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Cooking with Jr how to make pancakes

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Video Transcription

president yeah okay so some guys heretoday I’m doing is I am making pancakesand I might be making a new seriescooking with jr. and so today we’remaking some pancakesso I already put some stuff in here somepancake mix and some water we’re gonnaput something work you don’t want thistype of texture plus I have to get thischunky stuff out of herehey my mom is telling me some of what todo I really know what to do I justactually think I don’t so she’s gonnakeep telling me what to doso yeah you just want to whip that thingand I might have to do some more boatsI’m only making the puffy pancakes me mybrother who’s behind the phone and mysister hi that’s my mom and if oursister come in here you could show youthat just wanna whip it like thisokay mommyoh that’s the music in the backroom thisbuddy how you guys behave like that’shim right therethis whole we’re done Pokemon you gotthat Pokemon me where if I owe ya[Music]so now we’re gonna pour some more watersee the water right there is a littlewater you need only a letter and youjust want to like for everywhere all inone spot I could not even see you goodbut I’m looking like this with thecamera I can see it okaywe poured all the water and if it getsmessy what you want to do is you want togo ahead are they dumb or what they’renot go okay so you get like how everyoneshould think you need who and then justwipe out that much and then if you thinkthis now we’re just going to keepflipping less so it’s hopefully we getthe mixture we need[Music]all the chunkiness see if you don’t wantit you don’t want to beat chunkiness uptheir journey right there look at herokay so you want it to be smooth now ifyou want big pancakesyou follow four structures but we makethings we make thick pancakes withoutsound sounds no structures they’d bewrong perfectly enforce everythingthat’s super up close but they don’t nowit looks like that it’s not superabsolutely director not senior girl wellI have to go back here[Music]okay so well you want it to be smoothlet’s be smooth if there’s somechunkiness in there then that’s okay buttry to get it out you can’t always geteverything out[Music]

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  1. Hi di….I just just love your videos and they are pretty good….but I don’t know why you have so less subscribers

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