measure myingredients and I combine them in mybowl Here I am going to go ahead and I’mgoing to sift the flours that way Idon’t have any clumps or any parts of itthat don’t get mixed together and youcan use a traditional sifter with thecrank handle and all that or the squeezehandle whichever kind I have one butquite frankly I never use itand I probably won’t keep it much longerjust because I don’t use it and it’staking up space in my cabinet I findthat using a metal sieve and a spoonworks just as well if not better and isdefinitely easier to use and so let megrab a spoon so the first thing I’mgoing to measure out is my almond flournow there’s many different kinds ofalmond flouryou’ve got the just ground up almondsthat still have the skins on them youhave coarse ones that are often calledalmond meal and then this one inparticular this is made from blanchedalmonds and is a very fine flour I liketo use this one for the mixes justbecause when you’re making pancakes orwaffles or muffins you don’t necessarilywant thema grainy texture I like to use almondmeal the coarser almond flour for thingslike pho cornbread because it sort ofhas that texture so I’m using the finealmond flour and I’m going to measureout 6 cups of the almond flour next I’mgoing to add in 2 cups of coconut flour[Music][Music]next I am going to add in my baking soda[Music]four teaspoons of cream of tartar[Music]and finally a teaspoon and a half offine salt and I use a natural sea saltso it’s got flecks of color in it but inwhatever kind of salt you happen to haveit’s fine[Music]alright now I’m going to take a whiskand I’m going to whisk this all togetherto combine everything and I’m going tostir it for a minute or two because Iwant to make sure that everything is allcombined particularly because as I usethis I’m only using portions of it it’snot like this is a batter that I’mmixing all together I’m only going to beusing a few cups at a time and so I wantto make sure I’m getting all of theingredients that I would need for thepancakes or the waffles or the muffinswhatever it is I’m making[Music]all right so now that everything is allcombined and my pancake mix is ready touse I’m going to transfer it into somecontainers I have here a half galloncanning jar like I talked about in lastweek’s collaboration video I use canningjars a lot for storage and there’s manyreasons why I use it so be sure to watchthe video and check that out[Music]all righty so that is how you make yourown grain free gluten free pancake mixat home and again you can also use thisfor waffles and for muffins and I willput the instructions for making allthree of those on the blog post oncosmopolitan cornbread com where you canfind the recipe with all of themeasurements for this mix so again ifyou are new to my channel my name isConstance here at cosmopolitan cornbreadand I do three videos a week onhomesteading home cooking and back tobasics and you can check out all of myhundreds of recipes and articles atcosmopolitan cornbread calm as well asmy new healthy great free food blogwholesome skillet so thanks for joiningme here again today and be sure to checkout all of the other videos in thiscollaboration I will link all of thechannels down below so thanks forjoining me here again today and I willtalk to y’all next time[Music]you

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