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Making pancakes english class project

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Video Transcription

hi I’m chef Andrew welcome chef power sotoday we’re gonna make pancakes or alittle because he sent me an emailtelling me that you wanted to he will beour lucky guests and we are going tomake pancakes before we start guys wehave to wash your pancakes right so youhave to wear your proper uniform becauseyou don’t want to make your clothes andyou have to worry this hat so you don’tget hairs on your food you want yes foodso we’re going to say ready guys1 2 3thank you Dan so we will need would be apeg some flour some milk some oil thispart will be optional if you want wewill add some sugar and some bakingpowder so let’s start so we’re going tostart with flour so here we have ameasure cup so here you will see one cupyou have to brown to on top so right nowI have it for half so I’m going to add a2 1you might not work and we wanted to workright now I have two six now we’ll usethis boat to add flour we’re gonnasquish it because we don’t want amountain of it so when you squish itit is this step so now we’re adding thatsugar I’m going to add the sugar 1 spoonof sugar so then you are going to add abacon so now I have my scooper we’regoing when you look at it now finishthis step ok guys so now we’re going tomix thisso now I feel that this boat is a littlebit too small I’m going to getdiscipline I’m going to pass it rapidlybecause we don’t want anything now wecontinue mixing do you feel it’s goodthen you make a hole so now you mix itokay you can see here you have it andyou mix it and you look like you don’tfeel nothing of structure I still feelsomething so under you they like Englishor nothing stance you have finished thisstep now we need one be careful withthis because the milk is liquid and youcan’t ask you are going to go on yourhome and you’re going to pour it nowafter this we’re going to add an oilmake sure that you don’t askEagleman a messokay so there I made a mistake but makesure you gonna make us a mistakeso then you’re going to clean it so youdon’t have all dayand then you okay so now we who mix thisuntil we got all the ingredients readyand we’re going to wait and next becausewe don’t want like I like some flour outand we don’t want something you knowpancakes are okay right so you you wantit good and nice pancake us when youknow it’s readyI’m is not ready still so we’re going tocontinue mixing and mixing nothingnothing so I’m going to stop them andnow so because you don’t want to beseeing me like this all the time and sowe have to stop so now I’m going to putthis mixturecarefully because we don’t want a lotI’m going to put you there for now youcan see when your pancakes ready whenyou see some bubbles and some Brownedges so that when you know this is whenand you can see so I know I don’t[Music]so now I’m making another two pancakesso we can make like a tower of threepancakes so when we finish we will showyouthe strawberriesenjoy[Music]

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