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How to make a pancake!

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Video Transcription

today we are going to be making pancakesand we are going to be using the boxnext because that’s a lot easier thanmaking them from scratch so we are goingto be making 12 to 18 pancakes so weneed 2 cups of the mix and a cup and 1/3of water so I have pretty measured outthe mixes and the water already so we’rejust going to pour 1 cup 2 cupsand then you mix it together and tell itfor me for batter you may need to addmore mix or more water depending on howthick or how thin you like your pancakesI prefer them a little thicker so I’mgoing to add in some more of the pancakemix but not too muchactually I’m gonna add them a little bitmore it’s still a little watery for meso now the next step to do this you’regoing to actually fry the pancakes youwant to have the heat at about a mediumtemperature and you can test thetemperature by putting your hand abovethe pan and if it feels hot and your panis ready so you spray down the pan makesure the pancakes don’t stick and thenyou scoop out some pancake mat batterput it into the pan use as much as youwant and make them as big you want andthen you just sit and wait until thepancake is bubbling all around the edgehere because that’s when you’ll know thepancake is ready to flip so we’ll sitany wait and watch the pancake gethotteranother way to tell that the pancake isready so if it starts getting browneraround the edgesthat looks about ready to me so we’regoing to flip it over put your spatulaunder most of the batter and flip itover fast and you can see that thatcolor is just about perfect some peoplemight like it a little darker but thatlooks just about ready for me so makesure that it gets cooked all the waythrough on both sides of the pancake andthere you go and that’s how you make apancake

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