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Our family loves pancakes but we also like to spend time together. Sometimes my mom gets left behind in the kitchen stuck at the pan flipping pancake after pancake. So, we decided to stop it and make a breakfast on a sheet pan. It is a great example of how hands off a breakfast for a crowd can be.. Your classic pancake mix and any toppings makes it easy. You can bake a couple of sheet pans using different flavours. Yammy, fast and always not enough!!!

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Video Transcription

hey guys today I’m gonna making pancakespancakes and the oven not these timeswill need is your favorite pancake mixyour payment henna topping fruits doublefoods triple foods marshmallows candieschocolate chips anything also whatyou’ll need is nothing else[Music]house right so this is what I got andwhen you try it out now[Music]

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