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Lets make pancakes(quarantine week 2)

Pancakes are one of the best breakfast that can be given to kids its healthy easy to make and less time consuming.
Ur wish u can use all purpose flour or whole wheat flour,
Do make, eat and enjoy the pancakes……. Lets give the kids a thumbs up for their efforts.
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Love from us to u.

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

we are going to make pancakeslet’s first an all-purpose flourhow many cups three how many cups threecups okay[Music]now we will I die in the end we will addhalf making half teaspoon baking sodathis is money lesson we will add 1/2 TSPof vanilla essence[Music]we learn out – sorry – teaspoonthe obvious goal drag Stoick[Music]Molly two eggs in now[Music][Music][Music]now even biscuit I think we have to addone more[Music][Music][Music]you know the pancake batter is ready weleave it aside now it in the class now Iwill ask your mother to shoot on thestuff so that we can make pancakes ofthe battle axes[Music][Music]my favorite breakfast is funky[Music]these are the that you make[Music][Music]this is ship Avenue we just pure me I[Music]please like share and subscribe to ourchannel mystery video help us grow

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