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Hey guys!!! Hope you enjoyed my vlog.
God bless you all and always pray.
” I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”
Philippians 4:13

Name: Chyrsh Chyll Rico
Age: 14
Camera: my phone (Huawei Y6 2018)
Editing software: Vlogit, FilmoraGo,

FB: Chyrsh Chyll Rico
IG: @chyrshllr
SNAPCHAT: chyrshll


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Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

[Laughter]yo yo enough guys are back to my channelis me chart a chart chai and CJ I bet Ido love a we’re gonna do we’re gonna becall me whatever we’re gonna bakecupcake I pancake with a big fat headand double ovenit’s not my arms challenge yay ok 1 JOmega I thought about shutting off myhobbyhi ok I wanna first line X you take thataway[Music][Music]yeah[Music][Music][Applause][Music][Music]this have[Music][Music][Music][Laughter][Music][Music]you need water just think I also wannaput for you girl[Music]this is a feel okay Thank You Bobbypigs working Mac the eggy zeg that oneget that one get the P spoon and there’soil there[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Applause][Music][Music][Laughter][Laughter][Laughter][Music][Music][Music]thank you for the bone[Laughter]mommy you spread it[Music][Laughter][Music][Laughter][Laughter]guys[Music][Applause]like that yeah not so much because Igive you my parody but is it enough okaymore one more to this min you miss theface of no legal she flipped it and Ilike this it’s so cool better than mineoh mine okay look at this it’s coollook at that wash hands say hi first hito the blogshi we got pie Bali Hai say I like it[Music][Music]in the world and we are so hi guys sowe’re gonna do the thing[Music][Music][Music][Music]you guys watch my video edited where’sthat like button and comment down belowanything you want us to do and you don’twant us to do it on topic today so myguys say bye to the poyo yes the monkeycar bye guys thank you for thisvictorious moment happy always theremass I know we’re going up and we prayand we pray[Music]

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