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Video Transcription

good morning guys it’s Pancake Day Ihope you guys are having a fabulousstart to your week you’ll notice I’vegot my pancake apron on pancakes need apancake apron the recipe I’m going touse today is the recipe off the Bisquickbox on the back and it recalls for twocups of this quick a cup of milk in 2x Iam only going to make half of the recipetoday so I’m using one cup of Bisquick1/2 cup of milk 1 a and then I’m goingto put some blueberries on some and somemini chocolate chips so let’s getstarted so my griddle is heating up youdon’t have to have a griddle you can usea skillet make sure you spray it if youdon’t have spray that’s ok too you canuse a little bit of shortening on thebottom so we’ve got our Bisquick in thebowl we’re gonna add our half a cup ofmilk and there’s one eggand then like one do whisk this now thething about pancakes is you just want tomix it until it’s all combined you don’twant to mix it where it’s completelysmooth get the big bumps out but youwant it a little bit lumpy otherwise itmakes your pancakes tough now we’regonna take this is a 1/4 cup measuringcup we’re going to scoop 1/4 cup of thepancake batter pour it on our griddlenow you can use whatever size ofmeasuring cup or scoop that you wish tomake your pancakes depends on what sizeyou like you might even want to makeshapes or your initials out of thepancakesso my half of the recipe using 1/4 cupmeasure will make just about forpancakes so I’m gonna make a couple ofblueberry ones and you wait and put yourtoppings on until after you have thempoured on your griddle that’s because ifyou put them in before that all thetoppings if you mix it in it sinks tothe bottom which means it’ll burn sothen I’m going to sprinkle someminiature chocolate chips on thesepancakes and when I told my husband whatI was makinghe was like that is just wrong he saidit is terrible to waste a pancake withchocolate chips well what does he knowso now watching the pancakes the recipesays to watch them until the edges get alittle bit dry but you’ll notice there’ssome bubbles see the little bubbles inthe pancakes you’re watching the edgeslike this one I can see that the edgesare getting a little dry right here andnotice we’ve got some more bubbles soI’m going to check it it’s almost readyI’m just gonna lift up the edges alittle bit don’t want to flip it toosoon cuz it’ll fall apart don’t ask mehow I know that trust meall right we’re going to turn this oneget our spatula under there voilaOh any pretty turn this one yay oh heregoes the best one I mean blueberries areDavid you can’t meet a good chocolatechip pancakes look at that I’m gonnagrab a platenow you just got a check on make surethey’re not burning doesn’t take verylong once you flip them overI like this one I’m gonna go ahead andcheck that up I’ll flip it over to showyou what it looks like see you don’thave burned blueberries there’s ourblueberry once here’s our chocolate chippancakes don’t those look delicious topthose pancakes with some butter and yourfavorite pancakes dirt and you’re set togohave a great week guys I miss you

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