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How to Make Banana Cereal Pancakes

Chef Lee Anne Wong is our Executive Chef, owner of Koko Head Cafe in Honolulu, Hawaiʻi and is currently a contestant on Bravo’s Top Chef. In this video, Chef Lee Anne shows us how to make one of her favorite keiki-friendly recipes using staple ingredients from your pantry.

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Video Transcription

aloha everybody my name is chef liamwong i’m the executive chef of hawaiianairlines and we are here at my homein pukalani maui this is my son raiand today we’re going to be cookingbanana cereal pancakeswith so many of our guests at homehawaiian airlines has started a projectcalledsharing aloha that basically shares withour community what they can doin their own home and today i’m going tobe making a delicious family-friendlyrecipe that you guys can make at hometoowe’d like to thank hawaiian airlinesworld elite mastercard for supportingthis projectokay you want to get started you hungryyeah okayall right so all you need for thepancakes are really some simpleingredients and what’s great is you cancustomize thesewe’ve got some flour here two cups offlour so i’m gonna take twocups of flour and i’m gonna mix it withsugarpour this in dump this in yeah pour itin thereokay good job okay get this oneall right so to that i added a quartercup of sugarand now we’re adding four teaspoonsof baking powder good joblet’s add a quarter teaspoonof baking soda this is my little chefand then we’re going to take the whiskand just stir it up okayso these are all ingredients you shouldhave in your pantry if notget them delivered to your door so we’regonna stir these upso again i’ve mixed together two cups offlour quarter cup of sugaruh about a half teaspoon of salt and aquarter teaspoon of bakingsoda okay so now the fun part we’ve gotour dry mixdone now let’s do our wet mixyou want to help me break the egg let mebreak the egg okayokay so we’re going to break the egginto this bowl okayso you start with one egg okayand here’s your whisk make sure you takeyour whisk okaycan you beat up that egghe’s so good at this stir it up stir itupall right good job so we’re going to addoops i’m going to add two teaspoons ofvanilla extractand i’m going to add a cup and a half amilgo ahead stir that up keep stirring okaykeep stirring bud and then we’re gonnaaddabout a quarter cup of melted butterokay so you stir this until it’s mixedand now very simplywe’re gonna add this to our dry mixokay all rightso now just get in there start stirringand you wanna stir this up just untilyou havejust a lumpy batter okayyou don’t have to overwork it you justwant the batter to come togetherokay okayso i’ve got a hot griddle over here nowbefore we do this um the fun part aboutthisis using up what’s in your pantry rightand sothis kid leaves half eaten bananasaround all the time[Laughter]hey do you want to help mommy cut thebananas go aheadgo like thatokay remember two handsokay he’s really good with the knifeactually soalways supervise when your kids have uhcutting tools obviouslyand you can use any fruit that’s in yourhousei have a bowl i have some blueberriesand raspberries here as wellbut we got the local apple bananakeeping it local brahokay all right good joball right you ready to make pancakesstartwe’ve also got cereal and i have thisdelicious uh oh he’s coming the otherwayi have this oat and chocolate cereal umthat is one of his favoritesand so we’re gonna start by very quicklyjust griddling upit’s a little hot so i’m gonna turn theheat down a little bitokay got a hot griddle if you don’t havean electric griddle these are greatbecausethey’re really cheap you can get themfor like 30 bucks onlineum i just take some butterand we’re going to go aheadi’m just going to go ahead and drop acouple of bananasright here okayand i’m going to place my batter righton top of thatokay okay let’s do four pancakesso i’m scooping the batter right on topof the bananas and kind of gottawork it in there so that batter touchesthe surface of the hot griddle rightokay now the fun part you want to helpwe’re going to take thiswe’re going to go like that can you putsome cereal onyeah put some cereal on come onthe cereal is fun because it cooks intothe pancake batter and adds this likenice crispy textureto the pancakes soft fluffy pancakes ithink the kids like it sowhile that’s cooking we’re gonna makesome syrup okayso one of the things that i always havein my house is a can of sweetenedcondensed milk because it isabsolutely delicious right so i’m goingto start withoh yeah and put more cereal on i’m gonnastart with maybe two tablespoons ofsweetened condensed milkand i’m just gonna add some grade aamber maple syrup to that we’ll probablygo about a quarter cup thereokay so about two to one ratio maplesyrupand i’m stirring that up oh my goodnesslook at thatand the sweetened condensed milk addsthis likesuper buttery like it’s almost like ifyou add a nice pinch of sea salt tooit becomes this like caramel maplecaramelbutterscotch kind of umsyrup and then you have this beautifultexture oh my goshwhat’s going on huh so you’re waitingfor the pancakes to start to bubblethroughwe’re gonna just gonna go ahead and tapthose cereals inyep all right we’re gonna go ahead andflip theseall right look at that so you can um youknow we’ve beenwe’ve been self isolating here in mauiand i’ve been cooking up a stormand rai has been helping me umand right now you know it’s a tough timefor restaurants both of uh both of myrestaurants are closeduh coco head cafe on oahu umwe’re closed temporarily i’m justwaiting for the right moment wheneverybody when it’s safeto open back up and in the meantime youcan follow uson instagram at coco head cafe uh that’sinstagram and twitter and facebook and ido have a gofundme set up for my staffthereand then also um i just took over thepioneer inn at mauiand i am currently we’re using thisclosure as an opportunity to develop ournew menuand when we do reopen our doors it’sgonna have a whole new menu whole newconceptum so we’re taking advantage of thistime offto um come up with some new excitingrecipesyou can follow us at pioneer in mauiyeah wow is right look at this such abig pancakeso i think our pancakes are doneyou ready to eat these okaystart with the big one on the bottomlook at this oh my goodness who’sgetting a king stack of pancakeswow is right okayreadywow look at thatyeah so he’s pretty excited about thepancakes i’m excited about the pancakesand thank you guys for tuning inuh follow hawaiian airlines on socialmedia and their website for more sharingaloha uhcontent and that’ll be coming in the uhthat’ll be released in the coming weeksand um try and make these pancakes athome because they’re delicious andobviously he’s pretty excited about themi’m pretty excited about themso while you’re staying home stay safesafe indoors andyeah stay full aloha

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