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Cheap and Easy – Pancakes/Waffles in a pan

Healthy Homemade Pancakes/waffles in a pan

2 cups of flour (we use spelt)
1 tsp of baking soda
2 tsp of baking powder
1/4 tsp of salt
2 eggs
1 1/2 cups of milk (we use homemade coconut milk)
2 tsp of honey
1/4 cup of oil ( we use olive oil)
1 tsp of vanilla
1/2 – 1 cup of fruit
as many eggs as you’d like

Combine dry ingredients in one bowl
Combine wed ingredients in another bowl
Add wet ingredients to dry ingredients and mix until combined. Add fruit.
Oil your cast iron and pour in your batter
Crack eggs individually to add to the top of the batter
Bake at 425 F for 15 minutes or until your fork comes out clean.

Homemade Coconut Milk –


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Video Transcription

hello and welcome to dream Havenhomestead my name is Laurie and todayI’m going to be showing you some an easybreakfast it’s like a waffle slashpancake but in a cast iron pan with abunch of eggs put into it so it’s reallygot a lot of protein in it as well so ifyou’ve seen my videos before you know Ilike easy I like easy homey things thatdon’t have a lot of easy homemade mealsI should say that don’t have a lot ofingredients on definitely not anythingthat you know processed chemical rightso this recipe is originally fromEpicure I got this recipe when I got mysilicone waffle mold which he’s nice butit takes a lot of effort to clean it andI’m not tired of that so I’ve kind ofdeveloped it so that it doesn’t harshergranny I made processed white sugar init and I just I’ve adopted it from therebut I want to give credits up herebecause that’s where I first got arecipe so there we go I have two bowlsI’m know I’m a one bull kind of personbut sometimes you do have to keep thedry ingredients separate from the wetingredients okay so what you’re gonna dois you’re gonna put your dry ingredientsin a bowl first so I’m going to add nowyou can use any kind of flour but latelywe’ve been using spill flour I just havewet or just a different make up of thegluten and it seems to beit seems to be okay for us so this iswhat we’ve been using lately so you’regonna add in two cups of flour and thisis just 1/2 cup so I’m gonna put in foryou guys ok so it’s super easy simplytake a lot of time and I already gotsomething in the oven so it’s perfectum what I’ve been doing lately is I’vejust been whipping these up at nightwhen I’m cooking or when I’m cooking andthen they’re all steady and they’ve alsogot a lot coating in them so you can usethem at night to you for dinner if youwanted to so then you’re gonna add in ateaspoon of Q teaspoon of baking powder2 teaspoons of baking powder and thenone teaspoon of okay so then you’re justgoing to whisk that up okay step onethen I mean the wet container oh you’regonna put in some eggs so I’m just gonnaput in two eggsokay and then I’m just going to whiskthose up so I always like to do the dryingredients first does it they’rewhisked already and then I have to usetwo it’s great so then I’m just gonnawhisk up do you the egg and I did myshirt so I’m gonna put I’m gonna usehoney you can use maple syrup two forone but today we use honeyactually usually I mean usually worksokay okay so I’m gonna insist to addthree tablespoons of sugar but I’m justgonna add in two teaspoons of sugarbecause I’m gonna add some fruit intothis and I just whenever I see sugar Ialways just like cut it in half and thenjust use honey or maple syrup orsomething like that um so just use twoteaspoons of honey okay and then I’mjust gonna whisk that up too so thatit’s not so you know so doesn’t stay atthe bottom right so do that and then I’mgoing to add in milk per at the proveganso although you just need some coconutmilk in here and so I’m just going touse that and it’s a cup and a half andthen only have to add it now is your oilyou could use coconut oil today I’m justgonna use olive oil because you’reinside here and it’s just a quarter of acup of oil and then of course wheneveryou’re baking you gotta use your vanillaI’ll do a teaspoon of vanilla that’s itokay so then you just whisk your wetingredients and then you’re gonna pourthem into your dry ingredients sosometimes I think the problem is I haveyou sticks on the bottom a little bitbut it all comes out so it’s good okayand then you’re just gonna whisk this upand it’s super quick and easy then onceit’s all twist up I’m just going to putin my fruit I always add fruit to mypancakes know why I like to do this thisway is because making pancakes is superannoying because you have to stand atthe stove and just you know keep goingand going and going until they’re goneso let’s say you’re making pancakes fora meal at Meal Time which I very rarelyever do because then you’ve got to standthere you’ve got to try to keep thepinkies that you made warm and not burnany and all that stuffwhereas this it’s like if you just pourit into the cast-iron pan comes out likea pie you cut it and it’s all doneeverybody can meet at the exact sametime you know exactly how much you’regonna get there’s no question I was likehow many pancakes am I gonna give isyou’re gonna be enough for everybody andyou put it in the oven and you forget itright so how much easier is that thenstanding and making pancakesso are you Pancake Tuesday I can’t okayso get Mike a cast-iron pan I’m justgonna put a little bit of oil in it soit doesn’t stick at the bottom andseries these are from beers that wepicked this summer and they’re still alittle frozen but though I’m justmy goal here and stir it up so maybelike a cup of berries it’s usually whatI do and my kids really like blueberriesbut we’re having a nice race today sohopefully it works okay okay so I’mgoing to put in all that okay and then Ijust oiled my hand here and then I’mjust going to pour it inokay so now we’re gonna add more eggsso because who wants to make eggs nowyou see my so we make some eggs or youcan just put them into the pancakewaffle mix and then everything’s in onespot and you don’t have to fuss you canjust go take a shower or whatever rightso all I’m gonna do is I’m gonna justput them into my cup here so that I’mnot accidentally getting some showanyway pan so I’m just gonna do one cupat a time I’m just gonna pour it allaround alright so here is my pan I’veadded a bunch of eggs in here and I’mjust gonna add another one right herealright I’m gonna leave this section eggolice because I have one child who willnot eat eat these with eggs in them sobut the rest of us we all have eggs sonow I’m just gonna pop it in the ovenfor a bit 15 minutes on 425 and I’llshow you what it looks likealright so the waffle with egg is nowbaked in the oven and it’s just comingout and still pretty hot but it’s gonnacool and then all I’m gonna do is I’mgoing to slice it like pizza and thenjust go around the edges here and then Ican I usually just put it in a containerand then heat it up in the morning forbreakfast we’re all set so I’m justkidding[Music]I’ll say there you go there’s abreakfast that you don’t have to thinkfirst one a first piece of a pie nevercomes out the way you want it to does ithere we gookay so you can see the egg in thebottom it’s still so hot and it’ll comeout better once it’s cooled down alittle bit there we go so easy breakfastquick you can make it the night beforejust heat it up you know obviously whenI add a little maple syrup to it it moreenjoyable I guess but yeah there you goso this is Laurie I’m dreamy evenhomestead thanks for watching

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