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how to make pancake. Group 4

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Video Transcription

[Music]hi guys I’m your host for today my nameis Ali from bliss to TV today we have avery special guest chef Mario grandmaknow that he will teach us how to make apancake so let’s go to the chef Mario hichef Mario so today you will show us howto make a pancake is that correct sochef can you tell us what are theingredients needed for the making thepancakes second sugar third wowthat’sacquired a lot of ingredient can youexplain us and show us how to cook itmix the actsugarI’m you upand vanilla essencedon’t forget to put the baking powder[Applause]put all the cake flour and the meltedbutternow stir the betterwhen all this rural let the batter restfor 10 minutes so division pondergeneral after rating for 10 minute putsome butter in the pan I’ve turned aboutthe responses cook the batter in the pan[Music][Music]when half of the site is already cookedflip the pancakeWow the pancake is done okay now mypartner that will accompany chef Michelto do the plating okay Thank You Allynow I will share Felicia so what shouldwe do now before you ditch me alreadywish I had and alwaysso ship shall we start now the platingthe first thing that I would do a realfurnace throw Bailey’s boss includedAnna[Music]then the second I will add the commoncrumble to give the picture into thepancakes[Music]thennext I will put this last bananathen I will put the meal live to thepancake to add that few colors so chefcan you explain what is the importanceof lighting yes and a p20 deciding whatto put on the plate consider of thisfive characteristic of each component ofthe dessertthe first three important artistic theyare flavor texture and temperaturethe other two are fits all elements theyare color and shift+ touch I will pourthe icing sugar to give a beautifulwhite color[Music]then we are done enjoy your beautifulpancakes[Music]

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