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How to make Pancakes (2016)

How to make Pancakes (2016)

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Video Transcription

it’s like medium heatyeah yeah turn the light on the samestuff looks like yeah okay yeah I justwant to see how to do it yeah somethingI can look back huh this won’t open hereat lunch do just enough to cover thewhole pan yeah thank you do for now andwhat you do is you’ve got to wait untilthe oil starts shimmering rightwe just yeah I should probably get itthis is gonna just be dead talking to myfault you want to get a plate orsomething[Music]order cold the ladle sandwich yeahsomething like thatoh somewhere just wash this offagainmost important thing about right herethat crackling yeah that’s the waterjust boiling evaporating this wouldprobably be ready tell you have workedsomebody that wants big pancakes looksfeel smallerhe asked assume they’re not so trickyit’s more our skill level let’s go seethis the edges have time that get hardera little bit so it’s not going to mergeyou should be gooda big cast-iron one would be better yeahcuz it really liquid so when you take itup now flip right so they just keep onwaiting to it bottles off for ya youjust wait a little bit see it startingto bubble right a little moreI could be wrong would I need the firsttimeyeah see house yes cousin twice and darkthat looks a bit more like won’t youcall whatever a Baba tries to makepancakes they easily look more like thatwell cooking is an art not scienceyeah now when I cook it maybe neitherone of themyes older categorywhat do you think the bottom looks likewhat stuff to say when I’m worried aboutthe middle see thatlet’s see two amateurs here that lookslike little crunchynot really burned exactly yeah let’s goso it’s not making those shrink it downto our skill levelI’ll just leave the second side fastersee this one is better yeah bottom side

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