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making pancakes🍳🍳

I decided to make some pancakes

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hi guys welcome back to my channel so ihad to take a couple of retakes becauseof my brotherso yeah but today i’m making a specialspecial pancake for meshe is the most hardworking person iknowand i made some pancakes for my brotherjust because i felt badthat i didn’t do anything for him thispancake isa little off shapeso i’m cutting the excess stiffi know i’m smearing it but can youseriously blame me i’m not that good atbakingi legit almost burned myself if i hadn’tstopped at thingsi burned my fingeri didn’t burn myself that baddude i did burn myselfgreat job me embarrassing myself onyoutubeohdisgusting but i’m hungry soi’ll[Music]perfectly good honey now i’m gonna makesome for myselfbut you gotta organize the pancakesinto order ohmy cupcakeshe gets mad because it doesn’t let himstop my video because i don’t know[Music]don’t you freakingi was dare to throw a plastic telephoneat meoh weird i was like hey oh godno please god please be helpedgod god noi nailed it[Music]no i saw somebody[Music]stop seriously i’m not going to give youanything aboutnothing nothing i’m not gonna[Music]i’m not gonna give you ice creamyou dare me out of screaming about youshut your pie holecause i’ma shove a pie right down thereif you don’t shut up[Music]boyi’ll go go eat your pantryruin my trap ruderude enough out of you boyquit your game quit your yappingguys sometimes you just have to acceptthat life doesn’t always give you whatyou wantlike i’m not going to be tick-tockfamous well i mighti don’t know i totally forgot about theaccess batterdang it[Music]no i don’t want to burn my pancakesno god it was about to burn my panties[Music]i made some big mistakes in lifelike scrambled eggsbut i managed to fix themlike william oh godguysi just want the cutest cookie cutterever it’s a starand i think i’m gonna use it on my momsee what’s her reactioni thinkthis is from my mom too i wantedto be but my mom needs more supportshe’s a hard-working mother of threeguys if you understand how that feelsplease tell mecomment down below let us know if youguys support thismy mom has been going through a lotlatelyshe is kind of stressed out about herown a virus butno not really it’s not that it’s justhaving three kids is a lot of workbut if one is older than the other twothen it’s pretty easyyeah nooh[Music]goodoh guys if you’re one if your parentsare wondering is this video made forkidsyes it technically is made for kidshoney boo boooh girl you best not honeyi just legit messed up our entirefreaking pangood thing i’m probably making pancakestonight sogod guys subscribe and give a thumbs upif you want to see what the fudging panlooks likeno i am not giving this to myselfthat would be awesome noall right i can’t show you guys cuzy’all didn’t subscribe yet let’s spin upwith that nobody subscribes to mebut like nobody knows my name soew some of it’s still like frostedthere we go what do you think aboutthat honey oh my god i just made thebiggest pancakeand the history of fudging pancakesi guess if i want to show you thefudging pancake i had to waiteither until it cooked or i mean untilit’s ready orthen i would have to show you the panbut i’m gonna get the ice cream outactuallyno no ice cream right nowguys but look how cute the cookie cuttercut thisperfectly gorgeous stuff

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