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How to make Pancake (Pastry Group 5)

In this video, we’re making a guide and tutorial about making pancakes and sauce. This video was meant for our pastry exam class.

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Video Transcription

hello welcome to our cooking show fortoday today I will be your presenter andwe’re going to see a lot of tutorialfrom the chefsso for today ingredients we’re going touse some flour and sugar whole eggs somebutter and milk and cream[Music]and the next step that we need to do isto melt the butter you can use eitherdouble boiler memory or using a stovebut when you using a stove be careful[Music]because the butter can be t-bird[Music]the next step after we melt the butteris to mix all the ingredients mainly weneed to mix the dry ingredients firstsuch as flour and sugar then after wemix the torrance we will to need to addthe liquid liquid such as milk creameggs[Music][Applause][Music][Music]mix all the ingredients in the Pokemonand sauce[Music]before we’re making the twenty firstthings first you need to prepare a niceheated pan and brush to its amount ofbutter so later depending on stickingwith the penne[Music]then take a scoop of your liquid betterand put it in a panwe’ll put it too much or later it willleak[Music]then after we put enough batter into thepan we wait just for a minute until itstarts changing color[Music]and you can use either fall or spoon orsome utensils to help you you check thebottom part pancake so we won’t burn[Music]after the bottom part is fully cook tryto flip the other side[Music]after we finish making the pancake weneed to make the sauce you can use iteither chocolate or vanilla one to makethe top sauce you need to prepare someingredients such as a half of cup sugar125 milliliter of water 3 and 1/4tablespoon vanilla essence or extractsand 30 gram of cocoa powder and 1 and 16teaspoon of salt first we’re going tosift polyphen then keep the water at thesugar to the saucepannext we add the vanilla extract and atthe sifted cocoa powder and stirconstantly add a little bit of salt andstir until it thickens then pour it intothe bowl and let it cool[Music]then the next step we’re going to makethe vanilla sauce and these are theingredients that we need to prepare thesauce 15 leader of Fame this communitywill help between Jam of sugar 5 gramsof vanilla essential extract and 3 eggyolks first at the milk and cream in thesaucepan and 30 12[Music]next you need to add the sugar andvanilla to the mixture and we need toboil until it’s warm then carefully stirthe egg yolk until it’s mixed then weneed to pour it the mixture into the eggyolk little by little and stir itconstantly after we mix the yolks and amixture we turn the heat on again afterwe mix it then we try to will hit themixture again until it’s warm and whenit’s finishedpull the sauce into a small bowl and setaside to let it cool down[Music][Music]

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