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Video Transcription

hey guys today morning but I’m gonnateach you personally she was kind to meyou know cakes well I’m not making heraudience so if you want even cook themor should be lazy here just grab thewhole packet awesomenot more weather doesn’t matter ownersthey just wanna but there’s not a six ifyou want hard with crowd free later freeman and put him in there and close itshould be good okay what when you grabone of these chemists right okay don’tworry about the mess it’s okaylong eat grab this by accident as eachso you know I’ll forgot I’ve got a fewlittle oopsI should be ruling silly moves me me andadmit if you want to pick them the bestnot hot suffice okay I just want to buysome deliciousapply on you would be there no there’sno boozeI don’t know how youso God says my thinking I was alreadybeen two minutes I mean it’s not bakingyou don’t know the novels have bakedthem but I do this right I get thepancakes opinion lady says oh cool youcan put in a toaster right there youcan’t see it or you keep putting themyou can put it in the toaster ball untilit jumps up or should I say goespiggy-corn poorly for two to threeminutes or you can put in that eachpancakeoh hi in the six seconds so that’s wantme to do because I’m lazy all right ifyou push you do all what this is myright so and the profits do not put butnine so forks or spoons in there cuz allyour microwave would be bad ping by theboom okay and don’t do that put one inthere right this is not a box every timethe best one is forty secondsexpecting to blow up good cause it’s thefirst thing I did is just coolokay see the way it has you know everytime 30 seconds it’s still good in thereso guys subscribe and like okay thismight equaljust up the place walk it’s all it’s allokaywhat plate that sounds like goodI’m huh do not put in it twice oh it’sgonna have weight harder it’s me likenext week gonna pull out stood on firelike who think like pain that’s gonna beon Friday we gonna do you got nothing todo just stare at it I just watchedI might have been with another plate Imiss my cat too that’s one employers mylittle pony one because I need extraroom can eyeball it to put to you whatdo you do there’s the only foot eachthey’re like smart togetherone morning regards okay do like gotogether that’s my movesorry this might take five Oh guys it’snot me a cookies unit this is weekcircuit as I’m cooking with Raleigh oranything so like how to me pink iteasilythat’s I need to do oneI thought it’s glad to do one why didyou even a seconds and says I wanna saywhen you have 20 seconds 30 seconds makethis one just 22nd make it a bit morewater under the fights could be a firenext minute but yet after this one ittakes to code this pic is to heat itsbit he check it look plain again anyplate no I got out one more let’s makeit 10 secondswhat does 10 SEC I stop we don’t knowlet’s test it out shall weOh cinnamon some milk that’s been onthis cool it down or you put it on thesame plateI’m gonna call it downlet’s go down and would off Davethe best hey wait so nowthat one so you should have your freepancakes on cut the cameras like that ohcome on it’s like no the side is likethis you should have your pancakes rightif you want oh you don’t have to you’regonna add flavor one from the fridge soso cuz I don’t want you to find my housecuz you put the you say you can putanything you put put cream in forchocolate on one chocolate heaven youcan apply the normal one oh I can’t likeput honey you personal attack let’s dothat shall we this could be this you seeit you can sorry if you can’t see itsorry there’s the whipped creamrock rock it’s not workingmy take for two hoursthis isn’t in therenorth or somethingso the tongue one won’t work apparentlybecause you know so much nowokay this is my sorry guys we will takethat off there should be enough weightlimit for my steps I kind of find itguys it’s not the same I can’t find itnothing this I’m just a woman time[Music]do just do if spire is like next yearbut why is this taking five off justbroken wasn’t wasted values or too muchso the video neat is testing usyou can with meI have to use no cream chocolate doesn’twant to workcool down find a little bit that’s goingonoh that’s but wait wait fine anyway hopeyou enjoy this video um if you want youmake your pancakes if you know how tomake them you can make them you know howto cook them and make them your awesomeif you just lazy like me and just buythem it’s going offoh no I’ll be glad to be here subscribeand like hit the comments all right no Isaid hit the comment subscribe like hitthe bells you didn’t miss any my videoand comment comment down below what foodshould I make in Australia liketechnically a half you guys not manyAustralians my subscribers I don’t knowwhat country you’re from I knowsomething you could be from America Iknow some from Australia but um so Iknow I can make sandwiches or what ifyou only if you only make sandwicheslike any comment sandwiches give me whattype like Vegemite but uh um how muchcheese or tell off doesn’t matter I havelike cold meat and red sauce – well no Ihope enjoy this video one more timeGeorge miss Graham wife Isobel sameideas comment what fish on me for me anInstagram and snapchat stand flat I justa trap on snapchat Instagram RaleighRaleigh one one oh six oh six andsnapchat Raleigh Brooks one oneso anyway see you guys next time peace

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