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Making pancakes part3

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Video Transcription

you’re going to need to flip it I don’tknow how to flip it so my auntieshelping me to flip it a total you canadd anything you want then just wait fora bit until it’s it’s brown it’s turninga lot really brown right now guys lookto really do we Shaw’s okay so guys isit done okay okay so that’sbut we’re still waiting for it and we’realmost done he’s putting it againyou guys also know you can add any anytoppings you want you can add ice creamyou can add and you can add it someHershey’s chocolate you can haveanything except things that are too bigthat cannot like this okayso guys we have so guys we have finishedthe pancake but I’m going to hold thisokay now I put in yetWow on now hands got hurt so we’re goingwe just put it sweet and you get untilwe’re gonna wait until it’s done butfirst I need to get something today sohere’s my toppingI won’t put it now I’m just gonna openit so that it be easier okay so guyslook at that I hope you guys like itwhen you see you can eat it also I’malso you can make this in the brownversion and aroundI made my ones as well so I just wantedto leave it to you went so that it looksbetter guys so this is what I do inquarantinesometimes this thing it’s really hardthough I didn’t know how to like do thetaking outfit they’re taking off stuffand it’s really good I really wouldn’teat itso guys we’re gonna be taking it offyeah so we’re just waitingand guys also go check my other friendschannel her name is Evie Wren and sheshe has a few subscribers like aboutnine and also please subscribe to mychannel because I’m only five so I onlyhave five subscribers eyes and right nowwe’re still eating until the string okaywe’re pushing it downcomment down below what you guys aregoing to do in quarantineokay guys so now I’m going so nowso now we just took up the pancake I’mgoing to add the syrup guys so I’m gonnaadd a syrup and okay guys so now I’veadded the syrup now it looks delish artsif you guys liked this videosmash that ok if you guys like thisvideo smash that like button and we’llsee you all next time good bye

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