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Video #2 of the 5 cooking videos. Making gluten free pancakes

We talk about making gluten free pancakes and show you how Skylar likes them. We also show other food prep we are doing.

I do apologize for the video just ending. Again we don’t know how to edit and since the pancakes were already made we couldn’t redo it. But I do hope you enjoy. Please give us a thumbs up if you like and remember to subscribe!

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hi i’m jenna i say and play againstroomies today we’re gonna make and theirprank it yes and more importantly we’remaking emoji think things it’s one ofSkylar’s favorite things have forbreakfast in the morning absolute is forme thinking okay this is the ran thatwe’d like to use it at Target okay andwe use almond milk instead of regularmilk so it calls for Gregor melt eggsand water so skull is actually going tomix it up and set me through it and thenwe’re going to do a one batch of thepancakes and then flip them over andshow them to you and what they look liketwo guys are really cool now the panthat we got we I actually found at allthe cheese what two years ago and we’vebeen using them sinceso there’s a possibility that you mightnot find them again um I rememberfinding it around summer time so there’sa possibility that if you go and see goto Aldi around during the summer monthsthis could possibly be there or itprobably was like a one-time thing youknow all the they usually have an itemand then never see it again so uh sorryI need to see so Skylar is going to setyou through of doing mixing theingredients so the first anger is 10pancake what is rightpancake fix and and of water there’s mysecond it’s a little over two cups butum if you would get it it’s yummyokay we’re teaching here so are yougonnaokay shells have been rebuilt okay thenext day alright so while she’s doingthat I have sorry I have turned on thestovetopokay and then this is coconut oil and wepretty much use coconut oil foreverything so I’m just taking like abaster brush and just kind of oiling theentire thing you don’t use cooking orlike cooking spray around here it’s thatcoconut oil is on help here for you eventhough it’s a little on the expensiveside you can get a lot of it with yourdollar don’t where you go and so becausewe use it a lot I definitely keep itopenI’ve got some other food going on forsome prep food like what is that alrightlet’s check hereWowoh and we forgot to show you these fromour cookie video they actually came outreally good the mama ended up burningone of the batches so here are chocochip cookies they smell really good thisvideo where I’m going to try all attackthank you the turtle chick what are theother one doing the chocolate chipcookiesgran cakes the brownies and then thepeanut butter protein bars dadall right they look so fly all right sothis is what we’ve got going on hey so Iaccidentally put a little bit too muchcoconut oilhey but so we’re just going to lightlyor just slowly cook the basehey and then and then I’m here not forsure if you guys can see or not butwe’ve got eggs cookin so they end upturning into like I like egg patties forlike sandwiches and then we’ve got thesevegetables going sorry if you can’t seeit I’m trying to there we govegetables going okay what are threetypes of food I don’t know

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