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Nadine’s Kids Cooking World – Show 1 How to make pancakes

A fun family recipe for kids to makes with adults help. In this episode we learn to make British pancakes.

Make sure to have a grown up to help you.

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Video Transcription

hi guys welcome to nadine’s kitchenand today i’m going to be doing acooking class for kidsand today i’m going to be making britishpancakesthe ingredients to make this britishpancakesare four simple ingredients plain floureggs milk and oilso here we have a tablespoon of oilif you don’t know what a tablespoon islike it’s this bigthen we have 100 grams of flour300 ml of milk twoeggs and salt you can actually useany type of salt but for me i’m usingsea salt from bobbyso first of all we need to sift theflour to make sure the batter is notlumpyso i would like to welcome my littlebrother cadenhe would assist me to pour the flourhereto make it easier we could use any typeof spoonnow we need to make a hole in the middleto put the exitmake sure you ask a parent to crack theeggsbefore you put it in because it’s prettydifficultso make a hole okaynow we need to pour the eggs in slowlynext we add a pinch of saltnext we’ll add a tablespoon of oilnow we need to add the milk slowly andkeepwhisking to make the battera little bit and then whisknow once it’s all in we gotta whisk ituntil the batteronce you whisk all the lumps from thebatterpour it into a jar and for the next partmake sure you ask a grown-up to fry itbecause it’s pretty dangerous to makethe best pancakesuse salted butter and put enoughof butter into the pannow once the butter is melted all aroundthe panpour pour the batter into the panfrom the middle and then move it allaround the packyou have to do until both sides arecookedwe made another one because the the onethat my mom madewasn’t as round as it was supposed to bewe have to wait until it’s cooled downbecause it’s toohot right now the traditional way fromengland is to add sugar and some lemonnow we need to put some sugar allaround the pancakethen i have a lemon andthen you’re gonna squeeze it all aroundthen you’re gonna roll it like a sausagelike this that that’sthat now you’re gonna move it to themiddle then you canuse some more sugar and there we gowe have we have a british pancakeor sometimes you don’t have to uselemons and sugarwe could also use nutella peanut buttergems and anything you would like how didyou enjoy my first showcomment down below and make sure yousubscribe hit the notification bell tobe notified toall of my videos and give this video abig thumbsup bye byeyou

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