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Protein Pumpkin Pancakes – Cook with me (or don’t…)

Come along on this journey with me to creating THE BEST Protein Pumpkin Pancakes (if you watched this, you know I am kidding). I wanted to attempt to create a gluten free protein pumpkin pancake without using banana. I hope you guys enjoy the video & do not try this at home lol.

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Video Transcription

what is up guys welcome back to mychannel it’s Adriana and this isauthentic its authentically Adrianaso lately I have been really cravingpancakesI want to try to make like a proteinpancake but all the stories every singletime I go grocery shopping which is oncea week people they’re out of gluten-freepancake mix and then the second thing Iknow you’re like Adriana there’s sixmillion billion recipes for proteinpancakes just add a banana and an eggand blah blah blah whatever I’m allergicto bananas to people they give me hugehives on my face I’m gonna insert aphoto right now of me with a huge hypeon my face from banana so I thought itwould be a fun idea to try to make apumpkin pancake protein a pumpkinprotein pancake so this is gonna becompletely experimental and I hope itgoes well because this sounds reallygood to me but I thought it’d be fun youguys just decided to come along toeither watch me succeed or fail so I’mgonna try to look up a recipe for aprotein a pumpkin pancake that doesn’tinclude banana I have vanilla protein Ihave pumpkin I have egg I feel likethat’s all you needI even have gluten-free flour if I needit so yeah we’ll see they’re roughmeasurements and then we’re gonnaguesstimate together because that seemslike a better ideathat’s just how I cook it’s not a goodidea but like it’s just what I do anywayokay we’re gonna work off of this likethis idea butwe’re gonna wing it and I’m excited Ihope you’re excited toowe got some pumpkin I’ve got a vanillaprotein powder thing I’m gonna use somecinnamon and an egg and maybe somegluten-free flour we’ll see we’ll seehow this goesgreat so I think I’m gonna start with awhole egg half a cup of pumpkin a scoopof protein and then we’re gonna likecheck on the consistencyI’m nervous let’s go all right we mightbe going too wild but I also have someGreek yogurt we’ll see if we need itI see I love the smell of pumpkin thisis just pumpkin we’re like not like withthe spices in it or anythingit smells like fall it’s not even closeto fall but it smells like offum I think it’s too thick I think I’mgonna add some egg whites cuz I have eggwhites in a carton like I said earlierI’m not feeling too good about thislet’s say I’ve heard you back down ohgoodness gracious don’t fall downalright all measuring is out the windowI don’t know why I do this so don’t hateme also I want to mention that I’ve beengluten-free for like years and years andyears now and I feel like I’m at aserious disadvantage right now cuz Ican’t remember what the consistency of areal pancake betterlike is it thick is it I don’t even knowright now so we’re like a lot thinnerthan we were let me show youwe’re thinner than we were but it’sstill kind of thick I don’t know but onthe bright side I got pumpkin pie spicesaving the day alright I added a littlebit of milk and I think that it’s morelike it’s way thinner so I feel likeit’s more close to real pancake batterand I really hope these don’t turn outphenomenal because then I’m gonna wantto give you guys the recipe and I meanyou just saw what happened it’s there’sno recipe there’s no hope for that areyou let’s fry these babies up I’m gonnatake this panand I’m gonna put some oil on it pagethis one from Costco I don’t want thesejust stick we’re gonna turn it on mediumon six out of eight I feel like it goesto nine we’re gonna say six out of ninesix out of nine and we’re gonna try tomake pancakes so this is the finishedlike consistency texture that we’re at Idon’t know I am a little fearful butwhatever I mean I’m gonna have steaklater so if these aren’t good that’ll begood sup whatever someone’s actuallytexting me about my good cooking skillsright now but you would just never knowfrom this video soalright I’m gonna admit that I did justtaste the batter everything’s fineum even though hairs wrong again I’mjust like you know I’m gonna take thatriskum and it just tastes like that pumpkinpie spice it literally tastes likenothing elsewell wait and see we’re cookingdoes anyone else do this with theirjoggers when they put like the thingreally far I don’t know I do so oh ohwe’re making moves look at these guysthey are bubbling I did turn the heat upI’m impatientI don’t know they’re not ready okay okaywaitfriends like maybe slightly burnt puttsthey like feel like a pancakewell like a good and free sad proteinpumpkin pancake but Ohokay so it tastes like protein eggwhites and pumpkin I’m not mad at it butI would like to try a gunyeah no it’s not cooked in the middle Ithink I need to do at a lower heat sowe’re gonna try it at a lower heatsomething really bad happened with roundtwo I’m kind of like embarrassed to showyou guys but at this point like youalready know I try to make them thinnerwe got the first ones were cooked in themiddle so I shook it shook the panel atall now they’re touching all right letme show you around – so they’re lessburnt for sure cuz I cooked him a lotlower and I put this lid on him I’mgonna put this lid back actually I wouldnot recommend this recipe at this timethanks for hanging out date I threw thefirst batch don’t mind the sizzling Ithrew the first batch into the air forher to see if it would cook them in themiddle I’ve had pancakes warmed up inthe airfryer before and it’s phenomenalso why can’t this beef at homeall right here is pancake number twocooked differentlyit’s better boats not good yeah ittastes more cooked in the middle butit’s not like light and fluffy it’s likevery dense and egg whitey well thanksfor hanging out with me and cooking somegluten free protein pancakes with nobanana hope you guys like that and wedid like this cooking vlog video give ita thumbs up and subscribe down below andI will see you guys next I gotfrustrated with these pancakes obviouslyKings sucked and I just was like oh I’lljust throw em in the air fryer for likeseven minutes and just see what happensjust at this point I wasn’t gonna eatthem cleaned up the kitchen took themout of the air fryer they are crispythey’re cooked mmm there’s so muchbetter they’re not good but they’re somuch betterwould I recommend no but it mmm I mighteat a couple of these so there you go

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