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How to make PANCAKES EASY recipe | Pancake recipe for BEGINNERS | EASIEST pancakes ever recipe| Easy

How to make PANCAKES EASY recipe | Pancake recipe for BEGINNERS | EASIEST pancakes ever recipe| Easy
You better not be using pancake mix after this!! This is by far the easiest pancake recipe ever. It’s just one of everything. This is a perfect recipe for beginners. Let me know what other pancake recipe you guys would be interested in.

How to make PANCAKES EASY recipe
1. 1 cup flour
2. 1 cup milk
3. 1 tbsp butter
4. 1 egg
5. 1 tbsp sugar
6. 1 tbsp baking powder
7. 1 pinch of salt.

IT’S THAT SIMPLE. You can easily double or triple the recipe without it being a hassle. This is just the method so if you wanted you can add chocolate chips or blueberry with this, but today I went for a plain Jane. I’m a chocoholic but when it comes to pancakes and muffins I’m definitely team blueberries. Are you like that? Let me know down below.

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Video Transcription

[Music]you saw what you sawain’t no need for an intro let’s makethese pancakes shall we there are aseasy as 1 1 cup of flour 1 cup of milk 1tablespoon of melted butter 1 egg yousee a trend going on here 1 tablespoonof baking powder and some sugar and apinch of salt there it is and now we’rejust gonna get a whisk and guess what ifyou don’t have a whisk you don’t need itget a fork and start mixing you do notwant to over mix this just until youdon’t see any more flour now rememberthe chunkier the batter the fluffy orthe pancake okay this should just take afew seconds until your batter looks likethis now we’re just gonna let that hangup for 5 minutes to relax the gluonmeanwhile preheat a skillet overmedium-high heat spray it with somenonstick sprayget yourself a 1/4 cup measuring cuppile on that batter put it in yourskillet and you can just level it offwith the back of your measuring cup nothis is only gonna take about 1 to 2minutes on each side and you can seeit’s now starting to form bubbles nowhere’s how you know when to flip it ifyou touch the edge of your spatula tothe edge of the pancake and you see thatit’s still sticking to your spatula letit be until the edges are dry just likeyou see here you can see when I touchthe edge of my spatula it does not stickit actually goes under really smoothlynow you know it’s time to flip so we’rejust gonna do that right now and we’regonna end up with a beautifully goldenbrown side keep it for about a minute toa minute on the half on the other sideand just keep on flipping until you getyour desired color and doneness I likemy pancakes on the lighter side sothat’s how I kept it and that’s it yousaw how easy the recipe was it’s one ofeverything you can easily double itjust two of everything and you haveyourself the sexiest stack of pancakes Ithink you’ll ever makeokay nothing better than a simple plainpancake that is easy to make minimalingredients and like you saw in theintro I mean look at that I almostdidn’t want to eat it but I did I mighthave added some extra maple syrup butthat’s none of your businessyou can add chocolate chips you can addblueberries now listen if I could have Iwould have made it in cocoa but for somereason when it comes to pancakes ormuffins I am team blueberry are you likethat let me know down in the comments Ireally hope you guys enjoyed this reallyreally simple recipe just look at howfluffy they are from the inside and notgummy at all so good the recipe will bedown in the description so check thatout give this video a thumbs up don’tforget to subscribe I have a lot morewhere this came from also come say hi onmy Instagram I have linked it down belowand I will see you next time on simplymaja where we are always simple butnever basic later

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