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Michelle and Sara cook Mimi’s Pancakes

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Video Transcription

good morning everybody this morning wewill be bringing you the recipe forMimi’s pancakes our recipe calls for a 1and a quarter cup of flour 1 teaspoon ofsalt 2 and a half teaspoons of bakingpowder 3 tablespoons of sugar 1 egg 1cup of milk and 3 teaspoons ofshortening which we will use olive oilinstead so this is my co-worker Sarahhere Sarah and I have both alreadywashed our hands which is rule numberone we have the pan on the stovepreheating it’s aloy but we’ll do thatin a minute but now we’re going to startwith the recipe so we start with 1 and1/4 cup of flour so when you fill yourcup you overfill and s-sarah justwhispered you kind of tap it down alittle bit and use the knife to brushoff the excess so you know that you havewhat you need so there’s the 1/4 cup andthen so there’s our 1 and 1/4 cup for meI always try to remove the ingredientsthat I’ve used so I don’t forget whereI’m at the next one is 1 teaspoon ofsalt alright pour that in 2 and 1/2teaspoon of baking powderyeah so this has a scraper here yeah soyou put it in and you scrape it end upbeing a very bad host right now becauseI don’t have a half teaspoon and I’mputting happen to get one more that’swhat it calls for there we gothree tablespoons of sugar you grab thatso this one do the same thing with theknife that we did of the system flip upthere you go so three of these yeahscoop it and then there you go there’swine do it again – so that’s all the dryingredients so I’m gonna have you stirthese before you put in the wetingredients so give that a stir with thewhisk just kind of spread it all outalright okay alright and then the nextone is one egg so as we’ve learned youalways crack the egg in a separate bowlso that you don’t get chalice do youwant me to do what do you want to do ityou to crack the egg yep no shells looksgood put that over there we’ll pour thatin and then our final ingredients are 1cup of milk so here you want to hold thecup for that endone cup of milk and then threetablespoons of shortening but we’regonna use olive oil you hold that sothere’s one two and last one there yougo so sour will stir it up there we goso you want to whisk it so that it’s allmixed together and then once it issmooth and consistent you leave it forfive minutes to rise a little bit thenif you’re like our hosts you add somechocolate chips to the mix and you cookuntil the it shows bubbles on the topflip it over till it’s golden brown andthen that’s it pancakes on the grill andthen put the chocolate okay so we putthe chocolate chips on once it’s on thegriddle sound like a plan all rightfolks thanks

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