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4-Ingredient Banana Pancakes | low carb, flourless, high protein | Liv Baking

These pillowy and fluffy banana pancakes are ready for sugar-free syrup and made with just almond flour and 3 other healthy ingredients! WRITTEN recipe:

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Video Transcription

Banana, eggs, almond flour, baking powder.That’s it.You know that it’s gonna be a great day when
it starts off with a big stack of pancakes.I’m Liv, I’m Bigger Bolder Baking’s Alternative
Baker and this is LivBaking.Today I’m gonna show you how to make 4 ingredient
paleo pancakes.The quintessential fluffy, cakey, sort of
sweet, comforting, homemade breakfast.The first ingredient in our 4-ingredient pancakes
are bananas.These are some spotty bananas that I had hanging
on my counter.Sometimes I throw these in the freezer and
then defrost them and put them in smoothies,but today we are going to be putting them
in our pancakes.Just one banana, that’s all you need, which
like, who doesn’t have one banana hangingaround?Okay, banana, going in.Next up is eggs.If you don’t wanna use eggs or you’re allergic
to them, you can totally use a flax egg, andthat would make these pancakes not just paleo,
but vegan as well.So we’re gonna do 3 eggs right into our blender,
cool.Number 3.Almond flour is in ? of my recipes, almond
flour is actually just ground almonds thathave been blitzed into a fine powder, so I’m
just gonna go in with my almond flour.On with our top, alright.Blend.If you’d like, you can go in with your spatula,
if you have any bits of banana or the bakingpowder that have kind of gotten away from
you, you wanna make sure everything is niceand evenly combined, so I’m just gonna give
this one more blitz here.Last but not least, we’re gonna go in with
some baking powder, so, pretty self-explanatory.This is going to make the pancakes rise up,
they’re gonna be nice and fluffy.Perfect.The batter is exactly how we want it to look,
everything is nice and evenly combined, solet’s go make some pancakes.We’re going to get our pan nice and screaming
hot.Alright, this is a big nonstick pan, I like
to work with a big pan so that my pancakescan spread out and get nice and fluffy.We’ve got it over a medium high heat here
so we’re just gonna let it heat up, and I’mgonna go in with a little bit of coconut oil.I really like coconut oil but you can totally
use butter or ghee, whatever you like.So while our pan is getting nice and hot,
I just wanted to show you guys, I’m gonnabe using a 1/4 cup measure, and I’m gonna
fill this up with my batter, and just getthis straight into the middle of the pan.I’m just gonna start filling up my little
cup measure.Alright our pan is super hot, so we’re gonna
go in with our first pancake, let’s do it!If your want you can take your spatula and
just spread him out to be nice and perfectlyround.Alright!So we’re just gonna give this some time, should
be about two minutes on the first side.Okay!Ooh!Ooh!As Gemma would say, no “neakin,” but I ‘neaked,
I peeked at the bottom, and we’re gettingnice and brown here so again, we just want
to give it like a good 2 minutes on that firstside, I know it’s tempting to flip them, but
wait and you’ll know because you’ll see thecrispy brown around the edges, you’ll start
to smell it, and then we can go ahead andflip.Ooh, we’re almost done.You can tell when they’re cooked through because
they’ll be nice and firm on the center.Let’s see if the other side is crispy.Oh!So, got one down, I’m just gonna repeat the
process with the rest of the batter.Alright, moving on.Number two.Ohh!The sizzle is on point.I personally love a hot breakfast and I think
a lot of us when we think of eating healthyin the morning we always go to things that
are cold, so this is a really nice way towarm up and fill up.Okay.Two down.Ohh yeah.So I’m just gonna wait for this g up to be
done and then I’m gonna show you how I servethem up.Alright, that does it for our pancakes, look
at how great they came out, look at this bigstack.They smell amazing, and now it is time for
my favorite part, toppings.These already look awesome, they’re super
nice and fluffy, they’re browned on both sides,and we’ve got a nice, tall stack.So I’m gonna go ahead and stack my pancakes
up onto my plate.Look at that.Who would not be excited to have these for
breakfast?So what you might not know about how we work
at Bigger Bolder Baking, is we take lots oftime and care in styling and perfecting our
finished dishes, so what that means in thecase of pancakes, and what you might wanna
do, is just go through, and do a little 360,make sure that everything is all nice and
lined up.So now we’re gonna go in for toppings.So, pancake toppings are something that might
divide people.I am gonna go ahead and do a little bit of
fresh sliced banana, it’s also just gonnalook really pretty.I’m just fanning out my banana.And now, I personally like a nice fresh fruity
pop to my pancakes so I’m gonna use some freshblueberries.Whatever you like.I think we both know what’s missing, and that
is syrup.So this is an awesome sugar free maple syrup
alternative, but you can totally use regularmaple syrup, you can use a flavored syrup,
anything that you like.Ohh yeah!Just making it rain.Perfect.Now that is a breakfast I can be proud of.Now that our pancakes have been topped off
with a generous amount of syrup, we’re gonnacomplete our styling with a nice cloth, this
is kind of feminine, and to me the light colorgoes really well with something you would
have for breakfast.And then I have some gold silverware here
which is one of my new favorite things.So that is our finished dish.And I have to say, I’m pretty impressed.This here is the perfect bite.I’ve got a little bit of pancake, a little
bit of banana, a little bit of blueberries,some syrup, let’s try this.Mm!Yes!This is it.Ah, these are so good, I cannot believe they’re
only made of four ingredients.If I were you I’d get right into the kitchen,
and I would give these a try, the recipe ison let me know what you guys think.

19 Replies to “4-Ingredient Banana Pancakes | low carb, flourless, high protein | Liv Baking

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  2. I made a double recipe of the coconut flour,coconut sugar free chocolate cupcakes recipe last week such a hit!!I always make my pancakes with 1 very ripe banana and egg ..I have been Gluten,Sugar,Soy,Nut,Bean,Dairy,Meat FREE for 12 years now..So glad your bringing these recipes to us ..looking for sugar free,coconut flour ,sugar free chocolate chip cookie recipe

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  5. Your blender is so QUIET. PLEASE share. And I made these and they were phenomenal. We had them for dinner and we were full, but not stuffed.

  6. Do you think the pancake will work with an alternative to almond flour? If so, what would you suggest? Thanks for the recipe. Cannot WAIT to try it! ❤️

  7. first of all thanks for starting to make recipes that people with restriction can eat i loved this video liv is awesome

  8. A cheaper option to almond flour is homemade oat flour, which is just blended up oat (i use porridge) That’s what I use for these style pancakes

  9. I love this recipe! But is there a substitute for the banana? Correct me if I’m wrong but I am attempting the keto diet and bananas are not too high in carbs but have a pretty good amount.

  10. Yum looks delicious tell waffles i love him soooooooooo much and i say hi to him love dogs love your videos making me hungry Thanks Ramya

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