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Making Pancakes w/ Kylie

it’s Kylie’s first time making pancakes! Such fun and yummy experience!


Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

pancake with the kids and before we canstart or have them join us we want topremix the batter so that it will beeasier on both ends these are theingredients pretty simple they have thebatter mix and then one egg but I feellike my eggs are small so I use twoinstead 2/3 cup of whole milk and 1tablespoon of melted butter which Ialready melted so Carly are you readyokay actually let mommy go ahead and popthat one up and what you can do you canstart yeah whisking itfail to measure the flower mommy didn’tknow they actually have triple theamount of the surveying the directiongauge so we finally triple an ingredientand used up all the power of flower andAbbas the batter mixpre-heat and butter your pan wellbecause then you don’t have time forwhipped cream and chocolate okay that’senough who would like some chocolatepour it slowly only a little bit not toomuch yes to heavy no[Music][Music][Music][Music]enjoy taste it is it good bake it yeahshe cannot bake I can’t get this bigpart eating at homeOh your jobyou need a bigger pieceso what’s your favorite part do you likecooking do you like eating it leaving itwhat’s the best thing on the plate apathetic[Music]

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