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hey y’all it’s Tiffany with 350 Tiffanyand I’m back I’m gonna be making somehomemade pancakes from scratch usually Ibuy the pancake mix but today we’regonna make it homemade because I’m outof pancake mix so we’re gonna getstarted really quick and I’m here but Ijust woke up so I’m not trying to be oncamera but okay got my little mixer hereand you can make this with all dilatoryproducts of course let’s get started soit’s gonna be one and a half cups offlour grab for hour so one and a halfand you can double this if you need to Imay need to double it we’ll see it’s thefirst time making it so there’s one andthen a half just eyeball the half oneand a half cups of flour should I justgo ahead no I’ll just leave it as that1/2 cups of flour and sugar then we havesugar sugar we need one a tablespoon ofsugar I have my little teaspoon here sothe baking powder you can get this fromthe Dollar Tree I’m gonna add the bakingpowder and you need it says three and ahalf teaspoons of baking powder so weknow three teaspoons equal a tablespoonso we’re gonna do a listing- alrightthree teaspoons and a half and a halfthere’s about three and a half teaspoonsor you can do a tablespoon and a half ateaspoon higher ever you want to do itand one teaspoon of salt and we’re justgonna sprinkle that in and let’s see weneed oh I hate when these whisk theyhave water look ya’ll they have waterstuck in here from when you wash them Idon’t like that these are a dollar I donot like that about that understand I’mgonna get a fork mix it up so you guyscan see just mix it up all the dryingredients that we’re going to startadding the wet ingredients so it saysthree tablespoons of melted butter sowe’re gonna put that in here and thenmelt it all right of course there’s aburger from last night in here real wifey’all so life that in there to melt andthen what else can we add kaya wantspink pancakes so we’re gonna add somefood coloring you get this box of foodcolors from the Dollar Tree you get allthe colors have this one left fromEaster so we’re gonna add some red foodcoloring just a little bit to make itpaintmaybe it’ll be pink not sure and then Ialways added cinnamon it’s all mypancakes even if it’s you know a box ofpancake mix we’re gonna go from scratchtoday because I don’t have anymore boxpancakes and we’re also gonna add somevanilla okayalso it’s gonna ask for here’s themelted butter really nice melt to thatI’m let that cool off for a second forit just add that and then it’s gonna be1 in 1/4 cup of milk so I have this milkfrom the Dollar Tree that we love to useand let’s see let’s go ahead and do theactually let’s do the 1/4 cup I want todo the 1/4 cup I’m at the fourth of itcuz that’s 1 and 1/4 I’m confusingeverybody know but the French vanillacoffee creamer we’re gonna add thatbecause that is French vanilla in it andthat’s gonna make it better so we’ll dogo 1/4 in the creamer and then for thecup we’ll use the milk just gotta getcreative y’all let’s go ahead and addthe butter so we can add the milk 1 cupof milkall right well cup of milk then what arewe gonna add what are we gonna add we’regonna add our one egg just one egg thenwe’re gonna start mixing y’all mixing upuse the rest what’s in theredrizzle those out also go ahead and turnthe oven on that stovetop go and getthat pan for heatingI have a skill ooh they’re turning pinkagain she wanted pink pancakes sothey’re pink it does end up Brown thoughonce you cook them so we’ll see how boothis will be good we got freshstrawberries we can top it with somestrawberries yeah I’m gonna have to getmy spatula where she is I had her overhere ready[Music]risk let’s see if this one has anymoreno water in this one so we’ll whisk itreally goodit’s a nice thick consistency for ourpancakes YUM so that is Hershey’s pinkperfect amount of my drops alrighty sowe’re gonna put butter in the pan butI’ll have a mess over here hope you guyscan see company to put this milk in therefrigerator and again this can stay inyour pantry until you open it then putit in the refrigerator strawberriesthese work for a dollar fifty at Walmarta dollar fifty all that won’t workthat’s gonna be good on top of some pinkpancakesall right clean up our mess a little bithere I had an extra a ago cash doesn’twant pancakesbut hey no might eat a couple just madea good bit too I always think I neededto double it I probably would ifeverybody was eating it depending on howmuch everybody wanted but I just stuckwith though with what it called for allright I’m gonna make us some pancakeslet me move y’all closer to the thinglet’s see oh no okay that’s a littlebetter I’m gonna do a couple little onesso they’re cute little pink pancakesooh let’s go make a baby pancakecooking it up I have my pan here readyto put them on when they’re done they’repink kyahopefully they turn out good I can’twait to see if this tastes better thanpancake mix Bella yeah and then we canput some straw for strawberries only[Music]you’re gonna wait until it gets airbubbles at the top in it and then we’regonna flip it for walk I’m gonna tryflipping it y’all might get my Ohperfectoh she perfect are you see my perfectlittle pancakes in here it’s a littlebaby pancake put that off hold offyou’ll see that perfect don’t flattenthemdon’t push down cuz the biggest mistakeever don’t push down and then we got ourpink plates that we got from tarjay artWalmart Walmart or Target think Walmartfayla sell for 50 cents each y’all donot ever flatten your pancakes tellingyou you don’t want to do it slide themaround get all that glitter onthey’re gonna be done quick cuz there’ssome baby pancakes baby pancakes foodever make you this excited alright let’sdo another one and then I will come backwhen I’m done just do another one[Music]no I love the movie burlesque and theyhave it on Netflix art now that’s likeone of my favorite movies well ChristinaAguilera and Cheroh it’s one of my favorite movies every’allall right we’re gonna cook these and Iwill be back[Music][Music]don’t burden on medon’t burn got a little brown that’salright sorry I’ll eat those cuz thesecame out tired of thick look fluffylucky you got some powdered sugar to itjust make it cute make it you make itcutemake you proud of me even when a moreplease see you better love me I can belate for a date that’s fine buddy betterbe your own time any man in mind that[Music]any time I cook them dinner and I’mburning better safe I like it like thenand if I change my million times Ibetter hear him say yeah yeah yeah Ilike it that way any man any man any manany man then I walk the love better showme a teases weezingall right baby also we’re about to makekindness pancakesI got heard these little these littleones right here so we’re gonna figurethis out Oh Oh get the you want whippedcream sorry okay we also got let me fixthis so you guys can see we got whippedcream and strawberries right here sowe’ll put a little bit of Seir up CERP Iknow everybody makes fun of the way I’llsay it surp that’s how we say it herebut you can say syrups sirsir up so Idon’t know oh oh my goodness hold on onesecond y’all can’t let these burn yesthat’s it ma’am these are done thosewere gone son we got those resting let’ssee let’s add a couple not too much cuzthen we’re gonna add we got surp on itwhoa y’all got a good view of that onewas she drips okay we’re gonna add ourCool Whip get this at the Dollar Tree inthe freezer section yummy or you canmake your own with some heavy cream wedo that alsoa dollop oh my goodness Kai can you helpme I’m trying to do it with one handthank you ma’am she’s gonna put a dollopof whipped cream y’all we put ours inthe freezer so it stays nice and umshe’ll Google let’s put one like rightat the top and make this so fancy y’alllook look at her y’all she looks so goodI get the royal treatment around hereshe said mama I want pink pancakes yesma’am yes ma’am we got you oh she’s abeauty now we got to taste them tell mehow they taste if they taste better thanum oh yeah oh and we got a foot pound ofsugar y’all know she dropped Oh y’all weadded powdered sugar and she’s a fancylittle thing hey you got take a picturein mind I guess who made pancakes allthese strawberries are so good and for adollar fifty honey okay okay I gottafinish up these pancakesI don’t know if the boys are gonna wantsome of our pink pancakes oh why did Ido that why do I do that ma’am alrighty’all so that is I will come back andlet you know once a try we’re just gonnado a live real review um I’m justhonestly gonna take one and actuallyshould take another to be know I’ll usethis one to try okay this is what itlooks likelooks like a cake y’all yes ma’amoh my boy um don’t buy any morestore-bought pancake mix Oh mark I yeahany good oh my gosh y’all look at this Iknow a little rough y’all y’all don’tever ever and the pink made it tastebetter oh my gosh did oh it’s so fluffyoh I’m so with Sun thumbs up make itfrom scratch do not buy the pancake mixwhatever they tell you don’t do it mmmand I as you can see I have no syrup onit yeah oh yes ma’am yes ma’am thank youguys so much for watching please makesure you are subscribed and like andtrying some pancakesseriously I have the recipe link belowlove you guys so muchbye everyone so here is the finishedproduct and it is amazing I’m startingon a pink plate we got our pink pancakeswith strawberry these are from scratchpancakes in there amazing so good andguess who wants some Ben is that beinggay you smell it look at that

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