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Making TikTok trending Dalgona Coffee + Pancakes while self isolating

Hey guys! So I tried to make tiktok trending dalgona coffee and pancakes while self isolating.
Hope you enjoy!!
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Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

[Music]then you ask for no reason for the wholeentire nation is officially oneverything is normal my trade isexhausted I don’t know what to do Idon’t know what to film anymoreeverybody is like doing the bakingvideos and stuff like that but dude Idon’t have to think like how do Ieven baked aside things to bake sothat’s the situation but yeah i thoughti would make pancakes because i don’twant a straw please to go back it’ssuper late right now it’s super late mysleep schedule right now I see male andbecause I know there’s nowhere that Ihave to be so yeah I’m just not beinghard on myself for that I wake up prettythat has just been the vibe latelyyesterday the entire day I feel like Idid not do anything I did not work onanything I will not tell him anything Ijust let my skin breathe but something smask is just too chill day for me I wasthinking about what I should film todayall I know is we’re gonna make pancakestogether though if them finish all mystories are because I don’t want them toget bad I’m just normal by myself so ifyou feel the slightest discomfort it’sbecause of that[Music]maybe I’m beaten[Music]I usually make my pancakes like thisthat I’ve told actually prepare thebatter is the very proper pancake mixevery time all of my videos wheneverhave shown you guys pancakes that is thepancake mix that are used because Idon’t really like to create a mess outof a mother I know I know how to makepan everything when I did my like a nicepotato egg and banana plant is how wemake[Music]a few moments later what the areyou guys doing I really want to paint mynails if you guys saw my last video Ithink if you saw only three of my nailswere paid then that was because I triedto like paint my nails and only to likerealize that you know I was out of nailpaint remover I’m like thinking about itbecause I like mess it up I am NOT gonnabe able to do anything about it I’m justgonna have to live with it for the next21 days three hours later he made coffeebut she made the belly inreading coffee his doctor said beyondecstatic picture which I the next daythe next morning I really ever gonnamake the tick tock trending dalgonacoffee all you’re going to need to makethis coffee some instant coffee sugarand milk that’s for you’re gonna needand then hot water and you need of this[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]I actually couldn’t care less about thetrend but obviously if coffee isinvolved I have to try it actually wokeup started working on the video and gotalmost editor I just need to edit theseclips and they are Q&A is coming supersuper smooth if you have any questionsleave it down belowI even let you know fill the comment onmy previous video asking you guys to askme questions probably the next video orthe video after that is when your Q&A sowe has any questions I don’t want to doa Q&A as it is I think of something thatI can do along with the QA of a bunkieone day or something like that I wroteare not short if you have anysuggestions even down because I causeneed oaf like to watch given isunnaturalfor this[Music]

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