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Chef Ree shows how to make healthy savoury pancake

Chef Ree has started his cooking journey. Under the guidance of mama, he is showing the world how to cook healthy savoury pancake.

PS: Please ensure children trying to cook along with Chef Ree are accompanied by adults for their safety and we’ll being.

We hope you enjoy the pancake ☺️

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

[Music]so what are we doing ranch okay let mehelp you with the salt and pepper[Music]so can you add the milk now and keepstirringvery really well okay we have betterthan ever you left our life water oil towork okay good job yeah I’m excited[Music][Music]okay let’s show the pancake okay yeahlook it’s starting out really really AMyeah make sure you don’t burn it takeyour thumb now we’re going to put it

18 Replies to “Chef Ree shows how to make healthy savoury pancake

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  4. O M G … Perfect golden brown. Everyone knows the first pancake never looks good. How’d you do it.

  5. Happy easter 2u2 E, and very enjoyable video! Love ur humour, and the voice-over was great! must be 1st time I heard u do that…

  6. nice job Emeril Endorsement….you have a new career waiting for youafter the the virus pandemic ends….Happy Easter my friend.

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