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Just making pancakes 😋

They good

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

Oh cosmetic pancake enlargeswe’re gonna cut it to be I mean crazynumber these are my other thick pancakeson making Santa else that’s my grandmaand there is my little help on the showlike I said okay I checked all right Ithink my pancakes about them[Music]okay it’s done wait one sec oh my Godlook at this crispy like it’s on thecorner I don’t kiss likeHappy’s are delicious everybody youdon’t eat pancakes I still love you boyswhat are you doing damn 6/10 sign on thecorner anymore my second her gene on hershoesOh laughing oh whatever peopleshe said no chocolate trying to get I’mnot patient enough I probably felt likeII not good not good cook them thank youand then like it was so gross girl mamagood hectic Ohis it done not yet though the dumbestthing I’ve ever done to my wife I justtook the friggin spatula put itunderneath put it on my right spatulaput it on my skin and now it somethingso dumbthere’s nothing nice to put on mine

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