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How To Make Pancakes At Home – An Easy Recipe For Fluffy Pancake (Basic Ingredients)

If you are looking for an easy pancake recipe look no further. My recipe would guarantee fluffy beautiful tasty pancakes. Yet it’s so easy to follow with basic ingredients: milk, flour, sugar, eggs.

60gr plain flour
60gr sugar
40ml milk
3 eggs

First of all you need to separate the egg yolks from the whites. Put them in 2 separate bowls.
In the egg yolk bowl, you’ll mix the flour and milk. Blend them well together. Set this batter aside once it’s smooth.
For the whites, it’s best to use an egg mixer to whip it till creamy stiff. I don’t have one so I used an egg whisk instead. If you are whisking the whites manually like I do, technique is very important. First whisk until the bubbles appear, then add a tiny pinch of baking powder. This will help stabilize the egg. You can skip if you don’t have baking powder.
Continue whisking until the powder dissolves. Then gradually add the sugar and maintain the whisking. Do it in a back and forth motion and keep it in a steady speed. That way you can build up the texture. Remember not to add the sugar at one time as you want to make sure all the sugar combine well with the egg whites.
After 4-5 minutes of constant whisking you’ll get a fine result. The egg whites now look almost like whipped cream. It could have been better than demonstrated in the video but my hand asked me to give up 😀 so that’s the best I could get.
Now bring back the batter. Gently add the whites to it. Again, do it in a few times, not all at once. Mix them well together until you get the smoothest mixture.
Let’s fry the pancakes now!
Coat your pan with a layer of melted butter. Then pour the batter in depending on how big you want your pancake to be. Soon there will be bubbles on top. It means the bottom part has been cooked and it’s time to flip. Do it fast as it’s only matter of seconds your pancake could be burned.
Just like that, repeat the process until your batter finishes. You might want to add more butter when necessary.
Serve your pancake with honey/syrup/nutella… or whatever you like 🙂

I hope you like the recipe!

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