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How To Make Eggless Oatmeal Pancakes With Your Kids?

Want to make pancakes that are easy-to-make, quick with very few ingredients at home? Tune in and check out this recipe. It’s healthy, yummy and something you must experiment with your kids!

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Video Transcription

[Music]we’re gonna do a pancake master class soI’m going to tell you what ingredientsyou need eight tablespoons of oatsrolled oats and you take fourtablespoons of lava and you can store itum you know glass bottle and keep it inthe fridge for about one to two weeksand on a busy morning you can just whiskup it whisk it up and make the pancakesnext you need some milk you could callthe instead of milk you can also use anynut milk I like I’m in little car andyet you have to use code this is saltsugar and baking powder and I like tohave my pancakes with peanut butter andchocolate mix so I’m going to double bythis some butter to put on the gas forthe pancakes out happen a glass bowl aspoon office it’s okay if we don’t havea risk perspective of something to flipbook first you add the pancake batter sothis is saltthis is ship and this is baking powdertime again add all of this in the bowlokay very little salt very little notall just a pinchthat’s it that’s it and the rest of youcan just add it[Music]and we will add some coal we added allthe code inside and we’re just gonna mixit so it becomes like really like softand moistI’m glad to the ATS angle okay now milkis just to get the right consistency soyou can also use um Nachman yeah likealmond milk – you know it’s milk just toget a very soft soils are almost readywe’re just gonna mix it once or twicenow and now we’re going to put on thischocolate and the peanut butter in yourdouble boiler now we’ve got a very verysmooth batterone more spoon and if you have moldsthem excite to add in your butter youjust let a dime[Applause][Music][Applause][Music]

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