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Process Speech 5/12/20
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Video Transcription

what’s your favorite breakfast food itmight be waffles orcereal or bagels for me one of myfavorites is pancakesso today i’m going to show you how tomake pancakes i’ll show you the toolsand ingredientsyou will need and how to prepare themi’ll be basing it off with biggercorner baking mix and first the toolsthat you needyou will need a mixing bowla whisk a spatulaa liquid measuring cupdry measuring cups and an electricskillet or a panso to start off your skillet needs to bepreheatedto 400 degreesnow i’ll tell you the ingredients youneed you needtwo cups of the baker’s corner bakingmixone and one third cups of milk one largeeggtwo tablespoons of sugar and oneteaspoon of vanilla extractso next step is to combine youringredientsso the milkthe eggthe vanilla extractand the sugarafter you put it all in your mixing bowlnext you need to stir it together with awhisk until well blendedso for this you can adduh extra ingredients like chocolatechips or blueberries i’m not going to dothatbut at this point you canyou can see there are lumps in here andi’m not going to be able to get everysingle one of them but that’s perfectlyokayit’s naturalso i am done mixing this andthis is what it should look likeso now that the baking mix is ready i’mgoing to spray the skilletwith oilso now that it’s sprayed i’m going touse a 1 4 cupto scoop out the batter andput it on my pan andit you have to cook until bubbles formon the surfacewhich should take about one minuteas you can see bubbles have formed atthe topso i’m going to use a flipper turnerto flipso as you can see either side is nowcookedwe’re gonna do a second pancake now andjust the same processso now it’s time to flip itnow the other side is done so i’m gonnaclose awayso obviously it’s not just one side soi’m gonna dofour tinier ones at the cornersto just show you the different sizesthat you can donow these four ones are done so i’mgonna put them all over and try not tomake them touch each otherthe spatula is for the end when you justhavea little bit amounts of batter left andyou need to scrape it soonce you finish cooking them you canenjoy them with whateveryou like on it for me i like to eat itwith butter and maple syrupto conclude this is how you makepancakeswith a batter andfirst you need to get together youringredients and toolsand then you prepare your pancakesit’s really easy and simple and it turnsoutdeliciousthank you for watching my video on howto make pancakes

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